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Fiora Build Guide by AngloZaxon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AngloZaxon

Fiora Vs Fauna: Detailed Jungle Build

AngloZaxon Last updated on March 13, 2012
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Enter, Fior-a Dicing.

Fiora is an intriguing new Champion, with a dynamic play style and good DPS. This makes her an obvious choice as Solo Top, but I believe she's also suited to a Jungling role. To explain why, I made this guide. It's theoretical, but I've put a lot of thought into it, so if it lacks anything, please tell me. If you disagree with something, say so, and I'll seek to explain it better, just as long you explain your own opinion.

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Skill Sequence

I start with Burst of Speed, as it increases both Damage Output and Movement Speed, which help your Jungle perfectly. Also, if you do end up Ganking early game, the Cooldown will be reduced by half, allowing this to be used more than the other 2 abilities. Second, I take Lunge, which you'll be using mostly for its utility, but it also Procs Burst of Speeds' Movespeed effect. Third I choose Parry, which gives a sweet AD boost and allows you to reflect basic Attacks at those responsible. You can swap Parry and Lunge if you don't feel the extra mobility is necesary, you might Gank Ad Champs or if you're not intending to Gank at all.

After this you want to build a balance of Burst of Speed and Parry, typically just alternating, though this may vary. The reason for this is simple: Parry passively increases Attack Damage, while Burst of Speed actively increases Attack Speed. So, by keeping them roughly balanced you form an efficeint damage setup, though a slight preference for Burst of Speed is recomended, as you won't be building AS in your item lineup.

Apart from that, just acquire Blade Waltz at level 6, then upgrade it at level's 11 and 16 like usual. Also, don't bother leveling Lunge until last: it's the utility you want, upgrading it doesn't help all that much.

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Summoner Spells

Smite is your mandatory Jungling spell; at the end of the day, there's no justification for Jungling without it.

Exhaust gives you some much needed CC for ganking, as a ganked opponent will typically try to escape. Also keeps them from tower diving.
Alternatives for the second summoner spell are as follows:

> Flash; isn't needed, as you already have an amazing pseudo-flash ability. Still, it's a good choice on any champion.
> Ghost: I prefer this to Flash, as, although Burst of Speed increases movement, it does so in a specific way.
> Clairvoyance; if no-one else takes it, consider this.
> Cleanse; if you are worried about heavy CC.
> Heal; for the increased sustain and better survival early game.
> Ignite: Last but not least, this achieves a similar objective as Exhaust. I prefer Exhaust because Ignite can result in KS-ing due to it being a DOT effect, and is almost always better suited to another team member. Also, you're a melee champ, so slowing them with Exhaust should help with damage anyway. Take Ignite if you feel the need to deal with uber-healers(eg. Vladimir).
>Teleport can also be a very viable spell, simply because it allows you to Gank someon who you might not normally reach and can also be used to counter-jungle if you've placed a ward in the opposing Jungle.

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I went with 9-12-9 because I find it to be an effective jungling setup: It gives you all the 'Jungling' bonusses, and focussing 21 in the Offensive tree is better suited to a Solo Top style Fiora...

Tier 1;

1/1 Summoners Wrath ~ For penetration during Champion fights when extra Pen is most useful.
2/2 Butcher ~ for more Jungling damage output.
1/3 Brute Force ~ Not as good on a Jungler as Butcher, but still good to have.

Tier's 2 and 3(now you're really crying);
4/4 Alacrity` ~ It's nice to net some AS somewhere other than Burst of Speed.

1/1 Weapon Expertise^ ~ Gives some handy penetration to keep your damage output effective.

Tier 1;
1/1 Improved Recall ~ Increases overall game speed and can save your life.
3/3 Good Hands ~ Less time dead means more time fighting, especially during lategame.
3/3 Expanded Mind ~ allows liberal Ability use and complement's Blue Buff. Good for spamming Burst of Speed sometimes, but you are free to take Swiftness instead.

Tier's 2 and 3 ~
1/1 Scout ~ Could spell the difference between glimpsing a foe and not seeing them. Drop it if you feel like a lucky punk who'd rather something else.

1/1 Runic Affinity ~ You'll be getting Red/Blue buff often, and Fiora makes good use of both.

Tier's 1 and 2;
1/1 Summoner's Resolve ~ If you use Smite 2 times in 3 minutes, you'll make 1 gold per 9 seconds. That's about equivalent to 2 points in Greed, which is a Tier 3 Mastery.
1/3 Hardiness ~ Armour is handy. Unlike Resistence, this balances your defensive stats early game, which is when Armour is more effective. You can always build more MRes if need be.
2/2 Tough Skin` ~ Gives extra sustain, to help you Jungle...

4/4 Durability` ~ Sustain isn't as good if you don't have the health to back it up...

Tier 3;
1/1 Veteran's Scars^ ~ Same as Durability, and it removes any squishiness early game.
1/1 Bladed Armour^ ~ Does good damage considering it hits all monster's attacking you, not just the one you're attacking.
2/2 Indomitable ~ Be a sustain monster; it's fun. This works better than Magic Res/Armour.

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It's a pretty standard Rune lineup. Quintessences of Desolation and Marks of Desolation help your damage output the most, though you could build Alacrity or Fortitude instead, if you want.

Seals of Resilience give some handy armour to help survival throughout, particularly early on.
Glyphs of Shielding scale well, and give you extra magic resistence when you want it most: mid-late game.

You could feasibly run Cooldown Reduction Runes, or build it into your items. I don't do this because it simply isn't necesary. Fiora's abilities do have long Cooldowns, however; Lunge has double use, Burst of Speed can reduce its Cooldown, and Parry should be timed cleverly, not used at the first opportunity.

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Standardised Item Build

General Build Guideline
This is a subjective build that won't work every match. There are a hundred different factors that influence what you buy and when you buy it, but this is what I believe to be an effective item line-up for a Jungle Fiora build. If you have any alternative items which you think might enhance the dentral build, than feel free to comment. Anyway, without further adeu:

Beginning Buys
OK, so you can start with a few things, depending on preference, but I like going Long Sword with a Health Pot, for additional damage output and a bit of heal. It also means you build into Madred's Razors/Wriggle's sooner. Alternatively you could go with Vampiric Sceptre, though I'm yet to decide which is better. If you want go with Cloth Armour +5 Health pots or Boot's of Speed +3 H Pots, then be my guest, but Cloth Armour has no synergy with Burst of Speed. You can also buy Doran's Blade, but I wouldn't recomend it, as it delays your build and Fiora doesn't need the extra help early game.

Rushing Wriggle's
After that, you want to build into Wriggle's Lantern ASAP (AKA Quintessential Jungling Lantern). Whether or not you get Boots of Speed before completing may vary; just build based on how your funds work out. Use your own discretion; this is a guide, not a stencil.

Forming Frozen Mallet
Next you work towards building Frozen Mallet, as you'll be needing the CC it provides for Ganks, and the Health makes you quite beefy. You'll usually build in chunks and upgrade your boots during this time(which boots will be discussed later). Again, I'm not going to enforce a specific build sequence, though I recommend going Phage before Giants Belt, as you get good AS with Burst of Speed, so its potential Slow and AD will be put to use better than some extra health.

Fiora's Final Foils'
Ok, so Wriggle's Lantern and Frozen Mallet form your Core. From here on, you will probably adapt somewhat, which I'll discuss below. Assuming there's no need to, I'll build Aegis of the Legion, which works to do two things: firstly, it gives some defensive stats to take advantage of Frozen Mallet's HP boost, and secondly, it helps your team mates with its aura and thus your Ganking potential. You could also build Locket of the Iron Solari in Aegis' place, particularly if you build Heart of Gold earlier on, or just if someone else goes Aegis. Then I build Atmer's Impaler, which gives almost 20 AD just from the health you gain using Frost Mallet and Aegis. It's an efficeint item in this build. Last, but not least, I go for the Black Cleaver, which helps shred your opponents armour, and is very handy in team fights, due to your Ult procuring on-hit effects(this is also useful with Frozen Mallet's passive). I build The Black Cleaver last because it doesn't synergise with Frost Mallet's Health bonus. Feel free to build it earlier, if you need ArPen. I go for Aegis first because the Aura will help the teamate you're ganking with to survive said gank, or just have more health afterward.

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Itemisation and Adaptation

Situational Items:
VS heavy Magic Damage:
> Wit's end, which is quite affordable(2k), stacks easily with your Ult or Burst of Speed, and gives some bonus Damage. You'll typically end up building this in place of Aegis. AS boost is nice too.
> Banshee's Veil, while costing more, gives the unique advantage of completely blocking a spell, and increases your health, which can synergise with Atmers and/or Aegis depending on what you drop for. Banshee's other stats aren't very useful.
> Force of Nature , another item that's a bit more costly, I would probably take this over Banshee's, unless you want the passive. This gives some nice health regen and Movespeed, which are good stats to have.
> Hexdrinker doesn't cost much less than Wit's End, and unless you really like the passive, I wouldn't recomend it. Even the AD is overshadowed by Wit's Ends' 42 magic damage proc.
> Spirit Visage is an affordable option, but apart from the extra health, doesn't bring much to the table, so I wouldn't get it.
> Quiksilver Sash is realy cheap and provides a solid amount of M-res. Also gives a handy active.

VS Heavy Crowd Control:
> Quiksilver Sash really shines because of it's active, which is the only item-based CC reduction apart from Tenacity.
> Mercury's Tread's, which I recomend anyway, will reduce any CC effects by just over a third.
> Cloak and Dagger can technically be gotten for Tenacity in the absence of Merc's, but I don't recomend ever doing so.
> Zhonya's Hourglass puts you in stasis, to either avoid the CC hitting you, or just to make yourself untargetable while incapicated. The AP can technically help you thanks to Parry, but 3k is too high a price to pay when you really just want the Active.
> Banshee's Veil: its passive disrupts spells, meaning less CC will hit you. The passive is what you should buy this for, if you do.
> Warmog's Armour: I just put this here to present a point; that is, the more tanky you make yourself, the less you'll suffer at the hands of CC.

VS Very Heavy Attack Damage:
> Randuin's Omen, while it costs 3k it also gives worthwhile stats. Reduce the damage, slow them down and have more health, all from one item. The active is universally useful, as well.
> Locket of the Iron Solari, is a very viable alternative to Aegis, and while it doesn't provide that much more Armour, its a good enough item to be considered anyway.
> Thornmail, the obvious choice to shift your build toward dealing with high AD. I'd take Randuins over this, simply because slowing attack speed works against champions that Parry wouldn't make as much difference against. However, this costs less.
> Frozen Heart, ice cool passive, but the cost of this item is too steep given the stats aren't that useful on Fiora.
> Ninja Tabi, very handy and cheap shoes if the situation calls for it. The 10% reduction is a pretty cool perk.
> Sunfire Cape, is a very handy option, with a bit of armour, but more importantly a passive that means damage output just by being near them.

VS General Tankiness:

> The Brutalizer: You'll typically want to upgrade into Youmuu's Ghostblade, but if this is what you can afford, and the extra 1.5k for Youmuu's can be better spent somewhere else, then this might be enough, as Youmuu only gives 5 more ArPen.
> Youmuu's Ghostblade: You will want to upgrade Brutalizer eventually, and if you do then you'll receive an active akin to Burst of Speed, which should therefore synergise with your build. The important part with Brutalizer and Ghostblade is to not interfere much with your core build or delay building The Black CLeaver which is your 'go to' for ArPen.
> Madred's Bloodrazer is an obvious choice against high-health opponents, and as with any 'Proccing' effect, it work's brilliantly on Fiora. However, this costs 3.8k, which is usually too much. If the opposing team seems to be stacking flat health, then you can build this, forgoeing Black Cleaver completely, but it's just not an easy fit. If you have a feeling you might need this, you could potentially get an early Madred's Razors without building into Wriggle's Lantern, but as Jungler the free wards are really valuable, so this method is still gonna cost you.

Other Option's
> Executioner's Calling is what you get to deal with uber-heal, when you don't have Ignite.
> Guardian Angel can be a good item if you're worried about being focussed. Won't make you invincible, but it can work as a psychological deterrant, and the defensive stats are decent.
> Ionic Spark, isn't a very popular item, but if you want more AS this is what I would suggest building. Health is nice, and I haven't tested this but - at a guess - you should be able to time your Ult with its Passive for an epic combo. If someone know's whether or not this works, let me know. Either way, it's an underrated item IMO.
> Zeke's Herald, gives some health, and if you like CDR this is a good way to get it. The real reason this is here is because the AS/LS it gives you, but also the fact this is an Aura, so depending on your team composition this can be an extremely effective purchase.

Fancy Footwear
Ok, so Boot's are a fundamental part of any build, and though people tend to stick with a certain pair, there are reason's to use most of them, depending on various factors. When they're built can be important too:

Boot's of Speed, form the basis of all other Boot's, and should be bought early, while builidng toward Wriggle's or immediately afterwards.

Ninja Tabi, can be bought after completing Wriggle's, as you'll already be able to tell from your enemies team comp if you'll be needing them, and they are the cheapest pair of Boots to build into. Buy these VS highly melee' teams.

Berzerker's Greaves, are also pretty cheap and should be bought following Wriggle's(or Phage). AS you usually won't be building AS with other items, this can be an effective place to pick some up, as relying on Burst of Speed won't always work in your favour. If it's a little extra offensive power you want, these are a cost-efficeint way to get it without interfering with your build.

Boot's of Mobility, I wouldn't recomend building these until, well, ever. They only improve your speed out of battle, and by the time 5 seconds has elapsed it's just not worth it. Only good for ambushes, which you can already do really well, thanks to Lunge(don't forget Lunge works twice, so the second one can be used to chase).

Boot's of Swiftness, are what you want for extra speed. Build these any time during which your chunking toward Frost Mallet. They're good because they make your Jungling speed higher, and they increase your ability to out-manouver opponents in battle, particularly considering they increase the usefulness of the mobility effect from Burst of Speed.

Mercuries Treads, are what you get a lot of games, as most decent team composition's have plenty of CC. Also gives MRes, which helps balance your defensive stats, or can be a way to adapt them slightly. You typically want to get these before completing Frozen Mallet, but they can be bought after as well. Also, don't be afraid to sell your current pair of Boots in order to buy these late game, if you think they'll help more in a team fight.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity, are not a personal favourite of mine for Fiora, and while I've already explained in the Rune section why I'm not a huge fan of CDR on her, this would be the prime place to nab some. If you're going to build them, do it ASAP, as CDR makes the most difference early on, before you reduce th Cooldown on your abilities by leveling them. Or just buy them upon achieving your Ult.

Magician's Shoes , could only have any potential with heavy magic damage proc effects, in which case you're better off with Berzerker's Greaves(they're cheaper anyway).

Guide Top

To Do List/Final Word

I've attempted to avoid 'pigeon-holing' the way you play Fiora - or the way you itemise - while maintaining a defined and unique build(so far as I know). If I tried to give all the answers I would both be bluffing and preventing you from learning how to play the game in your on way. That said, if I've been unclear about something, just ask. If you aren't sure how to Jungle then I wouldn't recommend her as your first Jungle champ(try Master Yi or someone else while you're learning). If your curious about Jungling, check out a Jungling guide, which there are plenty of. I will include some info on that later, but I'm no Jungle expert and will mostly be using rescources from other places anyway.

If this guide gets some positive feedback/is Upvoted, I'll endeaver to include the following, as ATM it is mostly a description of the build itself...

> General Summary of Jungling.
> How your gameplay changes throughout.
> Further analysis of abilities, how they should be used and what combos you can perform.
> Challenging foes(I'll probably just add these if people inquire)
> Fulfilling any requests that seem reasonable and/or I believe will improve the quality of the guide.

I hope you've enjoyed my guide: it is the first one I've completed/published and though I'm by no means a skilled player I would like to think that my grasp on strategy could be helpful to other's. I won't tell you not to downvote, but if you're doing so be sure to know why you're doing it, and consider the advantages of whatever it is you find fault in. If you're just a troll, I know of a few nice, dank bridges that you could rot under :)