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Fiora Build Guide by NS6590

Fiora guide: The waltz of death

Fiora guide: The waltz of death

Updated on March 2, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NS6590 Build Guide By NS6590 7,003 Views 0 Comments
7,003 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NS6590 Fiora Build Guide By NS6590 Updated on March 2, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



This build is set so that you can you can get out there and put out good amounts of damage fairly quickly depending on your farm and champion kills. Fiora excells and going in to fights but has some trouble getting out at times you must play carefully but aggresive.
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I take defensive runes in both yellow and blue with the armor and magic resistance.

In the place for offense i take armor pen reds and flat damage quints these help you harass early and put up decent damage when paired with the passive from "Reposte".
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You masteries which are 9-11-9 are set to give you all around durability and damage so you can put out the hurt while hopefully not taking too much for yourself.
I take a point in enhanced recall because it helps in those sticky situation..
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This item build is set to once again give you plenty of damage output while giving you enought sustain and survivability to keep you alive.

Rush bloodthirster as soon as possible.
early in the game return to base and buy your berserker greaves and a vampiric scepter.
Counting on the fact that you have a good early game the rest of the items should come fairly quickly after the bloodthister.
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This is fairly simple all you have to do is let the minions do the work and use "lunge" when possible to finish the enemy creeps.
Remember burst of speed is also very usefull for farming.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite- ignite is fairly self explanitory, it helps finish off those pesky enemies who try to run away and to help burn away at some ones health that your fighting with.

Exhaust- exhaust is for when you begin a duel(1 v 1) with someone or when your trying to lower the damage output of another champion during a team fight.
It is also very useful for preventing escapes by the enemy.
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Early Game

In the early game you'll want to come out of the fountain with boots os speed and three health potions so that you can stay in lane with no issues. while in lane you will have to collaborate with your lane partner so that you will be able to farm fairly easily. After you have fotten about 1100 gold return to base and purchase your "berserker greaves" and a "vampiric scepter".
Gank when possible like when your lane is very pushed or when you have slain an enemy champion.
While ganking open with "lunge" once and trigger "burst of speeed" as soon as you hit the enemy champion if they flash you should still be able to trigger "lunge" once more to close the gap once again. If all goes wll there is a kill waiting or you there.
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Mid game

In the mid game you should be focusing on ganks and clearing the jungle whenever posible so as to build up your gold. If you feel like it or if your team requests it fiora excells at backdooring because of "burst of speed" this ability gives a substantial increas in attack speed when pushing a tower and lets her bring it down fairly quickly.
Becarefull though because if you are surrounded by the enemy while doing so your death is pretty much assured unless your team is right behind them to aid you. At this point in the game you should be trying to get the red buff so that your attacks can be that much more volatile.
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Late game

In the late game you should be fairly powerful when it somes to a 1 v 1 fight with another champion but when it comes to team fights youmust be very carefull of any CC effects because they can destroy you very quickly. Let your tanks initiate and hang back for a second or two and the immediatly jump in to the battle with "blade waltz". Try to target blade waltz on their carries and mages so that when it ends you end up back with them and can crush them. Make sure to have "reposte" ready so that you can counter an incoming attack. Now after you caome out of "blade waltz" you'll want to trigger "burst of speed" so that you can attack quicky and powerfully. If the flash you "lunge" to close the gap so you can attack them once more.
Systematically move in the battle so that you take out the weakest first like the supports or caries and when all is said and down then move for the tanks and bring them down with your team.
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Unique Skills

Always take note of the fact that fiora's ultimate makes her untargetable during its duration.
This gives you a chance to avoid those abilities that would kill you if you got hit with them.
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Fiora is a very fast and active champion who neets to keep moving at all times to be helpful and deadly. she can close the gap between you and the squishy enemy carries who hide behind the tanks. She must be played fairly aggresively and be aable to poke good with "lunge". This buils is meant so that you can fight for your team while also not depending on them to much to keep you alive.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NS6590
NS6590 Fiora Guide
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Fiora guide: The waltz of death

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