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Fiora Build Guide by xTorsionX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xTorsionX

Fiora DPS Build

xTorsionX Last updated on November 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Reasons Behind the Build

Welcome! Here I will try and explain my high priced build. I do promise that it will yield amazing results. I have tried many self builds and builds on here but nothing seemed to fit my play style. So after some trial and error I have come to this ideal build for my play style. Although it is a pricey one. However, Even one of the quickest games I am coming out as top damage dealer with 2k or 3k above the rest of my team. Even if I am on a losing side I have turned out positive K/D from the matches. So I feel this is worthy of sharing with you all. So please, Enjoy!

Method to the Price

When starting the game get your Q ability this will be used for poking in the lane at first. Do not go for a kill! just keep them at bay. I do this by leading in with W getting my 'free' auto attack landing on additional attack and using Q to lunge away using a minion to create a gap. Once you have the E ability this will become much easier as you can activate it right after the Q ability land a few shots and retreat using a minion. You will annoy your enemy and slowly see them keep distance. If laning with someone be sure they know your game plan as allies will tend to dive when you had no intention to. Don't pass up a easy kill though.

Once you have trains in W and E head into the Jungle. Here use Q to come in and get a quad attack on a lesser minion. Then drop E and begin the fury. Just use the E to take out the little guys first. Time your W ability to the Tougher mob's attacks so you beat down his health and avoid damage as you pummel the little guys. Take your time doing this clear one camp then return to the lane to finish off low HP minions. At least unil you can kill mobs quickly.

Once you get the Lantern be sure to use it by placing a ward to make sure you are not being set up for a gank. It will happen I promise. Using this tactic will sky rocket your levels, income, and prevent a untimely death.

Stick with your lane partner in the beginning. Assist as much as possible; once you have some speed you can solo with out a problem. I have been in slug fests with Warwick, Graves, and Lee. Yes, at the same time, but thanks to a little luck and some well timed Riposte I only dropped below a 1/4 HP one time. The 'trick' with Fiora is to keep a eye on her E ability that is your bread and butter. Relying on your Q or E as damage dealers is foolish Q is to close or make gaps; or you can use it when your W is on cool down and you know something is about to happen. Dart away and come right back. Damage avoided and the enemy has wasted a move. W is is essential but if your just spamming it you may just be wasting mana. So watch your enemies see what the hints to the moves are so you can time that W as a perfect shut down.

Example: Talon players almost always Use the combo Cut, Nox, Rake. As soon as you are hit cut slam the Riposte and bam that amplified damage is avoided and smacked right back on him.

Other Tips for Use

1 When using the W timing is key as well as knowing your enemies moves. You do not want to use it too early just to have your enemy dump a big attack on you once he sees it fade. So use it wisely! Once you get Riposte fully trained it can almost be used back to back.

2 Use ignite on the enemies you are currently engaging for that extra edge.

3 Now with your Ultimate I tend to conserve this until level 16. I only fire this when my HP is low. Firing this off will make you unable to be targeted and refill your HP in the process. Coming out of it I tend to fire off W instantly, then E shortly after the parry.
Reason 1: They will be looking to hit you hard.
Reason 2: It has a tendency to kill if they are low HP that give a possibility of a double or triple with no problem if in the heat of a battle.
Reason 3: If you still are in a bind; landing a shot in with E active grants movement bonus in which case target the furthest enemy in a safe direction using Q and double it up. Get a little extra HP in the process of escaping possibly killing them or forcing a retreat.

A friend asked me why use the Gunblade? Well fact is, that additional AP really helps get some extra damage in with Riposte. Also 40 AD and 15% Life steal are added perks. With the active ability Doing 300 Magic Damage and Slowing by 50% for 3 seconds this by far, hands down a no brainer.

Special Notice To Fiora Players!!!

Targeting Vlad with Ult and he pools means Ult stops if no other enemies are in range! So wait for him to pool.
When fighting Wu Kong make sure he has already used decoy as your Blade Waltz will be wasted on his decoy if no one else is around.