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League of Legends Build Guide Author fiveslash

finding your main: the guide to getting your one best champi

fiveslash Last updated on November 17, 2013
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Hey there summoners! I'm fiveslash of the NA region, lvl 25, and I made this guide to help people find their mains(myself included). Maybe your in it for the chance to get high ELO, or you want someone to be you muscle.

Having a main has its pros and cons, and now hopefully you will find out who you will main appropriately

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The pros and cons of a main


    know the champion inside and out, allowing better games and more kills/successful ganks
    can usually beat anyone, no matter who your laning against

    if your champion gets banned, you will be bad at it, so don't pick a very band champion
    your champions role could get selected, so get one that can take multiple roles

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how to define your main

before you start, these will be your end results of what kind of champion you will main
pusher: can take down objectives easily if left alone, usually adc
adc: deals the most damage in a fight, most important to keep alive
tank: builds heath and some damage to protect the carries
apc: builds ability power, bursting out damage, but can have a bad late game
jungle: goes around in the jungle slaying creatures and ganking lanes
support: follows the adc to keep it alive and buys auras and ward

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what will your main be?

here is your quiz to see what your main is:

1 do you like kills, but get damaged easily?

2 do you get kills well, but die in ganks?

3 do you die in engagements?

4 can you not get kills?

5 do you die a lot?

6 do your team mates die a lot, but you can't help?

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what your results might be

1 yes
2 no
3 yes
4 no
5 no
6 yes
for this you might want vayne or poppy

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So eventually you will find your main, remember, it won't always be love at first sight. Leave your results in the comments and ill try to get you a main. And remember, the universe is a hologram, the world and cake is a lie!


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