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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Poopjay

For my father, the king

For my father, the king

Updated on June 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Poopjay Build Guide By Poopjay 3,175 Views 0 Comments
3,175 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Poopjay Jarvan IV Build Guide By Poopjay Updated on June 11, 2011
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After playing Jarvan for a few weeks I can without any doubt say he is one of the most sturdy and flexible champs in the game. That being said, the build order for both guides may vary based on the enemy team's comp. With some practice, quick fingers and well timed spells you'll find yourself screaming the glories DEMACIA for yourself every clash.
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The rune setup is to maximize your presence in a team fight; the ArP will cause you to deal next to true damage early game as well as providing extra pressure mid-late game. For seals if you find yourself constantly oom switch out your seals for Mp5 however, I find the Mp5 from my masteries to carry me through early game. CDR is amazing for Jarvan, not only will it make you almost un-gankable due to a 7.2 sec cd on your banner combo with blue but it will allow for more shields during team fights. Quints combined with your vit seals should give you an even greater edge when bullying your opponents as well as adding to your FoN and impaler,
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I've found that 9/0/21 gives enough MP5 to effectively last hit with Q and E if needed while having more ignite + ulti combos as well as having capped CDR with blue.

Alternatively, you could run a variation of 21/8/1 or 8/21/1 but this would most likely require you to change out your vit seals for MP5

I've tinkered with dropping greed and the 21 pt in utility for more armor pen but I find I'm using my summoners almost every CD.
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Summoner Spells

Ignite + Ghost allows for a greater burst and overall pressure. I mostly save ghost for escaping.

Flash can be subbed in for Ghost and exhaust/rally for ignite but I find the extra slow isn't necessary and the cool down for rally too great.

Cleanse is a solid choice as well but with merc threads and your mitigation CC isn't too rough to deal with.

Everything else really isn't worth taking on Jarvan

Regardless of champion or build you should always pay attention to your enemies summoners. Your ult can be very easily countered by a flash/exhaust to plan accordingly.
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The main perk of my mastery load out is mana stability. So long as you stay on top of your pool you should almost always have enough to spear banner or shield. It is tempting to run with an MP5 item but I feel that mid-late game this choice will make you fall flat. Once you reach your omen you will find it is very hard to bring you down. Cycle your shield with your omen to have an even greater amount of control in team fights.

Buy a Doran's shield first if their team is especially AD heavy. While this makes your FoN and Omen take longer it should significantly help during early game.

Force of nature will provide you with enough regen and MR to effectively roam, picking up a blue buff will almost always keep you topped off. The regen early game will give you a significant advantage during the laning phase.

Randuin's Omen is an underappreciate item it gives you another slow, armor, health and even more regen alongside an amazing passive. Once you finish building your omen it is impossible to die 1v1 and unless the enemy team has more than 2 stuns you'll escape almost any situation.

Atma's impaler allows you to put more pressure on the enemy team while still giving you valuable armor. Best of all, Randuin's health will give you more damage while Atma's armor will increase the slow duration.

For heavy AP teams you may want to replace the Frozen Mallet/Warmogs for a banshee's vale

For heavy AD teams replace any of the last three items for a sunfire/thornmail
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Skill Sequence

Passive: Martial Cadence: Jarvan's attacks will deal 10% of the target's current HP as magic damage; this effect can only proc once every 6 seconds on the same target. Jarvan's passive is probably one of the best in the game, it allows you to keep offensive pressure while building purely tank. The initial burst is devastating while harassing and will often force your opponent to flee.

I level banner first as it provides a huge bonus to both your AS and armor as well as giving roughly the same burst as leveling your lance. The armor pen % from your lance is best utilized late game and the increased mana cost may hurt your farming. Most importantly, leveling banner first minimizes the mana cost of your E -> Q combo allowing you to harass far more. You can extend the damage radius of your banner by placing it at the very edge of its range creating a little Venn diagram. (Leveling Lance at 10 is optional as it will allow you to one shot a creep wave however, if you find you need more defense keep leveling Aegis)

Save Golden Aegis for if the enemy tries to fight back or otherwise save it for after your ulti, the slow will allow you to get another banner combo most of the time. Always remember that your shield gets stronger the more enemies around it, a banner combo to initiate followed by a shield will soak massive amounts of damage. The range for the slow is rather large, make note of where the AoE ends.

Controlling your ulti placement is what makes or breaks a good Jarvan. Your ulti can be used for ganking, escaping, damage and CC. Save your ulti for after your banner combo as most enemies will waste their escape mechanism trying to avoid your slow. Alternatively, you can ulti then banner combo out of it trapping your would be gankers inside. While the damage component is almost hidden by its effect don't forget about it, it can hit almost as hard as your banner combo. Keep in mind: you can cancel your ulti by double hitting R you don't want to spam this ability
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Early game

I like to solo top if the team has a jungler. Use your banner to leash blue and it should speed up blue by a bit. If its 2v1 just hang back, get a few pokes with your spear/banner in but try to keep your hp/mana high you'll want about 215 once you hit 6. My general strategy 2v1 is to play back till 6 then wait for one of them to separate and hit em with a banner -> lance -> ulti -> ignite you should effectively lock their lane mate out and pick up a quick demoralizing fb (Please note: pay special attention as to who you're laning against heroes with many escapes, disables, or flings will counter your fb and may end up getting you killed avoid trying to gib heroes such as Vlad Shaco Ezreal Singed etc ) If you find yourself unable to kill either hero in your lane stick to tower hugging and last hitting with spear and banner.

Call mias, watch for ganks, and farm farm farm!

In a 1v1 situation if you're laning against someone without a large amount of lifesteal once you hit level 3 zone your opponent by using banner -> spear combo, your passive will do most of the work for you but make sure you hit your opponent with your banner the damage output from the combo will force most players to back off leaving you to free farm.

If you're laning 2v2 remember that your banner combo can knock multiple enemies up. An ulti can effectively turn the fight into a 2v1 very easily but always keep in mind what the enemy can do to counter your ulti; don't charge the vlad only to get pooled/flashed away.
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Mid game

Once you hit around level 10 you should have solid control of your lane if you're still 2v1ing keep getting those last hits and watch for a potential opening to isolate a champ. You should be able to bully almost any 1v1 off your wave. Try to maintain a blue and roam if your lane is too far pushed.
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End game

Around 16ish you should have your FoN and omen completed and can easily initiate clashes. Use your banner combo to gun down the enemies carry/mage and keep special attention to place your ulti. Your ulti can make or break a clash very quickly. Remember: if you can separate their carries from the rest of the team your doing your job right.
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As a rule, every time you use Cataclysm you should scream DEMACIA at least in your own head. Let all know the girth and vigor of Jarvan.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Poopjay
Poopjay Jarvan IV Guide
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For my father, the king

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