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Fiora Build Guide by jasonxt4c

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jasonxt4c

Fiora Speed OverLoad

jasonxt4c Last updated on July 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, Welcome

Hey this is my first try at making a guide, so its going to be very simple (i normally use this for bot games). For this guide i focused mainly on Attack Damage and Attack Speed, with a little bit of critical chance.

*********Guide is not Completed***********

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Pros and Cons

These pros / cons are based on this build and the champion itself.


* Her attack speed is insane, Burst of Speed combined with attack speed items is sick!
* Amazing damage if played right.
* Has a spell which counters one basic attack.
* Invincible with your ultimate which makes them unable to focus you.
* Can chase really good.
* Has an ad passive which gives her the ability to buy more as early on.


* One single stun can shut her down.
* She can be mana hungry if you're a spammer.
* Squishy early game.
* No cooldown reduction.

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Summoner Spells

Good Options

This spell is always a great choice no matter what champion you are. You can use Flash in any defensive and offensive situation which makes it usefull in many, many ways.
This spell is another great option. Just like Flash it can be used in any defensive and offensive situation which makes it like flash usefull in many ways.
This spell is also a great option. This spell is great against healers and it hits really much for a true damage dot. This spell can finish targets really easy! I prefer Flash and Exhaust though.
This spell is a must have when you're jungling, Smite speeds up your jungling alot which leads to faster ganking which ofcourse leads to more kills for your team! Also a wonderfull spell to steal baron / dragon. DO NOT USE THIS SPELL WHEN YOU'RE LANING!

**Decent Options**

This spell is a good choice on fiora, it can be used in defensive and offensive situations like Flash. The only disadvantage is that Ghost can be countered with slow and you can't go trough walls like Flash can. If you have the feeling your movement speed is way to low, this spell will help you alot.

This spell isn't the best choice but it isn't bad to. This spell gives you a litle bit more survivability which can turn loses into wins. If you're new and struggling to keep alive Heal is a great spell for you!

This spell is great, especially when you're solo laning. The only disadvantage about this spell is, it's not THAT usefull late game and it has a pretty high cooldown compared to Flash and Exhaust. It is a great choice vs harras champions and a great choice if you don't like walking.

This spell is always a nice spell to choose. The only disadvantage is has is that Cleanse has a pretty long cooldown for just removing the cc effects on you. If you're fighting vs a full cc team, this spell is awesome.

**Bad Options**

This spell should be picked by supports and not by a dps. The only real situation you should choose this spell is never. If no one picks Clairvoyance in your team, your team is doing something wrong and you should consider finding another one.

This spell just wastes a summoner spell slot like every spell does under the topic 'Bad Options'. You shouldn't be spamming abilities every time you can deal a litle bit damage to your enemy which doesn't even get you anywhere. Leave Clarity for a support.

This spell can be usefull but not in our situation which makes it a bad choice. The only way Promote can be usefull is to push your lane.

This spell is pretty useless. Yes i know that Surge gives as and ap, but late game the as will exceed your as cap and the ap is pretty much useless so just don't pick it.

This spell is just useless in every way possible unless you're trying to troll which leads to hate. The cooldown on Revive is ridiculous high, you have to die before you can actually use this spell which isn't your goal in LoL and it will let people probaly rage at you. Just DON'T pick it.

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Main Runes are:

Greater Mark of Desolation - For the armor penetration

Greater Seal of Alacrity - For attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Furor - For Critical Strike

Greater Quint of Desolation - For even more armor penetration

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So for the Skills i started off with riposte mainly for the AD (attack damage), which i will max at level 9. The Next skill to get and max secondly would be burst of speed. Of course for the attack speed. With the combined strength of these skills and along side of the items, you will be insanely strong mid to end game.

I usually go bottom with this build, but it is viable any lane. I start by harrassing with riposte, cause of the extra AD and the basic attack parry, once i get burst of speed, i tend to go for the kills. I get lunge mainly in order to A) get close to a champion or B) use it to chase down a running champion, that is why i get it early on.

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For the items, i went with AD and AS. I choose items that i thought seemed to work together greatly. Such as the sword of the occult and bloodthirster.

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Changes Made

*3/18/12* Changed Madred's BloodRazor for Phantom Blade.
*3/19/12* Added more info to Skills and Added Chapter Items. Added a Credits Chapter. Changed Name of guide. Took out Table of Contents Chapter, did not realize there was one already made XD.
*3/29/12* Changed item build set up, took out Sword of the Occult for early on Bloodthirster for the life steal.

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A lot of credit goes to Minkey, mainly cause i copied a lot of his work, seeing as i do not know how to fully make my own guide yet.