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Fiora Build Guide by Splashhunter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Splashhunter

Fiora-Auto attack on your auto attacks

Splashhunter Last updated on May 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why this build is good (Introduction)

One of the best things about Fiora is that almost all of her abilities apply on hit effects. What does this mean for a player? Well everything, the reason there is so much lifesteal in this build is that whenever she deals damage using an ability its proc the lifesteal and she'll regain health. This is especialy important for her ult because she goes invincible and while she is she gain tons of life of the 75% lifesteal. The reason she has frozen mallet is that it makes it so when she is chasing a champion her burst of speed makes her faster and the frozen mallet makes them slower. The reason for berserker's greaves is that the life she doesn't regain from lifesteal she regains from her passive combined with lots of attack speed. The entire point of this build is to turn Fiora into a champion where you can survive and kill enemies with only your ult and auto attacks.

As a side note i want to mention that this build can solo baron.

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Her passive is too stronk with lots of attack speed (Runes)

Her passive procs every time she deals physical damage this is important because with lots of auto attacks she can regain health solely off of her passive forget the fact that with this build she has 75% lifesteal. The movement speed quintessences is because with her added movement speed (burst of speed) and the enemy champions decreased movement speed (frozen mallet) she can easily chase enemy champions down; the movement speed quints make it that much easier.

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Truth be told I personally play almost all champions with full utility masteries. I especialy like this on Fiora because it; makes her faster, gains more gold, extra exp, more health and mana regen, and the cooldown reduction. But it's probably better for people less good at Fiora to use the suggest Masteries above because they maker her much better early game in her lane (she's not good until level 3 or 6 depending on your skills).

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I think wriggle's lantern is one of the best early game items all almost all ad carries. The ward helps and armor, damage and lifesteal are the best early game stats for an ad carry. The berserker's greaves are because the life she doesn't regain from lifesteal she regains from her passive combined with lots of attack speed. The bloodthirster(s) are because they add 100 ad and 20% lifesteal fully stacked which with three of them, a wriggle's and vamirism mastery she has 75% lifesteal and is thus OP.

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Skill Sequence

I like to get lunge as my first ability because it allows her to both chase and harass enemies in addition to being a really good ability for running away. The choice of Burst of speed second is because as I've stated many times the more attack speed the better (or at least with this build). I personally use riposte only when I'm about to die, am initiating or when I'm killing a creep wave (or something like that). It is most important to get her first three levels as quick as possible because it makes it so she can q to someone twice then use her e then her w to finish them off (if there are any allies around she needs to shortly tank). The other thing that is important about her skills is that whenever you ult you need to use your e in the middle of your ult so that when your ult is over you immediately start attacking the champion you land on. I also like to use ignite in the middle of my ult so that if the person is able to get away when my ult ends they will still most likely die.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Ignite are my favorite summoner spells on all ad champion. With this Fiora build the exhaust tied with the movement speed buffs tied with eh frozen mallet makes it highly unlikely for an enemy champion to get away. Ignite is good because it allows her to kill people; its as simple as that. The more damage she can get off the better (Ignite can deal up to 360 damage).

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With this build fiora has lots of survivability from the large amounts of ad and lifesteal combined with the attack speed and her passive.

Because of her items, runes, skills and masteries it is really hard for someone to run away.

She is able to intiate becasue of her ult and because she can q to an enemy and then q away.

This all proves that Fiora is OP when you use the right build and when you are good at her.

Hopefully this guide helped and hopefuly you will win many games with your opness.