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Fiora Build Guide by AmiaBronk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AmiaBronk

Fiora: A Fencers Pride

AmiaBronk Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners.

Hello and welcome to my Fiora build. This build will be focusing on Agility, Damage, And frankly just keeping yourself alive to stay in the fight long enough for a win. So without further ado lets get started.

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The runes I have chosen are just the runes i prefer going either jungle or solo top lane. the armor is just to keep me alive while last hitting. it goes perfectly with fighting little skirmishes to get that extra health regeneration to keep you in lane to last hit and farm those minions longer.

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I go with a standard 21-9-0 build for Fiora. Once again i would think everyone else would like to follow this build-up also. The 21 in offense just gives you as much damage as possible with giving you lifesteal and crit damage to. the 9 in offense is just to keep you alive and in lane longer.

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The cloth armor is a classic choice if going jungling. but it also helps you in solo top lane. you can quickly turn it into madreds razor, then get your boots of speed, after you have gotten ur wriggles lantern you can get your berserker's greaves. Quickly get a B.F. sword then upgrade it to Black Clever. You dont really need the Blood Thirster first because you mainly just use it for the lifesteal, which you already get from your wriggles. your next item should be an Infinity Edge. It gives you good attack damage and crit. After that get your phantom dancer for movement speed and your crit. the movement speed just for chasing your opponents and the Crit to do a TON of damage. Last but not least get your Frozen mallet. this gives you good Hit Points and Damage and It slows your target which is really really handy when playing Fiora. it gets really annoying because they can just get away if your exhaust in on CD and you dont have redbuff. I know people can replace it for another item but i just prefer a frozen mallet.

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Skill Sequence

I like to max Burst of speed first because the bonus attack speed is really nice considering you dont get that much from the start of the game, so that you can have a strong early game and get those minions farmed. its also a nice escape tool when being ganked so try to save it when your about to be ganked or going into a fight. I max Riposte next because you can just counter your enemys damage right back to him. say if your versing a nasus in your lane its a very good tool to master next. then i max Lunge last because you dont really need it to do the damage, you just need it to catch up to your opponent so you can burst his/her *** down.

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Summoner Spells

I take exhaust and ignite because exhaust is just to get the decreased attack damage so you can kill them and they cant kill you. and its also a very good slow. ignite just for when u know u cant get them and they have a little bit of HP left. just pop your ignite and run away and you got them.

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This guide has covered the things i have talked about in the beginning, Agility, Damage, and survivability. This was my very first build on Mobafire, but please feel free to leave comments and feed back. If you liked the guide, just message me and I can post others, but if not i will not bother xD. Thank you for reading my Guide. Fiora A Fencers Pride.

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Just last hit like you would for any other character. I just use Burst Of Speed with wriggles to kill as many minions as fast as possible. If you chose bot lane and there you are being harrased, just max Riposte first so that when they try to harass you, you will deflect the damage, so they will really have to think twice before attacking you. Your wriggles will really help you to farm alot faster, so try to get that ASAP.

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Team Work

When going into a team fight, I usually just go right away and use my ult. Then my team just comes in. when you are out of your ult, burst down the most frail targets first, to ensure an easy ace. But we all know by now that this is not ALWAYS the case. So if that doesnt work, and they are clearly stronger then you, just wait for your tank to initiate the old fashion way.