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Fiora Build Guide by Sordruen

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sordruen

Fiora the 1v1 monster

Sordruen Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my first ever guide on mobafire. now many people have different ways of building Fiora but I didn't really work well with any of them so i decided HEY! I am going to go play a game and what ever i feel like buying I am going to buy and so i came up with this here build and i have used it quite a lot so i hope you guys enjoy it and i do plan on keeping it very very short.

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Pros / Cons

Great dmg.
can 1v1 pretty much every champ.
unlike some AD carrys she is good in a team fight with her ulti.
after lvl 2 you turn into Chuck Norris
can take down turrets in a 3 seconds. literally 3 seconds
she has kind of slow movement speed
squishy unless you have runes
Sion is her anti-Christ

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for my Items I start off with Vampiric Scepter but i have found that boots and 3 health pots works well to. after that depending on your gold you can go either bloodthirster or berserker's Greaves. by about the 20 minute mark you should have your boots and a bloodthirster so start building your infinity edge. Now for me most games didn't go any further after i got my infinity but the few that did i went an built another bloodthirster. now this is the part where people started calling me a noob. i went and bought a Phantom dancer. the reasons are because the extra crit is amazing and the movement speed is really nice. and as for the attack speed well thats pretty nice as well. and as for the last item i haven't gotten to it yet but i would buy a frozen mallet just so i really never die.

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what to do and when to do it.

as Fiora you will start to feel like a god getting kill after kill BUT you are not!!!! i cannot stress this enough do not get to cocky or you will die. lvls 1-6 normally in these levels you will get atleast 1 or 2 kills maybe more. so i suggest playing passive-aggressive meaning wait for the perfect moment then go all or nothing now by this i don't mean go take 2-3 shots by their turret i mean go in pop your spells and do it fast and smart to get the kill. at lvls 7-13 i kind of roam around and gank every time i get the chance and i let my lane partner handle the lane i am in while i go and help mid or any other lane. during these lvls is where i think Fiora really shines but as i said play it safe but get kills. for lvl 14-18 i suggest staying with your team because if you lose one teamfight and your the last one left you will die soon and you can bet they will take atleast one turret if not more. so just stay in with your team.

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your job in a team fight is to ulti and then target the other teams carry. so wait for a tank or who ever to initiate then ulti in and activate your E on the carry. if you have both your Bloodthirters and are fed off minions you shouldn't die UNLESS you get CC'ed to death. so when you go in your combo should look kind of like this but i suggest working with your own and finding out what you like R-E-Q-W if you got a kill then activate your E again and work on yet another poor helpless carry.

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so that is my guide i know it is a lot of text and i am sorry for that i'll work on it some more if i get good feedback from you guys. and i know this build looks but try it out in a few games and see if it works for you.