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Fiora Build Guide by Kemando

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kemando

Fiora, the Infatuating Fencer - Kemando

Kemando Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I'm going to keep this short and sweet, I have things to do. lol.

This is my first Fiora guide and after playing 8-9+ games with her never going negative using this build, I assume it works nice. I may or may not update this guide with better sections, longer paragraphs, more wordies, and PRETTY PICTURES! who knows. (that was a pun)

Fiora is a melee carry, meaning high damage and agility, and rape face. If you enjoy melee carries such as tryndamere, try Fiora, she's 6300 IP or 975 RP, and yes, she is better than tryndamere in my opinionated opinion.

Without further adieu the Fiora Grand Duelist GUIDE BY ME! LoL.

BY THE WAY, check my match history on LoL to check my fiora scorez with this build. Funny thing, this build works just as well for jungling.

LoL name - Kemando

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Pros n' Conz


- Great damage from W
- Crazy OP attack speed steroid
- Faceroll champion
- Can block auto attacks and turn a 1v1 fight
- Wins solo top lane against nearly everyone
- Mobile
- Funtastic ultimate
- great sustain with passive and pots
- Good double gap closer
- Ultimate proccs on hit effects (life steal, crits, Tiamat, Red Buff, etc.)
- She's FRENCH.


- No CC whatsoever
- Glass Cannon
- Ultimate is high CD at levels 1-2
- Ultimate bugs on rare occasion
- Easily bursted down in teamfights without ult.

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Skill Build

Why W first? Getting a point in W first gives you a flat AD buff, and a damage return from an auto attack. Wins early 1v1 sword fights, and keeps you healthy. Getting a point in E second allows you to get an AMAZING attack speed steroid, this makes last hitting at tower a fairly simple task, paired with madreds/wriggles you're golden! Q is your gap closer, since it's more of a utility spell you will max it last after E and W, It's not high damage, but it WILL net you some nice kills if used correctly. The best thing about Fioras Q is that it is a double lunge, meaning in can be used twice in a 4 second time frame, so if you jump onto an enemy, and they flash away, the range on Q and the extra lunge will allow you to almost immediately jump right back onto them rendering their flash almost useless. Max E first for the... like I said, AMAZING attack speed steroid, that AND it recharges after each kill, AND each auto attack gives you a move speed buff that stacks 3 times.

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Item Build

Why did I choose those items? The early armor and pots make for great early sustain in a solo top lane where you will be facing the likes of Garen, or Wukong. You get attack damage from your W first, and since Fiora starts off with a health regen passive, and a moderate amount of health there's really no need for a Dorans Blade, but if you like more HP and minor lifesteal plus some damage to go with your damage, then by all means go ahead.

The wriggles early gives you life steal which works great with your passive, and proccs on your ultimate, which can turn a fight in your favor, also being in solo top lane you are susceptible to ganks, wriggles is a free ward with which you can pop in the river to avoid nasty 1v2 situations... Though your ult can and will win most 1v2 situations, if the conditions are right (under tower, low HP, etc.). Following the wriggles with zerkers works well on any AD carry, it's just a nice thing to have, besides the attack speed paired with her E steroid will give you incredible early-mid game attack speed without having to blow your money on zeals and whatnot in the beginning. But if they just have too much CC opt out for the Merc Treads, those are always a great pick for some situations.

After that build your way into a Youmuu's ghost blade, which in my opinion is the BEST active item on any melee carry in the game. A decently long attack speed/move speed steroid every minute? Yes PLEASE! Besides you can pair it with your E to take towers better than master yi himself. The extra AD, and armor penetration along with crit chance doesnt hurt either, remember crit chance is your BEST FRIEND! Use your Youmuus when running away, or when initiating a fight situation such as dragoin, baron, towers, team fights, 1 v 1's you name it the Youmuu's can DO IT.

From here on is just icing on the cake, assuming the enemy hasn't already bent over in surrender. Pick up a B.F. Sword for more damage, and build into an infinity edge whenever you can afford it, super crit chance, plus extra crit damage, along with extra attack damage? You NEED in I.E. if you want to faceroll.

At this point it's all preference, I usually opt for the Phantom dancer for extra faceroll, but I hear Tiamat works well as it proccs on each ult hit causing an already high damage ult to do more damage and splash nearby enemies. If you feel inadequate HP or survival wise, pick up a Frozen Mallet, or maybe even a Banshees Veil, like I said purely preference from here, you can even sell off the wriggle is lieu of a Bloodthirster if you want to.

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I don't deem it necessary to explain the 22/0/8 mastery here... It's self explanatory, max damage and some utility for move speed and schtuff. Purely preference as with the runes, do whatcha FEEL!

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Runes, as with any champion are purely preference, I go for the ArP marks, the armor seals, the flat CDR glyphs and ArP quints, for maximum damage, some early lane sustain on top of the cloth armor, and the amazing CDR which benefits every ability extremely well. But like I said, it's up to you and how you like to play.

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Summoner Spellz

Okey Dokey, so why Flash / Exhaust? Well I find Exhaust shuts down any top lane you may go against, and works exceedingly well on an ulting tryndamere trying to eat your soul on your tower, it slows move speed, and adds on an attack speed debuff.

Flash is pretty universally used because it works great with any and every build, and will get you out of a tight situation with the click of the D key. Use it to hop over walls, great great distance between enemies, etc. Sometimes it bugs at crucial moments and makes you clip with walls causing you to not go over/through them but for the most part it's legit.


Teleport - More time spent in lane = more money/xp.
Ghost - Move speed = faster = catching and escaping, can replace flash.
Smite - replace exhaust if you're jungling.
Ignite - Yes, it's cheap and is super OP... But it WILL get you kills.


Heal - A waste of a summoner spell, CD is way too long, and with life steal your Ult does the job quite well, but with damage... and a much lower CD.
CV - You're not a support... *slaps*
Promote - Really?? Why do you need a bigger minion...?
Revive - Sigh.
Surge - Why do you need extra AD or attack speed when you have your W and E, which gives you extra AD... and Attack Speed...?
Clarity - Fiora isn't really mana hungry, and not at all post 7.
Cleanse - Your ult is basically a "get out of target free card" gets you out of the enemies focus, besides exhaust or flash are better.

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That's All Folkz!

Thanks for reading, I will eventually update the guide with new schtuff, but for now I hope this helps you faceroll with the faceroller her self.

Leave a comment, and add me on loL is you want! dont suck though, I hate BKs dragging my ELO down, it happens liiiike, every game.