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Fiora General Guide by Optitius

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Optitius

Fiora - Guaranteed Success - #1 Guide, No joke.

Optitius Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction - Fiora, The Grand Dunker. Lebron James Style.

Hello ladies and gentlemen of Mobafire,

this guide is the first guide I've ever made, so don't be too harsh on me. :)
Following this guide will give you a slight idea of how to end op top of almost every situation.
With that being said, I do believe a players personal playstyle is key to success, but knowing what your champ and the rest of the cast can do and at what range/cooldown they can do it absolutely helps ofcourse and that's what people tend to forget.
In this guide I will give you some tips and tricks how to master Fiora SOLOTOP at high level play.

Okay, let's get down to business!

Friday 2nd of March 2012,

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Pros / Cons

[*] Fun to play
[*] Very annoying for your opponent to play against (a good Fiora)

[*] SQUISHY - You need to build her somewhat tanky (wriggles/witsend) if you want to survive
[*] No CC......................... (not even a slow so Frozen Mallet = must)
[*] No real escape - Thatswhy you need ghost and flash
[*] No actual burstdamage besides her ult which isnt too bursty to begin with
[*] You need to get in melee range to deal damage
[*] Tbh just pretty low damage output without Burst of Speed
[*] NEEDS COOLDOWNS to deal some damage
[*] Vulnerable to CC

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Greater Mark of Desolation
'9 of these, they speak for themselves right?'
Better than AD marks overall the game, AD marks are only better at VERY early stage of the game, level 1-4 or something like that. Just take these.


Since your role is SOLOTOP (and solotop only) this is a very solid choice.
Having this for early game combined with armor masteries and an early wriggles will force ANY AD opponent to play defensive against you, because obviously they wont be able to trade damage with you. My favorite yellows.


Alot of champs have 1 or more abilities that deal magic damage, this just makes you that much tankier. Preference which one though, flat or per level. Up to you!


These runes are just amazing, they give a lot of HP and makes laning a bit more easy.
These can make the diffirence between life or death. My favorite Quints.

Some people might wonder "Why not ArmorPen quints?".
Well the thing is, in COMPARISON this gives more AD than your ArP quints will give you.
If you look at Mark runes the AD one gives 0.95 AD and ArP one gives 1.66 ArP
Now when you look at Quintessence runes the AD one gives 2.25 and the ArP one gives 3.33 ArP

As you can see, the ArP mark only doubled its stats and the AD mark MORE THAN DOUBLED.

Guide Top


I find runes way more important than masteries, the mastery page is just the standard AD page (21/9/0).
The little things like, "why not Veteran Scars but Vigor?"

When I set runes or masteries for a champ, I look what her abilities are, her passive, her base stats, EVERYTHING.

Since I have the Fortitude Quints that gives me alot of early HP, my choice is to have Vigor. Vigor just synergizes so well with her passive. When played with a brain, Fiora can lane forever.

That said, see for YOURSELF what YOU prefer and keep EVERYTHING in mind. Just cant go wrong :)

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Skill Sequence and Ability Usage!

This is an important part of the guide, so far other Fiora guides I've seen level Burst of Speed up first. People think this is Fiora's #1 damage ability, which it is IF you have free autoattacks within those 3 seconds. I see her abilities in a whole diffirent way, hell I see the game in a diffirent way. Heres the thing:

What I find more important is to outlane/outharras/outxp/ourfarm your opponents at early stages of the game. And thatswhy I level Riposte first. Fiora's laning is very solid and everything combined makes her imo one of the best laners ingame. (Passive heal, Parry attacks, 2 dashes for counter gank, fast base runspeed, first item wriggles for extra lifesteal)
What Riposte does is give you way more AD, parry the next autoattack of your opponent AND reflects damage. In solotop terms (99,9% of the time, a 1v1) you wel pewpew him 1v1.
If he goes in for a poke, pop this baby up and you will notice you will end on top of that trade.

What this means is that when played right, you will have free farm.
Experiment with this, when and when not to use it and you will have guaranteed great success.

What it makes better to level Ripose first over Burst of Speed is that in early game YOU WONT GO FOR THE KILL. Any decent player will not go 1v1 at low level, for you to pop Burst of Speed and kill him. They will like every decent player just farm. HOW HE WILL FARM is his style of play, but he will try to outfarm you. If you will play aggressive and use your abilities correctly you've shut down his game. He wont be going close to minions anymore because a) you will hit him and force him to run away or b) you will hit him, he will hit you back and eats a riposte. EVEN if he gets you low, LUNGE AWAY! :)

Try to save your Lunge for:
1) Escaping (priority)
2) Closing the gap

NEVER EVER FOR DAMAGE (only if youre 110% sure it will kill him, lol)

Riposte also opens alot of doors for your team's jungler aswel, nothing like a good ol' bait.
For example, the enemy's solotop is overextending or playing way too aggressive. You can first bait him to let him chase you; (PRE LEVEL 6 example) Nasus is running solotop with more health than you and you're at your side of the lane, you bait him by running towards him, pop riposte and burst of speed, hit 3 times quickly run away and then let your jungler run in and you dash out or in twice (TO MIONIONS if dashing out) depends on situation.
This example is ofcourse very situational because that means Nasus wouldnt have any wards or whatever, but you get the point. You can mix alot of things up if you have Ripost on lower cooldown and reflecting back more damage.
Plus, lets not forget a passive bonus 35 bonus AD on Ripose is always nice.

Ability Usage! (Going for the Kill)

Always try to run towards your opponent, not starting with Lunge!

TIPS: LUNGE AND BURST OF SPEED resets autoattack timer so ALWAYS autoattack before Lunge or BuS then immediatly do your ability.

Ripose -> autoattack -> immediatly -> autoattack -> autoattack -> autoattack -> immediatly -> autoattack -> immediatly -> autoattack ->

This is the combo to go if going for the killing blow.


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