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Fiora Build Guide by jarredluvsfatchx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jarredluvsfatchx


jarredluvsfatchx Last updated on November 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there guys, my name is Jarred and i thought to myself I'd like to try make a Fiora guide. I've played Fiora mostly top or mid because I don't find her doing particularly well in the jungle until she has Madreds. I'm not the best player ever with her and am open to suggestions on any adjustments you think i should make toward this guide. Please respect my decisions and note this is how - I - see Fiora as a champion, which suits my playstyle. I hope that you too see the good in this guide and note that Fiora is an often underplayed and undervalued Champion.
I am still very, very low Elo but i've played Fiora around, 200-ish of my Normal games as i didn't see the need to play ranked too often. Now that im getting into the new Season [3] I am hoping to keep this guide up to date with the new Item Changes and hopefully get Voted up.


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Summoner Spells

When i play Fiora i find that Ignite works well to improve damage and reduce heals on targets, it's also very useful when diving under turrets to ensure a quick kill. Ignite can guarantee you kills rather early in the game if you like to trade with other champions at levels 2 to 5. When playing with Ignite i try to initiate with my Lunge, pop Burst of Speed, get a hit or 2 on my target then Riposte a counterattack, and Lunge to a minion and back off for a moment. Doing this twice and then Igniting on the 3rd attempt is an almost guaranteed kill on most champions you encounter.

When i play with Exhaust i find it rather useful as i can trade longer, and build up my passive while ensuring i don't drop too low health. Its also useful as when you look above in this guide I don't really get a Phage till a tad later on in the game, so the slow helps significantly when Chasing opponents too.

I take Flash just as an initiate / escape tool. its self explanatory.

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Pros and Cons


Quite mobile when Lunge isn't on cooldown.
Has very good sustain in Lane with just a Vamp Scepter.
Has very, very high Early Damage from Riposte passive.
Burst of Speed gets reset on Kills or Assists.
Ultimate does heavy damage, applies on hits, makes you untargetable / immune for a short time.
Is good for people who like to dart in, then dart out of combat.
If you pester the other team enough, you take focus off your ranged Carry.


Relatively squishy when first playing at lower levels.
Can get shut down completely by a targetted stun / silence.
Ultimate damage can spread if bouncing around multiple opponents.
As soon as enemy team sees your damage output, they opt to shut you down. HARD and FAST.
Takes a degree of skill, regardless of what people may think.

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Basic skill combo is Q,E,Q,W [ HIT THEM FOR A BIT ] IGNITE and R or just keep auto attacking.
Fiora is also very mobile so when you are being ganked or chased, and team mates are on their way to help you, try Lunging your way Closer to them, or Lunging into Minions to make your escape faster. Ulti if you know you're going to die. but ONLY if your team can secure the kill, because the worst thing for any Fiora player is being stuck in a fight without your Ultimate.

When playing Fiora in top lane I tend to skirmish top picking up kills wherever possible, always keeping an eye out for enemy junglers. Warding tri-bush and near baron helps a great deal. Poking away at the enemy, taking off chunks of their health bit by bit, wasting them away slowly. Then finishing them off with an Ignite after a few trades.

Fiora in mid lane is very very dangerous to an enemy. With the exception of Leblanc or an AP Ezreal in mid, i find it easy to dominate any squishy in the lane. Simply using your Q once and dashing to a minion, then dashing at an AP carry and auto attacking twice is usually enough to half health them. With ganks from a jungler with a stun. you can drop any AP's at level 3.

In teamfights i find myself tending to focus their ranged AD carry. As i usually play Fiora with an Ionic Spark i fly at the carry, tearing through their healthbar whilst Lightning forks to their team doing AoE damage. Once i ultimate, 5 hits usually triggers Ionic Spark twice. [ Thats not an Exact figure, its just a guesstimation ]. Later on in the game the enemy picks up on your tactics and tries to switch attention to you, this takes heat off your AD carry and allows for better overall teamfights.

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Basic Item Building

Cloth + 5 - 300 + 175
Boots of Speed - 350
Madreds Claws - 1000 [-300 for having Cloth Armor before]
Zerker Greaves - 920 [-350 for having Boots of Speed]
Vamp Scepter - 450
Recurve Bow + Health Crystal - 1050 + 475 [Can rush Bloodrazors or save for Ionic Spark or Phage to start Trinity Force]

These items alone usually are enough to guarantee you good farm, decent damage output and some nice lifesteal. A mistake i see a lot of players making is using the Madreds and Vamp scepter to build a Wriggles Lantern, which becomes useless once you grab a Bloodthirster. Whereas getting Bloodrazors gives you +4% max health in bonus damage, coupled with Fioras brilliant attack speed. You MELT the enemy team, regardless of their Armor.

Brutalizer and then Yormuus Ghostblade is also a viable option whilst playing against an Armor heavy team, though most games i tend to avoid getting it unless i have a decent ammount of farm, seeing as its not essential to the way i play but does help having the Yormuu active / more armor penetration.

my build is basically to get on hit effects, which maximize your ult damage in teamfights, yet still allow you to smash people 1v1.

Dependant on how often you can grab Red buff from your jungler, you can hold off on Building Phage for the slow, so that you can rush Ionic Spark. Or buy a Zeal instead for an attack speed and movement speed boost.

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Simply last hitting is often enough to kill minions, because of Fiora's ridiculous damage scaling with her AD per level runes and Riposte she can very comfortably sit under turrets and 1 shot caster minions after a turret attack and and 1 shot melee minions after 2 turret attacks. This also forces your laning opponent to stay at the back of their minions, and when they come within proximity, you can do a simple Q E Q W combo to deal significant damage, and if they try to retaliate within turret attack range, risk death. Thus forcing them to flash away or fight, then most likely die. If they dont fight back, you pick up the kill on cooldown. Also having Madreds Claws helps with farming a great deal, and makes taking Red / Blue buffs really easy, especially with her regen stack on her passive.

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A Few Things to Consider when vsing Peoples

Just a short list of things which can tweak your game a little bit here and there, which may then have a huge impact on your gameplay.


Using your first Lunge to get in close proximity of enemys, then trading and Lunging to a minion to end the skirmish.


I use riposte very well against characters like Gangplank and Garen where they have an Ability which involved buffing an Auto-Attack. eg: Decisive Strike / Parlay. The key is to use it only once your opponent triggers the effect, on Gangplank its a hit n miss really because of cooldowns but with champions like Garen or Rengar, wait till you see Garens sword glow. When vsing a Rengar try to save your riposte for his Q [Savagery] when he uses the 5 Stack Fury attack. Better to block 300 damage instead of 150.

Burst of Speed:

To maximize the effectiveness of your E, try to use it at the start of an exchange when the carry is stunned, or already low health. Since the cooldown resets its better to use at the start of an exchange, as opposed to mid way through with Riposte. Also note that the attack speed bonus doesnt work during Blade Waltz, so try get off all your auto attacks with Burst before using Ulti.

Blade Waltz:

I find Blade Waltz to be one of the most ridiculous ultimates among the league champions, reminds me of Juggernaught from DotA. But anyway, it takes about 3 seconds and it randomly hits enemys 5 times around the enemy you cast it on. You will find with Ionic Spark or a Trollamat you can make those 5 hits do significant damage. It also provides a good executing tool when you have Ignite. ASwell as blocking damage and making you untargetable. I Often find it more useful to use as a means of dodging Sona or Karthas ultimates in ranked games.

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Updates / Summary

Thanks for taking the time to look into my guide, i will be posting regular updates on here now. showing more in depth looks at Fiora as a top laner or Mid laner, I will also put up match historys. If you want to get a decent idea of whats happening whilst im playing check my profile, summoner name : jarredluvsfatchx.

cheers home boys. good luck.

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Situational Items

Hexdrinker: Good to build when mid laning with Fiora, resistances and a mini shield to act as some defence, whilst building into a very nice Maw of Malmortius in the later stages of the game, to really allow tons of Lifesteal once your health Falls and your Damage Increases. AND OF COURSE RESISTANCES :D

Frozen Mallet instead of Triforce: This allows for you to tank up a bit, save roughly 1k gold, and allow for a Recurve Bow if needed, or farm towards a BF sword for Bloodthirster. I find this also helps you when taking on Tankier top laners, to allow for more Beefyness as apposed to more Damage.

Tiamat: Is quite a silly item when you think about it, but the Cleave Damage can be quite a boost with your ultimate, and also allows for your Basic Attacks to do splash damage to enemys who cluster. Not a bad item when you have a Galio or Varus on your team.

Wits End: Good attack speed, bonus damage on hit, stacking magic resistance. Not a bad item overall though i prefer the damage bonus from Ionic Spark over this in Most Games. Unless im taking Heavy AP damage.

Snowballs: Leviathan or Sword of the Occult can do wonders for any champion, if you're getting kills often a Occult or Leviathan can give you a significant boost throughout the game. These items are only really for games where you're ahead, and will stay ahead. or when you're doing terribly and want to go balls to the wall.