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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nejohnson88

Fixing real world issues. Software | Attitude | Game Files |

Nejohnson88 Last updated on May 19, 2015
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For this guide I am just giving you some tips and tricks that I use to improve my play, and hopefully yours aswell. If you have anything to add just shoot me a message on here or twitter (Im not popular yet so I get excited everytime someone @'s me)

About me: Not much to me just humble league player having some optimized fun.

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Body, Mind, Soul.

Warm up your hands
Stretch this may sound weird but it promotes good blood flow which inturn helps your brain and body feel better and a more accurate mind means more accurate trick shots


Music: It makes you feel good an keeps the body goin. Find soemthign that keeps you Flowin.
Just Awesome
If you have any ideas shoot me a message.

Bring a good attitude:
You are here to play and have fun. That being said you are also here to win come to each game knowing that you can win it. Even if you are losing try to KA as high as possible to your death count. (That doesn't me be scared and not help your teammates) Every game makes you better in some way learn from your mistakes learn how each champion interacts and see how you could improve each combo in different situations. Everyone has to learn how to carry their team it's just a fact every player goes through it if the want to attain a high rank. Dont be afraid to take constructive criticism if someone has ideas on how you could play better listen if it's a different item set go try it out in bots or blind pick. You don't know everything and someone may have an idea to get you better

Be a mediator:
If you team is arguing try to solve the issue. Teams that are okay with each other want to support each other and win. If you top lane and you pissed off at bot lane you two may just stick to your lanes and try to say who is better instead of engaging in team fights. Try to help your team find a common ground like winning or taking a tower or dragon. Objectives are a good way to get people to work together on a small scale because it allows them to build the teamwork. I sometimes bring up stories of why I lost another game because of people fighting. Even riot uses the stat that says something along the lines of"Players that curse a lot in-game lose 13% more often"

Be a leader:
Support is generally the person to play overlord but you as the leader who wants to get promoted to a better rank needs to help or do it if it's not being done. let players know where they need to go. Help them to get better even if it is just for one game who knows if you will have to play with them again or not and it will also improve your leadership ability.

Caffeine is the most common things gamers will use to awaken themselves and provide them with better focus but the long term effects of abuse can be bad on your body. Like Kidney Stones because forget that.
Naked Juice: Its a great fruit juice smoothie that makes you just feel good more focused and alive. Being healthy in general allows for better play and why not drink something that helps that
Nootrobox: If you really must take pills, I'd suggest the Rise and Sprint options.

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For your rig as far as mouse and keyboard go get whatever feels most comer table. Your mouse only needs to be in about the 1000 to 1800 (I personally have it set at 1800). as for he rest of it you only need to spend about 500$'s to get an acceptable rig but 1 to 2k for perfection. Where your going to end up splurging is in your monitor. Your refresh rate is key, the faster the better the more accurate you are. Also make sure to check the software section on reducing motion blur to know if your monitor is compatible or not.

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Websites & Software

The is the amount of time that it take for you to click a button and the server to receive it an acceptable range is from 15 to 40. The best is from 0 to 20ms. There is a huge difference between 10 to 40 but if you are over 40 there is hope for you.
1. Buy a better internet package, if your dedicated you'll find a way.
2. An amazing tool to help is Leatrix Memory Fix will reduce your ping alot by increasing the frequency of clicks sent to the server. Guide
3. Quality of Service in your router settings this will help keep your computers traffic to be better. Making sure other things like your cellphone, tablet, and tv.

Tiny Voice Chat: A super quick way to have a Voice chat room for you soloque allies. its flash based and once they allow it once they can use it forever
-Display Clarity: A uncommon but awesome tool is Nvidias Lightboost thought only certain moniters can use it. It reduce your displays motion blur. For more information look here.
First off Check your Windows mouse settings under pointer options. Set the speed to 6/11 for 1:1 mouse speed. Also turn OFF Enhance pointer precision, i allows more consistency in your mouse movements.

Secondly MarkC's Mouse Fix it removes acceleration completely . WARNING:Make sure yu backup your registry before you do this in case you dont like it

Out of Game Practice
Play other games that help your practice your mouse accuracy. Personally I enjoy Osu.
Aim Booster : has 9 different mods to train you on all sorts of things
Invis Cursor: Exactly as it says you hit targets with an invisible mouse.
Reflex You hit timings with the word reflex.
Shape Cliking: Clicking different shapes across the screen in a specific order.
Teh Floating Lines:You draw lines to kill floaties
Speed Click has a good system and you can share with your friends to see who is better

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You game.cfg Can be found here:
C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config
Here is what part of it looks like currently atleast until riot decides to change it. This is the modified version I will explain the Import ones below their area.

I find this annoying if i am trying to keep an eye on battle because as soon as I die after I have communicated to my team I have already shopped my pre-planned shopping list. It allows for quicker tps because you dont have to click back to the location adn every click counts.
(Like we talk about in the Website & Software section remove mouse acceleration)
Some champs this is good for but for most it will just get in the way. You know that tiem you flashed and you fired at a minion and a champ got away yeah thats this things fualt. Turning it off also makes it easier to minion farm because you have to click a new target after one dies. Practice makes perfect.
I leave this off because because I dont really have a need to tab in and out but if you do then this makes it easier especially if you click on your second monitor alot. (IE Streamers)
These are already off in ranked so you may as well turn them of now to get use to them.
This has the local league program guess whats going on rather then the server. set it to 0 to get a true an accurate position to what the server knows.


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