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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jofiel

Floating Nuke Janna

jofiel Last updated on November 8, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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WARNING: This build is by no means "The Perfect Janna Build". It works exceptionally well for me because of how I play. It may not work for everyone. Janna is, after all, a tough champion to play.

This is a more offensive build for Janna. While Janna can still push a lane like no other, she now has the added bonus of being a "nuker".


  • Extreme Spell Damage
  • Higher Healing
  • More Damage absorbed by Eye of the Storm
  • Still very fast
  • Can clear a lane with one Howling Gale end game
  • Walking Nuker
  • Can Defend a turret with Eye of the Storm

  • Incredibly Squishy
  • Relatively high Cooldowns
  • Relatively low mana
  • Deals less damage to turrets than other champions (with the exception of tanks.)

I use this mainly to stay in a lane longer. If I end up laning with an aggressive opponent, it will definitely come in handy so I can gauge how they play without having to lose experience having to go back to heal. Just pop heal and change tactics to better suit the situation.
Just like Heal, this helps me manage my mana and cast spells longer. Also, when I start jungling Wraiths, Golems, and Wolves, it keeps me refreshed so I can stay and defend the lane also.

: FIRST thing I get. This allows me to move around extrememly fast so I can avoid possible ganks. Also, this gives me an edge when it comes to ganking/defending. Because I max out Zephyr early game no one can really calculate how long it'll take me to get to a lane and they'll either retreat too early or too late, both of which are good.
:The 30% of maximum health in damage and extra AP is essencial to this build. If not the base to what this build is designed around. I always engage with this being the first shot followed up by a maxed out Zephyr which always leaves them at 60-50% health from the start. The best thing about this is it's cooldown; because it's only a minute, you can spam it quite frequently.
:This one is also vital to the build. The 25% increase to ability power is going to amp your damage like crazy. Not to mention the added ability to become invulnerable for 3 seconds, pretty helpful when you're being targeted or ganked. It's hard to use being that you can't really activate it when you're stunned or silenced. That's the only drawback that I can think of.
:The 3% of maximum mana in ability power helps increase your ability power significantly while also increasing your maximum mana capacity. Win/win since later in the game you'll be dropping spells like no other. Also, I hate being caught without enough mana to get away and I don't think you'd want to go through that too.
:The magic penetration is pretty good for those that catch on to me. Dealing pure damage is always good.
: This one I never really get to, the games don't last long enough.


  1. MIDDLE LANE! MIDDLE LANE! MIDDLE LANE! (I'll explain in a minute)
  2. Don't be hasty in the beginning. Let the minions come to you.
  3. NEVER be the aggresor. Let them get careless.
  4. Manage your mana, don't get carried away with spells.
  5. Every bit of experience is important but don't die for it.
  6. Gank after you have Zhonya's Ring.
  7. In TEAM FIGHTS, never go out front unless you know you can make it back safe.
  8. If you see that the enemy is huddled up in one lane, make a judgement call and try to push a separate lane while your team holds them back in the mean while.

Play Strategy

Being mid lane is extremely important for this build. You level incredibly fast and get tons of money this way. Usually, when I play mid, my opposing champion will at some point go gank. Although however painful it might be to see your team die (which shouldn't happen because you're alerting them of mid being MIA), you don't have time to waste running up and helping and expending mana on enemies you aren't killing but if you CAN kill one (and you better be sure you can), then go for it, it's your call. Personally, I prefer to knock out a tower or 2 before they get the chance to take one of ours.

Starting the Game: (0-10min. in)

There's a rythm to what I do in the middle lane. I stay in the lane, clearing minions until level 7. At level 7, Howling Gale can clear out those Wraiths and wolves around the stage with the help of 2 or 3 auto attacks. When I clear the jungle creaps, I go back to the lane, clear it up for more money and exp. to then go BACK into the jungle for some more easy creap kills. This is when Clarity and Heal come in handy because of all the running around and spell casting that you'll be doing. Also, out of spite, I go for the enemy Wraiths with 1 Howling Gale. Without leaving the lane, I just cast one in that direction and let it do it's business. [Note: If you have a Twisted Fate in the group, it will definitely help in feeding you gold but it's not necessary].

Mid Game: (12-20min. in)

At this point, I should be around levels 11 or 12 with Howling Gale and Zephyr maxed out wit 1-2 points in Eye of the Storm. This is when I start to push that middle tower with gusto. Because I would alway run in and clear the minions, that tower should be at around 40-60% gone by the time I start attacking. Once I'm done with that, I go and help the lane that's furthest along to take that one down too. What's more is that around this time, everyone is still about levels 8-10 so they're still pretty weak which is amazing for ganking. Their highest level with still be 1 or 2 levels under you. (if played right)

23-27min. in:

Played your cards right? Nice, now you're level 18 with 3 items on you and maxed out spells. Quick leveling is essencial for Janna. Her spells are incredibly helpful only when maxed out. Now all you have to do is push push push. Help out your team when there's a team fight.

It's at this point when the opposing team starts getting cornered. They're spells and attacks can't keep up with Janna's Monsoon or be enough for to get through her Eye of the Storm which will great increase you team's survival rate.

Once you have finished getting Lich Bane, you're now a walking nuke with the capability of droping 1 enemie's health to 20%. [Varies with their magic resist and amount of health which is why I suggest going for the dps/healers first. Make every hit count.]

Q & A:

Why such an aggressive spell progression? Why not get atleast 1 point in Monsoon at level 6?

Well, several reasons actually. The increased speed, slow, and damage from Zephyr is important just for those rare occasions that I really need to help a lane early on or for mid lane ganks. Because I don't really join the team until level 11 or 12, I have no need to heal massive amounts of people, it's just me.

What if they target you early on in the middle lane and keep ganking you?

Then I suppose it's time to play defensively. Let the Minions come to you. Don't attack, hover as close as you can to them to get those minion kills to your exp. pool and finish off the rest of them within the comfort and safety of your tower.

Why not go with Boots of Mobility or the ones with magic penetration? Why Boots of Swiftness?

The reason I don't go with either of those other choices is mainly because I need a constant speed. Boots of Mobility are great, don't get me wrong, it's just that as soon as someone hits your, you slow down too much. With these, I can maintain a constant speed which is relatively equal to anyone running around with "Ghost" activated. Hell, as long as I can match or get close enough to Master Yii or Teemo's speed, I'm good to go. Also, I need to be mobile if I want to jungle AND lane at the same time, I can't afford any down times. For the magic penetration, well, it doesn't matter much this early in the game. You can get that later.

Why would you sacrifice putting your "Carry" in a side lane just for a "Support" champion?

This Janna has enough damage and ability power to support AND help kill enemy champs at the same time. I say if Janna can keep a team alive and contribute to the fight just as well as any Ryze or Veigar, then she may take some priority over any pure DPS champ. Pros and Cons I guess.

Why don't you get Rylai's Crystal Sceptar to slow them down with Howling Gale as well? Seems much more useful than void staff.

Truth is, I haven't thought of that until now actually. Yeah, it's a really good idea to drop it in your build somewhere. It all depend on how the game is going. Your call summoner.