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Fiora Build Guide by LG Relentless

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LG Relentless

Fiora - Life Thief

LG Relentless Last updated on March 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, LG Relentless bringing you what I find as the most able Fiora build so far. The basic idea of this build is that you can jungle her with this or swap out smite for ignite and solo top. Fiora naturally is a deadly ganker and overall Pain in the butt when she is fed. This build bases your ability to deal massive amounts of damage and yet still stay in the fight with your life steal. With this build whether you get only the first four items or all of them, you can easily farm any lane and jungle for $$$ when you get low. This also allows you to solo dragon rather early in the game to benefit your team.

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The main items you want to rush are your wriggles and Zerker boots ASAP due to the fact that these allow you to farm easily and engage the enemy. Following that the thirster allows you to effectively have a base of 24% life steal and a total of 32% when you max it out. This works tremendous with your alt because of the on hit bonus which will allow you to heal to at least 1/2 health while getting out of tight situations. The IE will allow your parry/basic attack to reduce the opponents health easily. The PD and BT at the end are late game additions to make this deadly build even more tragic. If you get fed enough the best overall build is 2 PD 1 IE and 3 BT as you will deal 2900 DPS with burst of speed active.

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Skill Sequence

Fiora's passive is duelist which heal you over 6 seconds after every standard attack, and also stacks when attacking champions (4 stacks) which is overall an extremely useful passive.

Fiora has an amazing ability to have high AD without any items, so Riposte should be your first objective to max out (9) followed by Burst of Speed (13) and Lunge last. Lunge should get one point early on as your main gap closer and overall initiator. Your Alt needs to get maxed as soon as possible to give that extra edge.

Fighting with Fiora:

You should lead with lunge followed by Burst of speed and then parry when initiating any fight. this will close the gap and repel their first attack on you, weighing them done and allowing you to instantly have the advantage. Your second lunge you should be spaced out enough to close any final gap or to escape if needed, but remember, you should only commit if you know that your alt is active as a time consumer for added team help, or if they are out of turret range. Try to save your alt as it will deal less and less damage, but also make you untargetable. Please note that your alt will not stop any poison damage or ignite.

Your Alt also stops turrets from striking you when you are targeted. It has a relatively long cool down, so use it carefully. Also your Burst of speed increases your Movement speed with each auto attack so do not fear striking and chasing down a faster enemy.

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Pros / Cons


High DPS
Effective in long team fights
Practically untouchable late game
Great early Ganks at level 3
Counters tanks well
Life steal = survivability in Battle
Fun to parry any ranged attacks


Low Health/armor
Squishy to magic damage
No Life steal = death
Has to be patient

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Creeping / Jungling

For those of you wishing to jungle our little duelist, I suggest Blue buff, Wolves, Wraiths, Red Buff, Golems, Base, then you are Level 3 go to gank ASAP with the buff help/ slow. You can usually get 1-2 kills and some early assists by ganking the lanes, especially top then to bot, then finally mid.

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A good Fiora is a farmed Fiora. My standard game has about 220 farmed kills (120 minions, 100 neutral). You need to farm her and get her 1 - 2 levels above your opponents to cut then off easily and give you true AD Carry presence in Team fights. I suggest solo lane pushes when you have the opportunity, and solo the dragon as soon as you have your wriggles and first scepter, as this will let you kill it with ease.

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Team Work

Your best bet is to wait until the enemy has initiated a team fight do to the fact that your only weakness is stuns, slows and fears. You should focus their Carry first followed by their nuker/highest DPS champion as this will weaken the team. Depending on who you have with you, have them attempt to slow, stun, or fear these first and pile drive them. Leave the tanks and supports to your AP champion teammates. The only occasion that it is safe to attack a full team solo is if you are truly fed, and have the 2 PD, 1 IE, and 3 BT setup because of your life steal, and the fact that your alt will heal you full with that, but I still advise otherwise. I will admit I have received 2 separate 4 v 1 Aces before with that gear in a single game, but those results are not common.

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Well I Appreciate everyone who takes the time to view this guide and any comments/improvements would gladly be taken into consideration. This is my first guide, so may it serve you well. I hope your game chat box is full of "OMFG FIORA..." and the like, Pleas rate this and share with friends.


LG Relentless