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Fiora Build Guide by lottex

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lottex

Fiora The OP Duelist

lottex Last updated on March 2, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey Welcome to my Fiora Guide.This build is working pretty good for me so i hope it does too for you :)

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Pros / Cons

-both atack damage and attack speed included into skills
-can pop ulti in the middle of team fight and restore half of her health
-unique defence mechanism: Riposte
-great sustain

-no cc
-escape mechanism can fail sometimes: Lunge needs to have enemy target to jump to.
-CC = dead
-ulti can take you into BAAAAAADDD places sometimes.

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Armor pen marks and quints
x9+ x3: why? You will deal true damage early game and always more damage mid and end game. Only other viable option are marks/quints of AD but i feel that armor negation does more good than few additional AD points.
Armor Seals
x9 : armor is always good, especially on a bruiser.
M. Res glyphs
x9 : same as seals but to negate magic damage. Why per level not flat ones? two reasons: first your not gonna face as much magic damage on top than on mid. And second if you face it (and you will. face it sooner or later) magic damage scales into late game not early so you don't need as much MR on the start than you need it later.

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Those are mine main masteries for ad so here they are here for our fiora
Nothing fancy. Standard damage dealer masteries with some points in armor and magic resistance.
So if u still would like why im picking those masteries imma tell you right now
3 points in Brute force for the bonus attack demage
1 point in Summoner's Wrath for the Ignite and Exhaust bonus and so we can continue
4 points in Alacrity for bnous Attack speed
1 point in weapon expertise for 10% armor penetration which is very useful
4 points in deadliness for the 2nd bonus attack damage
1 point in lethality for that 10% Critical damage
3 points in vampirism for that life steal which is very helpful both early and late game
3 points in Sunder for more Armor penetration
1 point in Exectuioner for that nice effect which is helping us a what
3 Points in Resistance for the magic resistance vs some mage types pretty useful
3 points in hardiness for 6 Armor which with your runes gives you a nice physical damage reduction

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Skill Sequence

Duelist sustain skill. While it can be unnoticable unlike Vampiric Scepter which is instant hp restoration this skill restores hp over 6 seconds. But on lvl 18 after hitting enemy champion 4 times it restores 100 hp during 6 seconds. Not great but you will be suprised that you always have 10-20% more than enemy.

Lunge put 1 point in there and leave it it there. You just need this as a gap closer not damage. Max it last.
You can use this skill in two ways:
-as double gap closer: Lunge to minion then lunge to enemy.
-as harrasment: lunge to enemy, then lunge back to minion.

Riposote great active shield reflecting damage, with your attack speed boost 1 blocked enemy attack equals 2-3 attacks from yourself. If you master lunge-riposte-lunge combo you can harras enemy champion without receiving any damage by yourself.
You max it second because of passive AD boost.

Burst of speed Yeaa....your main steroid. 120% attack speed and 45 movement speed? Just too good to be true. You max it first cause when activated you just become restless killing machine for 3 seconds. AND it refreshes on kills and assists. Max it first. Its like Yi ultimates that has literally no cooldown.

Blade Waltz Thats is why Fiora was insta build for me. It deals tons of damage to multiple targets during teamfights. You need to remember about few things when using it:
-it always ends on initial target, so you need to watch when you strike someone low and don't kill him cause you may end up under tower with whole enemy team between you and you mates.
-it is more effective agains multiple targets, damage against single target at rank 3 caps at 1000 dmg.
-it applies on hit effects: say hi to The Black Cleaver, Frozen Mallet and vampirism. Yes your 45% of vampirism will trigger here that is why you should not be as afraid to leap into a team fight as you would be on yi: if you are about to get stomped: pop your ulti and you got almost full hp again.

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Summoner Spells

The choice of the summoner spells is to help weaken your enemies as quickly as possible to get as much damage done to them. If they look like they're going to get away, then use Lunge and Ignite to help finish them off.

If you're looking for just chasing someone down, then go with Flash and ignite

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is perfect for 1v1 and first blood it really helps you to get away too that's why i pick it.And ignite for killing the running ones reducing heal.

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You got 3 choices here:
Mercury's Treads really good choice to pick if they got many CC.
Ninja Tabi when enemy has no or little CC and like 2/3 AD carries then go for those one. 10% damage reduction is just too great to pass when so much carries are around.
Berserker's Greaves my favourites they give you a bonus attack speed which with your E and full build gives you the maximum attack speed.

Infinity Edge
Your first main source of damage .Give's you a nice attack damage with a little crit and that passive is just great for us when our build is ready.

The Bloodthirster

your second main source of damage.It gives you a nice life steal which combined with your passive gives you a great surviabillity and if u can make those bonus stacks it's a great help

The Black Cleaver

Why The Black Cleaver not Last Whisper? Depends. When you got someone with 300 armor then go for Last Whisper. But when highest armor in the enemy is slighlty above 100 then The Black Cleaver will give you more. Why? Cause then you reduce armor from 120 to 80 you reduce 20-30% damage reduction, and that gives us reduction from "armored" state to "paper" state. And when reducing 40% of armour from 300 you reduce from "untouchable" to "armored" Reducing from 300 to 250...weell its still untouchable for you. And why you focus someone with 300 armor anyway? Thats why The Black Cleaver in my opinion is better. Not to mention that cleaver rises you overall DPS more than whisper.

But we still got two slots left, how sould we use them?

I mostly use:
Madred's Bloodrazor Gives u a bonus attack speed and attack demage and it also has a great passive effect which is very useful with you'r attack speed.
For The last item you can get 2nd Bloodthirster or defensive item depends on the other team and if they focus you.A frozen mallet will be very useful so it's your choice if u should pick 2nd BT or somehting defensively.
Other items

Warmog + Atma
not tested yet. But should do nicely comboed with mallet. Drawback is that Fiora without warmog got over 3k HP and adding this means you got over 4k HP and addional 45 armour, and 25 AD more than with The Black Cleaver. This was first combo that i though on Fiora but i was suprised how tanky she is without this. And building this might be kind of overkill and waste of he offensive potential.
Phantom Dancer not tested yet: half of me screams "NOOOOOO!!!" when i see Fiora with PD, and other half see's this 2+ atk speed and 500 movement speed with E active. Same thing as with atmogs: will test it during weekend and post my results.
Sword of the occult if you like snowballs go for it. I don't like those and i think that beeing a melee fighter is just TOO much risk of dying considered to take this. Its just too inconsistent item to take anywhere near rankeds.

If you would like to play her Jungle Start up with a Wriggle's latern and then continue the item build it's a pretty cheap and very useful item

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So that's it

So that's all my friends hope u like the build and have fun as i do.U are free to post your stats with the build :)And lets hope she doesn't get nerfed.
Here's one picture of my stats with the buildClick Here