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Fiora Build Guide by ixPaRaNoiiDxi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ixPaRaNoiiDxi

Fiora, the Pain Train

ixPaRaNoiiDxi Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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To utilize Fiora, I recommend getting attack speed right at the start. Sure, she is super squishy, which is why life steal is a major part of her build. Early game you need to be almost passive, due to the fact that you don't want to feed the other team. Once you get your zeal with movement speed, attack speed, and crit, you will be able to play a bit more aggressive. I will be updating this guide regularly, so keep watch as things may change a tad. This is my first guide, and I hope you all enjoy!

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For runes I recommend using Greater Marks of Desolation; Greater Seals of Alacrity; And Greater Glyphs of Alacrity. I use Greater Quintessence of Strength for all three slots as well. This gives Fiora a great deal of increased attack speed and damage which is crucial to her gameplay. The reason I choose the Quintessence of Strength is because it goes well with her Riposte, especially early game when you don't have the spell just yet. Then once you do have it, and have it maxed, not only will she attack faster than your angry wife, she will hit like her too.

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The masteries are set in a way where you can harness a lot of attack damage, crit and attack speed, while still having some defence. You can usually change up the masteries to your personal preference, but this is the way I use it. I put points in Summoners Wrath for the Double Whammy of sorts (excuse the bad analogy) for ignite and ghost. When your diving and you need to get that LAST hit in, you avoid unit collision with all them pesky minions and drop down your ignite for the kill. What a beautiful combo.

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Items are very important to any champion (obviously). The items I choose to use are the ones which I find get me the most kills, assists, and overall pwn capacity. Fiora is extraordinarily OP if built right, and in my opinion, this is a very good way to build her. Starting the game with a dagger is yes, I agree, not a very good item, so I get a vampiric sceptre before it. The thing is though, once you turn that sucker into a zeal 5 minutes in to the game, you will thank me. Berserkers Greaves are the boots of choice in most circumstances mostly due to the attack speed. Its a great added bonus to the 2 movement speed. Following up your greaves is a vampiric scepter. Lifesteal early-mid game is extremely helpful due to Fiora's 4 stack of self regen. This with the life steal and you could just be unstoppable mid game. B.F. Sword, my favourite piece of equipment. You can turn that baby into almost any game changing item. Before we do anything with the B.F. sword, we need to finish off that Phantom Dancer. The PWN factor of Fiora evolves when you get this item. She goes from Fiora to FIORAAA!!! Trust me, you'll understand when you see the evolution for yourself. Now its time to do something with that B.F. sword, like maybe turning it into a BLACK CLEVER! The reason I go for a black clever before a blood thirster though is because of the attack speed and the reduced armor. When your already hitting like a Mac Truck, that armour reduction is really OP. After the Black Clever, you want to finish off your bloodthirster. This is the point in the game where people are like "OMGWTF I CANT EVEN SEE HER ATTACKS ANYMORE RAWR!". This to me is a situation where I just keep on killing them. The life steal and the bonuses of the Bloodthirster are amazing. By this point in the game, your already pretty much unstoppable, but because its fun, we have to keep on going down this assembly line of awesome. I do believe it would be a great time to tell you all to go grab an Infinity Edge, just because your cool like that. I won't even go into detail about how much WIN this item is, so I will just continue on. The Madreds Bloodrazor, yes I said it. When you have fully build this item (preferably starting it off with the Recurve Bow) people will just surrender and say "GG you all got carried by that DAMN FIORA!" With this build, I PROMISE YOU, it will be life changing.

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Skill Sequence

Lunge is an amazing early game spell, you can leap at a low HP champ from a decent distance away TWICE! I get it first, then max it out at the end since it does hardly any damage. Burst of speed is the ultimate pwn factor of this new champ, seriously, PWN! Max this by level 9 and you will seem unstoppable. Riposte has a passive attack damage increase which is very good when you consider that you will have your vampiric sceptre and B.F sword by the time it is maxed. That is a **** ton of AD so early. Max this in-between Burst of Speed. Blade Waltz, now were talkin'. This is a deadly ultimate, and when used at the right time, will win nearly any 1v1 or 1v2. Be cautious though, especially when diving enemies, because if a champion is smart enough to run or flash away into his turret, you could die easily.

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Summoner Spells

There are many spell combinations that you can use as Fiora. Considering the fact that she can have temporary movement speed increases, I use ghost. When I get moving with Burst of Speed and chase a champion, I will pop Ghost when the Burst of speed has run out. Ignite is my finishing move, especially early game. If you and your partner up at top get an enemy down low, dash in and pop ignite and you get first blood! Some other spells to consider could be - Exhaust, Flash, Heal, or Surge. Any of these work well with how Fiora is engineered.

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Conclusion to the Fiora Pain Train

Fiora is an amazing champ to play. If you don't yet have her, I highly recommend getting her. Being an attack and movement speed-based champion is seriously outrageous and overpowered. I hope this guild helped, its my first one and hopefully many more to come. Look out for me, my next guild will most likely be on Nautilus. Have fun playing your very own OP champ. Cheers.