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Five Swords and a Pair of Boots!

Five Swords and a Pair of Boots!

Updated on May 9, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nithia Build Guide By Nithia 5,039 Views 4 Comments
5,039 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nithia Build Guide By Nithia Updated on May 9, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



This is my very first build on Mobafire and I have created this build just for the hell of it. I looked at Trist and thought ok what does she use? Of corse she uses attack damage because most of the time you are simply shooting while waiting for CDs or because it is not a good time to use what abilities are up. Trist also needs attack speed for the same reason. Many Trist builds I have seen stop there and simplay let the default ability power or what they bring from runes power all of her abilities but this means you have to get alot of high damage shots in fast to do good damage. This is never hard for any attack speed build late game but we want to be able to use her powers to nuke the enemy fast, and I just wanted to make an AP Trist.
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Team Work

The best way to team fight with Trist is to hide in a bush or around a narrow wall where the enemy will have truble seeing you and when the team member that is iniating the fight runs in jump out from your cover and get the kill.

Heres how: Try jumping in with Rocket Jump, shooting her Buster Shot at them so they go flying back toward your tower or a friendly hero, then fireing Explosive Shot and if it is not on CD Ignite. This will twice light them on fire and do more damage over time hopefuly killing them. Then slice them with your Hextech Gunblade. If they try to run away use Exhaust to slow them down and to make your attacks hurt more. Once you have done all of that cast Rapid Fire and proceede to shoot the bejesus out of them.

WARNING: when useing Buster Shot remember it knocks them back so work with your team as best as you can so you do not end up saveing your target by knocking them out of AOEs or away from a team member that could one shot them. Also this spell has a tendency to launch the enemy through walls if used to close to one.
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Trist dose not make for a good jungle farmer early game but because of her attack speed and any added life steal she can quickly mop up any mobs both in lanes and in the jungle and the aoe damage caused by Explosive Shot when you kill a target makes it even faster and if you want you can get Tiamat to add even more aoe damage to every attack but this should be replaced even if it is the with the last item. After you get some levels and the first few items say up to Malady, or the Bilgewater Cutlass if you want the life steal, you can easily make big circles through all of the jungle mobs to help pay for the rest of your items.
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I find that it is a bad thing to rely on your runes to make your hero and I most often run the same runes for all casters the same runes for all tanks the same runes for all AD and so on. I attempted to make runes specific for this build however and what I have noticed when I ran with red and yellow attack speed runes is that I had too much at 18 after poping Rapid Fire and even though that means I have alot all the time and over cap when I hit Rapid Fire that is fine but I think those extra runes can go into something else and you can either replace the red or yellow ones with armor pen or spell pen if you want but I would keep one color as attack speed.

The blue runes I always have trouble decideing what to take because so many of the blue runes are worse than any other color but here I decided to use magic pen. Its not alot no but every little bit helps and the little bit of AP you could get is not going to make much of a diffrence after you finish the item build and more attack speed would be overkill.

For your purple runes I took armor pen since you are hitting fast you are going to be hitting armor alot but without any armor pen comeing from the items you need a little help to bring it up. If you are not worried about armor pen and want to help servive a bit more than you can replace these with Health runes.
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At first look the masteries may look odd compaired to many other builds out there that tend to be some combanation of 21 and 9 but to be honest for trist you do not really need any of the utility masteries at all and can get by with just about filling the points into just offence like I did. Ofcorse there are 4 points in offence that you really do not need either because they only effect summoner spells that you will not have or they effect minions which is good for farming but your speed negates that so I had 3 points left and in this case just put it into health and mana regen which is always helpful. If you wanted you could drop 6 points from offence say Sorcery, Archaic Knowledge, and 1 point from Deadliness but these are helpful and all you would gain is more mana faster leveling or some defense.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence listed here is simply what I use and even then I dont always follow it exactly or any skill sequence on this site for that matter. Its just hard to keep looking every level to make sure you are following it.

It is important you level Exsplosive Shot as fast as you can as well as your Buster Shot as these are the two powers you have that case any real damage.

Rocket jump is not as important to level early as its range never increases however it dose have a damage value and a slow as well so should not be ignored either. Level it when you can not level either of your "Shots"

Rapid Fire could be ignored because of how much attack speed you receve from the items but I still like to get a few levels of it early to make up for not haveing some of the items yet and it helps clear minions away from a tower faster as you have no aoe ability.
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With these items you have Attack Damage (95), Ability Power (200), and Attack Speed (2.500 after hitting Rapid Fire), as well as a few nifty fun little things added in there. The AD is as low as it is because you do not really need any more than that and will be makeing up for it with your speed. If you want a bit more than consider what I suggested in the runes section.

All of your spells run off of AP so the more AP the better and honesly 200 is just about all you need when you count in the other things the items do as well as the fact your Buster Shot does 500 base at lvl 3 and with the AP you have in this build you can add about 200 to 300 more on top of that.

The attack speed provided by your items do not total to cap but add Rapid Fire on top and you are probly a little over but better over than under.

Berserker's Greaves: I dont think this item needs an explanation, but It starts your attack spead off and gives you some extra movement speed but not enugh to escape witout a Rocket Jump or an Exhaust.

Malady: This item provides an extra 20 damage on every attack, or an avrage of 50 damage every second at speed cap, and it also lowers your targets magic resistance by up to 20 which is good since all your abilities are magic spells.

Wit's End: This item is quite often over looked by most people but with the change to the item it now causes 42 damage to your target with ever attack even if the target has no mana and useses something else, and if they do have mana then they lose 42 with every attack and on avrage with your capped attack speed this is 105 health and mana damage every second.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: This item is a must and should be gotten as soon as you can even if you take every item out of order because every attack you make makes you attack faster starting at 4% and stacking up to 32%, however it only lasts 5 seconds after an attack.

Nashor's Tooth: This is the one item that I would say could be replaced with something else of your choice but it does provide mp5 as well as CD and a large chunk of attack speed as well as AP so if you were to replace I would say Lich Bane. You would lose a few things but gain more ability power some more magic resistance movement speed and your attacks will be boosted by your ability power as well after each spell you use which works well right after hitting Rapid Fire. Or you could take one of the BF swords but then its moveing away from an ap build but you will output alot of damage.

Hextech Gunblade: This is a very deadly item to have. First once every 60 sec you can use its active ability to inflict a quick 300 magic damage as an opener, a closer, or to steal a kill from someone its just an extra free 300 damage. And by the time you have this item you probly have attack speed cap when you use Rapid Fire so the life steal is going to fill you up and the spell vamp from this as well as the 42 from Wit's End is going to drain your targets mana so fast so even if you die and they live they will have no mana left to hurt your team. I suggest you bind at least one item slot to a key that is easy to press and place this item in that slot.
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Tristana is a good hero and easy to learn but she can be a target and is a little squishy so watch out for those gankes and if possable avoid soloing anything ever. Use this guide to give you an idea of where you could take Trist and take the chance to try your own things.

If you like this guide or have any ideas to make it better please leave a comment. And yes I know I have bad spelling I will make an effort to come back and fix any spelling or grammer errors later.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nithia
Nithia Guide
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Five Swords and a Pair of Boots!

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