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Fiora Build Guide by Scriva

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scriva

Fiora - The Speedy Duelist

Scriva Last updated on March 18, 2012
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Im not familiar with how to make these so it will look a little more simple and ugly than some of the other builds but all the info is explained in detail. If anyone wants to give me any advice or tips i will gladly take them as i will probably be making builds for other chars in the future. If you wanna contact me ill be in game alot and not on here as much so just add me and we can talk it out. thanks for lookin at my build and I hope it does well for you as it has for me.

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Hi Everyone Scriva here making my first build on mobafire. I decided to make this build because i see alot of Fiora players running around with a super OP character and get owned with her and its kinda sad when people troll with a char they cant even play right. So for all of you who read this I will be explaining the reasons for my item builds, runes, and masteries and how they all fit together to make Fiora the 2nd most OP AD champ around. (of course nothing beats tryndameres OPness. lol) Enjoy~

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Basic Game Play Style

Alot of people that play fiora play her as a speed character and steadily do average damage over time with good speed. This Build is focused more on insane burst capabilities using burst of speed and extremely high attack damage. While playing a speed build with 120% max speed for 3 seconds is nice, the dmg increase is not too insanely high. unless playing against a tank or two the speed build is not as effective. for playing average or lower def/HP chars the dmg build is far more effective and late game with dominate anyone that isnt full tank build. this is why you max burst of speed first and NOT riposte. the steady increase of dmg is good but not as good as 3 second kills. Lunge will be used ONLY to chase opponents and to engage long ranged ppl in fights. For lots of tanky DPS players go with a more speed and effects on attack build over this. As to the full AD build im creating, use lunge to quickly hit and run champs that might be stronger than you. no one will have enough speed to get more than one hit or so while you have parry early game so you can use lunge and then burst of speeds movement boost to quickly hit and run. Then when they are low fiora can easily move in for the kill with her insane dmg and speed. also her ultimate can absolutely dominate low chars even when they run to the turret as you cannot be targeted. If playing vs an opponent that is damaging you as you damage them it is good save your burst of speed till after they hit you a time or 2 so that you can get more HP through life steal when your speed is up. As long as you play her like this there are very few champions that can compete against fiora.

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Summoner Spells

Ill begin the guide upgrades with summoner spells since they are the one thing that doesnt have too much effect on everything else. While alot of ppl dont like heal, i like to keep it on fiora because when she has 2-1 focusing her she can heal after killing one. then burst of speed will be refreshed and she can work on the other 1-1 which she is unmatched at. Also i keep exaust on her as slowing an enemy and reducing damage can also turn a 2-1 into a 1-1 easily. Although some like to use flash which i would also say is good. chasing faster enemies and keeping them close with lunge and ulti. Ignite is also decent for her as she can burst an opponent down and as they try to run ignite finishes it off.

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Alright. Items..... now im sure alot of you have alot of questions about my item choices. Many will disagree but please read the item/rune/masteries tabs before you judge. I will be explaining how they all fit together to win a match. Now to start you will be buying the Dorans Blade. This will be sold soon after as you get closer to getting your BF sword. the reason to get the Dorans Blade first is because fiora is one of the best melee attackers in the game if built right. so the extra HP dmg and life steal allow you to sustain a lane much better then boots and HP pots. go for early game kills if your playing vs another melee. if your playing against ranged you MIGHT wanna change that but either way. next is boots for obvious reasons. you want to be able to catch your opponents with all this dmg your going to have. the BF sword will put you on top of dmg which i will explain later with the masteries/skills. getting a blood thirster early game makes for very easy jungling and amazing life steal/damage with burst of speed. After you have a nice ammount of life steal with the Blood Thirster, its good to get more damage so that you can steal more and kill faster obviously. so whats better than working on an Infinity Edge? lol the crit and over all damage increases your killing AND surviving power by alot. Later as yous ee you will be buying the phantom dancer to increase base speed and get 30$ crit to further increase your damage. Also the increased movement allows for very effective chasing with the frozen mallets slow effects. Now some of you might think that going for big items so early will be slow, but the runes/masteries make up for the damage early game so that you can quickly farm minions/jungle to get quick cash. Also i advised to get the cheaper parts of attack items first although if you have the cash go for the higher items first. Anyways back to the items. After the Infinity Edge, the next item is the frozen mallet. This item allows you to slow enemies hit by your lunge and then quick normal attack so that your burst of speed keeps you right on running enemies for maximum chase and kill power. It also adds a nice 700 HP bonus so you cant be countered so easily by thorn mail or another high damaging champ. Next we have the Tiamat. This will make it so that Fiora can attack multiple enemies at once when the battles become team fights and Fiora needs to kill more than one opponent quickly as she will be the focus with such high damage. Also the passive HP regen is nice to have for after fights regaining HP as the blood thirster is to be nerfed this coming update. (sad face) Anyways onto the next item. Some might ask why i waited to get the phantom dancer so late and the reason is this. With burst of speed, damage comes before speed items. The only reason its obtained now is because the crit and along with the boosted speed it makes for perfect kills with the frozen mallets slow effect. Now by this time you should ahve sold your dorans blade as its next to useless. You will be getting an executioners calling for the last item as it is easy to get with only one space left. Also it adds crit to make a good portion of your hits do 250% extra damage with the infinity edges increase and the life steal makes you much more durable as well. This way you can kill many ppl without recalling quite easily.

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Skill Sequence

Now before any of you tell me you should get riposte first, STFU. riposte at rank 1 gives 15 attack and this build depends on burst of speed for that insane attack speed bonus with the high damage. Get the one rank of riposte for the parry and small attack boost then work on burst of speed. at first riposte is like lunge. Only get it for that one time use every once in a while. And for those that say "well lower cooldown on riposte means you can parry more." no. no no no no no NO. Fioras fights shouldnt last more then 4 or 5 seconds max. Either you can kill them and your burst them down or your just hitting and running as mentioned in the basic gameplay style tab. So you get all 3 skills in the order mentioned just so you have the ability to play with them. hit and run with lunge and parry then burst away, and then max burst of speed so you get max kill power with all the damage you stack. Then as you come to points where you cant put any more on burst of speed, you put more on riposte for the damage.

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Fioras runes are primarily for a start up. Having high damage and armor pen with the dorans blade allow her to be the strongest fighter out there and allow her to be the dominant fighter in the lane. Now thats the simpleness of the marks and the quintessences. Basic damage and armor pen for offense. While fiora already has high damaging capabilities she does need def though. so the seals armor and the glyphs magic pen so that she can fight well rounded vs anyone. This allows her to be as aggressive as can be and farm very easily so that you can get the high damaging attack items quickly. Along with masteries this makes for a very hard hitter early game.

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For the Masteries Fiora is based strictly offense. As much attack damage, speed, and life steal as possible with the remaining points used as a tad of def to help her survive. Theres not really much to say or explain on it since its full damage.

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Pros / Cons

For the pros:
Fiora is an extremely high damaging character starting game. She can enter battle with long ranged champions easily with lunge and force them back takign away their exp gain from minions and the gold they can get. And vs melee fighters she can parry and out damage most of them with ease. Her burst of speed allows for higher dmg to be put on very quickly AND the ability to run away if you can only do little hits at a time with minimal damage that can be regained with life steal and her passive.

Although her damage is high, she wont be able to get away if shes 2-1 vs stronger enemies or vs someone with alot more HP after a kill or what not. Her parry is her only defensive move and it only works for one basic attack. So if she cant kill her enemy then there is no hope for her without a gank. Also she can very easily be shut down if she is stunned/snared when she uses her burst of speed. As she will have good dmg but be extremely slow till she gets her phantom dancer.

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Fiora is OP. enough said. lol if you build her this way then she can burst down crazy fast and is quite good. with a good partner you can lane till you need to jungle and the game is over. if you have any Qs or comments messsage me in game. IGN:Scriva
thanks for reading. peace~