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Fiora General Guide by Paraque

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paraque

Fiora, The Definitely Deadly Duelist

Paraque Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons


+ Fantastic Pusher
+ Great sustain in lane
+ Practically can mash buttons and still win fights
+ Can negate attacks
+ Has a gap closer
+ Blade Waltz is ridiculously powerful


- No natural CC
- Is somewhat squishy if build incorrectly
- Vulnerable to CC
- Not the best in teamfights, she's better at 1v1

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: These marks give you great armor penetration, and along with the Quintessences allow you to pretty much deal true damage to squishies.
Other Viable Marks:
Greater Mark of Alacrity: These give you some attack speed, which can help in 1v1s. However, this build already has plenty of attack speed.

: These give you some early armor, which allows you to be more sustained in your lane. It helps in trading blows with the enemy top laner, as you take reduced auto attack damage and physical damage.
Other Viable Seals:
Greater Seal of Vitality: These give you a decent amount of health/lvl, but I believe these to be inferior to the armor seals.

: These give you MR/lvl, which is pretty helpful for teamfights. They help reduce any burst damage you might take.
Other Viable Glyphs:
Greater Glyph of Warding: These give flat MR. They are inferior to the MR/lvl, because you shouldn't have too much magic damage up top (unless it's someone like Kennen), and teamfights don't generally start till around level 10, which is when the MR/lvl catches up to these.
Greater Glyph of Focus: CDR, nothing much else to say. I prefer MR/lvl.

: These quints are amazing. Coupled with your marks, you penetrate all the armor of squishies. They just simply allow you to hit harder.
Other Viable Quintessences:
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: These greatly help in the laning phase, as is allows you to start with more health. This pretty much relieves the need for a doran's item; though it gives you a lot of health if you do use a doran's item.
Greater Quintessence of Strength: If you have these, use them. I strongly recommend you pick up Greater Quintessence of Desolation though.

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Every time Fiora does physical damage, she regains health. Hitting chamions causes this to stack up to 4 times

This is a great passive. It gives her great lane sustain, and decent recovery while trading blows with champions.
Fiora lunges to a target, and attacks them. She can cast Lunge again within the next few seconds for free.

This is a great tool to chase and escape.

Tips and Glitches
You can lunge to an enemy minion to get into range to lunge to an enemy champion.
Alternately, you can lunge to 2 enemy minions to run away from an enemy champion.
Sometimes, when you Lunge, you will not travel to all the way to the target. You will go forward about a quarter of the way instead.
If you Lunge to an enemy, and then Lunge to the same enemy while neither of you have moved any distance, you will not deal damage. Basically, you need to move a distance to do damage with Lunge.

Fiora passively gains attack damage. Activating this will block the next auto attack and return damage against the attacker

This spell makes Fiora a great 1v1 character, because she can negate an attack and return some damage to her attacker. Don't forget about the passive AD.

Tips and Glitches
This can block and rebound spells like Parrley and Siphoning Strike
Sometimes, this can rebound spells like Dark Wind, however you still get hit by any CC from the spell. (Not confirmed)
Fiora gains a massive amount of attack speed for 3 seconds. If she hits something, she gains movement speed. The cooldown is cut in half for assists, and is refreshed for kills.

This gives you a lot of damage. Because of this ability, you don't need to build as much AS as other carries.

Tips and Glitches
Don't activate this while or before you do Blade Waltz, as you waste most of the buff.
The cooldown resets on kills, so you can keep the buff on for a long time. Be careful about your mana while you spam it.

Fiora moves at lightning fast speed hitting 5 times on enemy champions. It does less damage if it hits more than once on a single enemy. The first and last hit will always be on the same target.

This is your overpowered ultimate. It makes tower diving relatively safe, as the tower can't target you. All of the hits apply on-hit effects.

Tips and Glitches
Use this to finish your opponent, they won't be able to escape, since you stick to them.
If you are on very low health, and are being chased by only one person, use Blade Waltz on them. It will recover your health because of your passive and lifesteal. This is a very easy trick to surprise people.
If you kill the first champion you targeted with Blade Waltz before the last hit, you will hit someone else an extra time to end on them. (Not confirmed)

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If you are up against these aggressive champions, there are several things you can do.
Try to last hit as well as possible
Let the other champion push so that you're jungler can gank
Harass them so that they become less aggressive

If you decide to harass the enemy, you should try to get a point in Lunge earlier.

Basic Poking Harass

(champion) ->(minion)

Committed Harass

-> -> ->

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Normally, pushing happens before or after a teamfight. Before, because the teams need to prepare to gear up for a fight, and afterwards to destroy some towers.

The goal of pushing a lane, is to destroy a tower or inhibitor. The safest way to do this is after your team has won a teamfight, so that you can outnumber your opponents when pushing.

Sometimes, your team can push lanes without multiple people. When someone (usually AD) pushes a lane by himself, this term is called "backdooring". All it means is that the AD carry is trying to take down towers in a lane while enemies are preoccupied elsewhere, usually in a teamfight.

When you have two people that are pushing opposite lanes (bot and top), then they are using the technique called "split pushing". The goal of this is to draw the attention of the enemy away to defend one tower, and then the other person generally teleports to the opposite side to help take down the other tower.

Both of the above circumstances are very dangerous for the people pushing. Only resort to those techniques if you have to.

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Taking Objectives

Another thing that generally happens after teamfights are taking objectives. Usually, when a team wins a teamfight, they either go to kill dragon to get extra gold, or go to the enemies jungle and take all the buffs. This is another way to further push your advantage. Sometimes, during later in the game, teams will kill Baron to get his buff and gold.

Usually for objectives to be completed, 2 of 3 things need to happen.
The closest lane needs to be pushed out
You need to have won a teamfight
You need to have warded the objective (applies to dragon and baron)

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Late Game

Many games don't go until this point, however, there are some things you should know.


Just when you thought you knew everything about teamfights, I bring the section back!

The reason for this section being repeated, is that focus fire is ESSENTIAL. It is the single most important thing in teamfights now. Anyone except the best of tanks or off tanks will die under focus fire, so be sure to coordinate with your team. What this also means is that your build will not keep you alive long.

GASP! The tanky DPS doesn't keep me alive? Why should I use it?

You should use it because it allows you to live long enough to Blade Waltz in. Being untargetable while doing massive damage is the best thing you can have right now. If you were to build glasscannon, you would have to Blade Waltz onto the very first person you can. In other words, the tank.

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Baron Nashor

This guy is the most important thing other than teamfights at this point of the game. You should always have it warded, and someone should go around with an Oracle's Elixir to clear enemy wards. This monster wins games.

This guy is very tough to take down quickly and unnoticed, so I would recommend going for him only after a teamfight. If you don't get his buff, try to hold out until he respawns. He respawns after 7 mins.

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In the end, Fiora is a very fun champion to play.

If you are someone who likes the thrill of crushing opponents 1 by 1, Fiora is the character for you.

I hope you all enjoyed my Fiora guide!

Great thanks goes to Jhoijhoi for her guide on how to make a guide, and allowing me to use her templates!

Also, thank you Boitata for giving me the idea/suggestion/build of max CDR.

Also, to all who may ask. I know that I have a jungle build, but no route ganking tips etc. These will be added, however, I need to play around with them to make sure they are the best, and also I need time.


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