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Fiora Build Guide by Meech

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meech

Fiora - Did I Do That?

Meech Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this is my first guide. As soon I heard about Fiora, I was immediately interested in her (being an AD carry fan). I've played in her about 20 games now, and have lost only 1, the first time I played with her. I've played with her in 7 ranked games, and haven't lost one. After playing several different styles, being top lane, bottom lane, and jungle, I've found that Fiora excels at jungling. So, I made this guide specifically for jungling. Enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

-Incredibly High Damage
-Amazing Ult
-Tons of ways to keep champions from getting away (Blade Walts, Lunge, Burst of Speed).
-Amazing for team fights
-primary target
-not really an easy way to escape from champions attacking you

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Skill Sequence

Since you will be jungling, the first skill should to be specced into should be Riposte. Not only does it stop one hit from large minions, but also deals damage back to them. Lunge obviously isn't really necessary since there is nothing that requires you to catch them. The only other option would be Blade Waltz. Although one of the most overpowered abilities in the game, it isn't that effective early game. The damage you start out with isn't enough to make it effective, and with little damage this means little lifesteal (you won't be able to sustain yourself). Your next ability however should be Blade Waltz, and will make jungling faster. This ability should be maxed out as quickly as possible since as you level it becomes increasingly effective. Riposte should be leveled second for the extra damage and damage block it supplies. Lunge is skilled up last, since the damage from it is minimal, and all that it is really required for is closing distances between enemies or escaping them.

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For jungling, I think the best first buy option is Vampiric Scepter. While you dont get the health regen you get with health pots, it's an item that actually builds towards your final build, instead of wasting (for lack of a better word) gold on pots. Your health may be low in the beginning, but it pays off in the end. After that Berserker's Greaves should be your next buy. Mainly for the increase to attack speed (until Burst of Speed is fully specced I think they're necessary), and the movement speed increase. Next you should move onto your wriggles lantern. I think this is one of the best early game items for AD champions. It gives you a ward, attack damage, armor, and life steal, what else could you ask for? After Wriggles Lantern, you should be getting kills or assists, whatever the case you should be making more money (especially with your ult). This means you should be getting enough money for your B.F. Sword, and eventually Bloodthirster. This is your first big boost to damage. Madred's Bloodrazor should follow for yet again an armor increase, attack damage increase, and an insane passive (works really nicely with Burst of Speed). These are the core items of the build. From here on it gets kind of dependent on what the other team is building and playing styles. What I typically end up doing is getting an infinity's edge for the increased damage, and then a Frozen Mallet for some damage, and health (survivability), as well as a slow. Afterwards I usually end up selling my Wriggles to get another Bloodthirster, it's just a nice upgrade. Finally, for the a little more survivability, I end up buying Ninja Tabai, the speed increase from Berserker's Greaves isn't really necessary anymore since you have Madred's Bloodrazor, Attack Speed runes, and your burst of speed.

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To start off, you should get a leash at the blue golem. You should have Riposte, but don't use it right away. The effect doesn't last long, so you want to use it as the big golem is about to hit you. Use your smite here, then move onto wolves. Then follow onto wraiths, and then the red golem. By red your smite should be up again. You want to use it here, then move onto the normal golems. Back across to wraiths, then wolves, then golems once again and back to wraiths. Now go back to shop... (if at any time after level 4 you see a low champion feel free to gank, but just a warning, you are very frail early game. I would advise waiting until level 6). Afterwards go to wolves, after they are dead, blue should be back up. Snag it, then go gank top if they are low on health and/or squishy (ward the river if you have Wriggle's Lantern). If it isn't ready for a gank, then just move onto wraiths then red. Now you should gank bottom or mid if you can and should be level 6 or close. After these levels, jungling becomes situational... you should be watching lanes for others to go back and shop as well as ganking often. Make sure to snag blue and red whenever they are up though, or let a teammate know they can have them (although i wouldn't advise it).

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This section is dedicated to fighting strategy.
Most of the time in team fights you don't want to be the one to initiate. You are very frail, although your damage is very high. If you start initiating you'll find yourself dying way too much, afterall you aren't a tank. After your team starts you can dive in with lunge and then immediately you want to use burst of speed. If you see a low health enemy trying to run use your lunge again to close the distance. Riposte should be used once you start getting hit. If you see your health dropping quickly or you become stunned, you want to use your ult, Blade Waltz immediately. Not only does your ult do a lot of damage, but it is also a lifesaver. Enemies can't target you during the process, and you get some health back from your lifesteal weapons. During the entire team fight you should be refreshing your Burst of Speed and Riposte whenever they are up, while using Lunge to close in on any champions trying to run. Also, Lunge can be used to get away when you are low on health or whatever the need to get away be. Just lunge to an enemy minion and then flash away. Your passive health regen should replenish some health in this time.

This will mostly be for ganking. Most of the time you should open with Lunge after hiding in some brush to surprise the enemy. Then like before immediately use burst of speed. This should keep the enemy from being able to run away with your increased movement speed while greatly increasing your attack speed and therfore damage output. If they fight back you want to use Riposte whenever it's up, or for specific champions time it so that you negate their big abilites (Nasus's Q and Garen's Q are good examples). If they run away you or stun you should use Lunge to catch them (and most champions will run). If they are on low health and you know that other enemies are closing in you may want to just ult early and get out, but usually you won't need your ult to get the kill. Your ult should also very rarely or never be used to initate a fight... It leaves you very vulnerable, and an easy target.

NOTE: In team fights you may not get the kills all the time, but you are the main damager, especially with your ult. You should be racking up assists if not getting kills. Don't get discouraged if you never seem to be getting kills or lasting until the end of team fights... it'll take some time. I can assure you the enemy remembers you since you took about half of everyones health, and ended up causing the ACE that let your team push to their Nexus.