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General Guide by Darius Supports

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darius Supports

Fiora the melee carry Assassin build!

Darius Supports Last updated on May 19, 2015
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Hello, I'm Darius Supports and today I will be sharing with you a guide about Fiora the Grand Duellist. This is my first time ever making a guide so bare with me, though I can assure you I'm a very competent Fiora player.

I will keep this guide relatively short and simple as to only explain to you what needs to be explained.

Fiora is often a misunderstood champion especially often branded ''Noob Champ'' or ''No Skill champ'' simply because of her high base damage. What people don't seem to realise is that although Fiora, when played correctly can be a powerhouse that decimates enemy ranks, what she makes up for in damage she lacks in almost every other area.

With her pretty much only bringing damage to the table, there are plenty of downsides to keep this champion balanced, but we will get to those in the Pro / Con section.

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Here for Runes we take:

    Physical Quints
    Flat Armour yellows
    Scaling MR blues
    And because Fiora's base damage is so high, it's better so take Armour Pen reds over AD!

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For Masteries we build 21 - 9 - 0 to give Fiora that damage she needs with some early game tankyness to help her stay in lane and win trades.

You could take Fury and Frenzy however I feel Fiora's true strength relies in her quick bursts of damage and her E gives you AS when needed instead.

Butcher and Feast are viable options too and Feast actually synergizes with Fiora's passive quite nicely.

But my preferred build is the one displayed here :) Spell Weaving and Blade weaving work well on Fiora with her combination of quick AA and ability usage, especially her Blade Waltz after 3 AA, and the CDR can be clutch in getting that vital Lunge to chase down a weak champion before they get to tower!

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Best case Scenario all general build:

- Starting Items: 1 Longsword, 3 Health pots, Warding Totem.
- 1st back: Tiamat
- 2nd back: Boots 1 + Vamp scepter / Berserker Grieves / Merc Treads. (Situational)
- 3rd back: Hydra + BF sword / Hydra + Scepter or BF sword + Elixer of Wrath + Sword of Occult (If snowballing)
- 4th back: Bloodthirster
- End example build: Berzerker Grieves, Hydra, Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Guardian Angel.

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Skill Sequence

There are many different ways to combo Fiora's abilities - here are some examples.

Full example combo: Q > AA > W > E > AA reset proc from E > Hydra > Q > AA > W > AA > R. (Your parry (W) will always be situational)

Harass combo: Q > AA > E > Hydra > AA > AA > Q

Safe Harass Combo (Safer, less damage): E > Q > AA > Hydra > Q away on to minion

Quick Burst combo (for those 0.5 second situations): Q > Hydra + W + Q

For the most part, timing and positioning is essential.

-You always want to space your Q to fit AA's between them.
-You also want to E to reset your AA for more burst,
-You want to prioritise your Riposte (W) for enhanced AA effects from enemy champions where possible IE: Darius Crippling Strike, Nasus Q, etc.

- Always remember, your main damage comes from your abilities, although you're a melee AD carry, your autos will be somewhat underwhelming, so pick your fights carefully and abuse burst of speed to get away whilst you prepare for round 2 if need be.

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If against Squishy ADC / Mage: Q > W > E > Q > Q > R > Q > W > Q > W > W > R > W > E > E > R > E > E

If against fighter / Bruiser: Take W first, you can either max W then, or continue to max Q. Preference.

SUMMONER SPELLS: Flash = Mandatory

Either ignite or Teleport. Preference. I recommend Ignite though, you need to snowball.

If top, you can take smite, though not prefered.

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Pros / Cons


High Burst.
INSANE Snowball potential.
High mobility
Crazy high damage.
Highest base AD in-game if you take W first.
Gamebreaking ULT.
Basically shuts down enemy Mage / ADC

Shut down by tanks
CC will get you killed in about 0.5 seconds.
Needs kills to be of any use.
Doesn't bring any support utility to the team.
Exhaust and Thornmail / Randuins will shut you down.
Often misunderstood as "Noob Champ" by players who don't know how to counter her.

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Team Work

As Fiora, you're essentially a glass cannon, although you can viably build fighter, we opt more for the assassin role, so teamplay has to be according:

You never want to initiate a fight.
Your job is to play cleanup crew.

When a team fight initiates your main role is to get in behind the front line and deep into the meat of their squishy mage / AD carries. This is your strength in a team fight, taking out their carries to cripple their team damage. You can Q chain into the back, or flank around the back, whatever may be best for the situation!

You preferably want to engage either when hard CC has been initiated onto the enemy team, or when the enemy is weak and can easily be finished off.

You're basically easy pickings if the enemy is smart and focus CC on you, so play smart!

Follow my guide, and you can have results like this too!

Good luck! And happy slaying!


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