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Build Guide by the pwninator

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author the pwninator

Finnaly not a **** build!

the pwninator Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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[*] In this build i'm going to; explain to you why I made this build, tell you how to go twice the kills your currently getting, and how to easily 1v1 an ad yi for first blood! Dosen't all that sound enjoyable? Oh and i'll also explain why all the builds circling out there that say don't go "tank" yet they include tank items in them are not worth using compared to mine.

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    Your team will love you!
    You'll easily be able to mid, solo lane, and even jungle after lv 6.
    I gurantee you'll get in the top 3 most kills every game if not be the MVP!
    Morde is op!
    His ap scales to his shield is rediculous in a minon wave.
    All your opponets will hate laning against you.
    All your opponets will sound like their crying when they type to you!
    Rhylas+creeping death=20% of their hp removed from one ability if there a tanky dps! 30% for squisherific champ!
    There is not a con list to playing morde!

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I choose the magic pen runes cause i don't think that in a game you will need more magic pen than an abysall secepter. Most characters have around 20-40 magice restiantce depending on the champion(excluding tanks/galio), but usually as i've been seeing, dps champions have been putting on MR glyphs! Now we can't have this affect our games since after all, morde is one of the only tanky casters in the game!to settle this, get MR pen runes to shoot through their runes, and then get abysial to finish off that MR!

I choose ap because I don't belive in hp runes! I consider them blasfamey only usuable by dirty people such as mundo or shen(tho i love them dearly)! AP just seems like the way to go, since my MR pen. is tooken care of, and Morde does not use mana so mana regan would be pointless.

My queston to you is, what idiot dosen't use ap glyphs on a caster? Not me of course! AP runes is a standard when it comes to a caster page! galio does not count either because he is a MR ***** that no caster can ever love!

I got me MR pen. outa the way so i gotta get me sum AP! Plus it's nice to rip thru ppl at lv1 since i have 29 ap at lv 1!

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I choose a unique 9/13/8 becuase I belive morde is a caster that is also quite tankish. I choose the 9 attack masterys for the standard MR pen. for the enemy teams tank so i'll rip 15% of his MR right off the bat not counting my runes. I choose the 13 defense mastrieys because I don't think the last 13 of the utility tree truely fits Morde since 9/12 of the reaming choices have to do with mana and you'll end up choosing 3 of them and I don't think it's very eco freindly to waste those masterys so i put them to use and got some def to beef up this shell of amour! As for the last 8 masterys I did this because if Morde gets a slight level adv on people, which he already does since he's so good at laning he rips there faces off like an angry chimp on zoo's gone wild!

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As almost all morde builds start out, I get a regorwth penadent and a health pot. I get it so that way i can spam my spells all day and not feel it tomorow! Usually during this phase i'll get into a fight in my lane and my creeping death abilty will keep them from hitting more than 100 damage into my health which can be easily restored from the pendadent and the pot. Next I go for a tome and boots. The reason I don't just rush the mejahs is that if i'm not doing so hot i'll get a hextech revolver so i'll be able to get a automatic refund from all my spells. Now after i get mejahs(I still get after revolver tho i cut out hour glass for WotA) I just score a kill or 2 in my lane and then just run around the map looking for easy kills to get stacks. Once I die or recall I usually have enough gold to afford a blasting wand along with negatron cloack. Now that I have those two items i'll lane just a bit more and try and break another tower or two if I haven't breaken any of the outers or inners. Once I get the money for a abysial secepter and my second blasting wand or giants belt I buy them and try and push mid. After a succesful push I'll recall and pick up on the last two items as I recall.

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Why AP over Tank?

The reason I choose AP over the clasic tank is because of his passive. Mordes passive is one of the most op passives in the game. He has the AP ratios and output on his spells to rival most casters so when you combine that with his passive which is a shield based on how much damage your spells do, it's pretty easy to see why you would want to go ap over tank, the choice is have 4000 hp that slowly goes down? OR have 2800 hp that goes down by 50 when you use a few spells to get a double kill? I belvie the choice is obvious, TANK! lol jk gtfo ramus! Were not tanking today!

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Farming/laning phase

Get creeping death first and just stick in the minons, if your opponets wants to her*** you they can, there gonna be doing 20 damage a hit from the shiled your genarating! After lv 2 you can hit them back with your siphon of destruction but make sure to try and last hit minons with your club when you can and try and tripple kill minons with siphon so you'll get more ephicent farming done. Once you hit about level 4 you'll have your 3 abilitys and you should easily be able to tank and easily win a 2v2 against a xin zhao and a master yi with only a soraka to aid you! Use your e and q to hit enemy champions when you can so that they'll stay away from you, and reamber! spells that don't involve mele DO NOT AGGRO THE MINONS! HOORAAY!!!
Once you hit level 6 make sure you get them to a little under half health, e,q them then ult and ignite them while ghosting with w on for an almost guarnteed kill!

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Thanks for readin my build!

who am i kidding? you probably looked at the rating, items masterys and runes, comment and then looked at the last paragraph.... I tend to do this alot.. even to my own builds. But please try out my build before you use it, I gurantee you it will work if you know the basics of LOL if you don't do good, contact me with my username ingame my names "the pwninator" and complain to me, I would love to see amazing mordes running all around summoners rift while I get into my groove with veigar : ) of course my build was for personal gain of kills as him, so good luck vs'ing veigars! (this is why i have abysal scepter and only 600 ap tho, i didnt do this completely just to get kills with veigar :)