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Fiora Build Guide by RaynGlory

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaynGlory

Fiora: Juggernaut 2.0 (Dominion)

RaynGlory Last updated on April 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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For those who missed the import of the title, this guide both pays homage to Fiora's DotA predecessor (THE Juggernaut) and also is for those playing Dominion.

Fiora is a powerful AD carry who epitomizes fighting one on one, or, if you are lucky enough to have enemies foolish enough to 2v1, two on one. Her skill set is uniquely suited to handling two enemies at once and not only winning, but winning with style!

Also, if you downvote please leave a comment. Constructive criticism is always welcomed! :)

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I will be honest. My rune choice is based largely on what I have available. I've spent way too much IP on champs and little enough on a wide variety of runes.

I do, however, thoroughly enjoy my runes as I believe they provide a solid foundation for my Fiora playstyle.

Quints: I believe the ArP quints are self-explanatory.

Marks: As for the AD/level Marks... well it is either that or more ArP and, due to the unique buff one receives for playing Dominion (i.e. the 15% ArP), I felt it would be a bit overkill on ArP. However, feel free to swap for ArP, especially against Malphite, Rammus etc.

Seals: AS is a decent enough stat, especially with the ls and crit in the build. Armor for survivability would not hurt either imo.

Glyphs: CDR. Ah how I love thee. Faster Riposte, Faster Ult... sweet sweet victory. MR is not bad either, especially against Kassadin, LeBlanc, etc.

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My mastery choices are designed to compliment and augment the strengths of Fiora and also to fill in the gaps created by my overpowered item choices. ;)

The Offensive tree should be fairly self explanatory. As a side note, I did not crunch the numbers but, on an intuitive level, I believe the 1.5% damage is > 2% more lifesteal.

As for my Utility choices, I specifically allocated 8 points for the 2% MS. I find that a bit more MS is always beneficial and, lacking item room for a zeal or a Trinity force, I compensate with 2% MS from masteries and a Frozen mallet. Like a boss.

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Frozen Atma's is, in my opinion, not for AD carries. Imagine the righteous outrage a team would have if their Caitlin or Ashe or Talon rocked this combo.

Fiora, however, is an exception to this rule. Frozen Atma's turns Fiora from a squishy AD melee carry into a nigh unstoppable front-line fighter. Between the damage and lifesteal granted from Sanguine Blade and the even more damage and crit and survivability granted by Frozen Atma's, Fiora is MORE than capable of going toe-to-toe with nearly any champion foolish enough to stand and fight. And, as an added bonus, the slow on the Frozen Mallet, combined with judicious use of Fiora's Q, practically guarantees no one can escape your insanely overpowered grasp.

And remember, the thread connecting ALL of this together is Fiora's E. Without thoughtful, precise use of this skill, none of the above matters.

Optional items exist. I rarely build exactly the same every game. Depending on my team make and the enemy team make up, I will build differently. This holds especially true for my boots. Ninja tabi are great, but can easily be swapped for more AS, more MR, or more CDR.

For example, I faced an enemy team comprised of heavy AP damage. I bought Merc Treads, Prospector's Blade, Wit's End, a Vampiric Scepter, and a Hexdrinker. Those mages could not kill me. I absorbed or negated their burst and then preceded to carve them into little AP pies.

The generic build listed at the top of this guide, however, creates a powerful, flexible Fiora that is strong enough to survive most situations while decimating her enemies. Also, your AD will be MUCH higher than the above suggests. I do not believe the calculator is taking into account the 40+ damage Atma's Impaler provides. With this build you will easily break 300+ AD.

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Skill Sequence

Listen (read?) to me very, very carefully.

Your E is your life.

Many players will focus on the extreme value of Fiora's tantalizingly awesome ultimate.

Do. Not. Be. Fooled.

While Fiora's ultimate is extremely powerful and potent, her true strength comes from Burst of Speed.

The reason my item build is so empty of AS is this. Burst of Speed will provide you with all the AS you could want and then some. This is why my build emphasizes damage, lifesteal, and crit over attack speed. Why spend gold on something that is already provided? ;)

"Well then RaynGlory, if this E is so powerful why do you level it second??" a particularly astute reader and/or a troll might ask. The answer is simple. Riposte provides passive damage AND activatible (I made that word up for this) survivability/ damage. Get your damages, then get your attack speed my friends.

On a side note, timing Blade Waltz properly (Omnislash!!) is something every Fiora player should focus on.

The ideal Blade Waltz situation pits you against two enemy champions with low armor who are standing near each other. Begin the fight with W primed and press E as soon as you make contact with your first foe. Now is the tricky part. You want to maximize your up-time with E, but you also want to Blade Waltz sooooo bad. If you can survive long enough to finish off a full round of Burst of Speed, hang on to that Blade Waltz. However, if you are taking too much damage or it looks like your enemies might run from you, Blade Waltz them.

An important thing to remember about Blade Waltz is that it applies on hit effects. You can crit, you lifesteal, and your Frozen Mallet is keeping your enemies from escaping. Yes, it IS that awesome. This little nugget also supports my item choices. Each item adds a little something to your Blade Waltz.

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Summoner Spells


This is the first rule of LoL combat.

Ignite and Exhaust make it easier to follow the rule.

However, these are not always the best choices. Revive is so absurdly powerful for Dominion it is almost a must-have. If their team lacks heavy healing (Soraka) or lifesteal (Warwick/Mord/Yorick) then dump ignite and exhaust dem carries! Revive would be my choice if I was not taking ignite.

Ghost/Flash are, in my opinion, weaker spells on Dominion. If flash can save your life, revive can bring you back with more hp and more ms (ALWAYS get improved revive - drop a point of ls from Offense and get the Defensive bonus for revive). And Ghost exists at three (3!) points on the map in Dominion; just walk over there you lazy bum.

Garrison is an ok choice, it synergizes well with Blade Waltz + defending a turret. Not my favorite but I will not fault you for picking it.

Umm... are there even any other summoner spells? Heal... I guess? Try not to take it or the other spells I have neglected to mention.

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Fiora is an incredibly powerful AD melee carry who, I am sure, has many viable builds for Dominion.

The above is merely a collection of what has worked most for me. Using this build will grant you a stronger Fiora than most I have seen and will allow you to defeat the more common foes/builds used in Dominion.

I highly recommend flexible thinking with regards to champion builds. If your team has a gap that needs to be filled or the enemy team has an exploitable weakness then, by all means, jettison this guide and build in such a manner as to secure victory. I do, however, offer this guide to the mobafire community with great hope as it is an undeniably powerful creation!

Much thanks to all who read/use/troll/upvote/downvote/comment/neversee this guide!

*edit: Added a bit more color to break up the wall-of-text in certain areas.