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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Evelynn General Guide by Jigglehorse

AD Offtank Force your enemies into debt, the Evelynn Story

AD Offtank Force your enemies into debt, the Evelynn Story

Updated on October 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jigglehorse Build Guide By Jigglehorse 5 1 10,264 Views 3 Comments
5 1 10,264 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jigglehorse Evelynn Build Guide By Jigglehorse Updated on October 27, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Hey there everyone! My name is Forrest. My in-game handle is Jigglehorse, so feel free to add me if you have any further concerns or want to play in the future. As a pre-warning, I would like to note that this is my first guide, and I would love feedback. Feel free to criticize about that layout of the guide, and its formality in the comments section below. Now, without any further ado, I present my guide on Evelynn, the Widowmaker.

Evelynn epitomizes the perfect assassin. In addition to having a stealth mechanic, Evelynn's high, early-game damage allows her to surprise her target and kill them with minimal effort. I would like to note that Evelynn is not the best jungler to start out with. If you are unfamiliar with jungling, I, an avid jungler, recommend starting with a champion without a stealth mechanic in order to get better understanding of positioning
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Pros / Cons

    Mind Games
    Only "True Assassin" in the current Meta-Game
    Strong DPSer
    Built in Cleanse
    Squisher than most junglers
    Really needs to snowball to do well
    no hard cc without ult
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Click Here for Rune Page Info

I actually run the rune page I use for my bot lane Ad Carries with Evelynn. I understand that in the current jungle, attack speed runes are often favored over other offensive stats; however with Evelynn's ravage, I find attack speed less necessary, thus I sub in attack damage, rather than attack speed.

In terms of defensive runes, I stick to the good ole flat armor, flat magic resist blues and yellows. This give Evelynn a well rounded early game defensive basis, allowing her to take minimal damage whilst ganking, regardless of lane.

In terms of customizing the rune page to fit your personal playstyle, the only real ways you could go is more of a glass cannon page or, a tankier, more sustained page. Consider subbing in attack speed blues rather than magic resistance, or perhaps using movement speed quintescences over my suggested attack damage.
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Click Here for Talent Info

Eve uses a unique set of talents. After sifting through old evelynn guides, pre-remake, I found that these masteries provide her with optimal ganking potential and much needed jungle sustain. Remember that Evelynn is a hybrid carry and opting into both armor pen, and magic pen in the offensive tree will allow you to do crazy amounts of damage throughout the course of the game.
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Evelynn's Items look quite awkward to a first time player. Your probably asking: Rylai's?Bloodthrister? Who does this guy think he is? Actually Evelynn is what we call a hybrid champ in the League of Legends. A hybrid champ is a term that refers to a specific character that scales well with both primary offensive stats: attack damage, and ability power. Evelynn's primary abilities, Hate spike, and Ravage both have great AD and AP scaling. That being said, she can build items of both offensive types. The advantage that Hybrid carries have over stat specific champions is that by building both AP and AD items, they diversify the secondary stats one could obtain while also obtaining core damage
BWC is the first item you want to focus on getting on your first trip back. I see many Evelynn's make the mistake of buying Wriggle's Lantern. This item, in addition to providing AD and Life Steal, providing an active slow allowing easier ganks, and more profitable kills. It also builds into a Hextech Gunblade, a must on Eve

Tri Force is another must on Evelynn. This item is her holy grail going in to mid-late game. IT provides her with on contact slow, on-contact bonus damage, AD, AP, Movement speed, and Defensive stats. Solid item for any Hybrid carry.

Wit's End is another solid item on most jungle carries. It is relatively inexpensive for the stats it provides. It grants attack speed, and magic resist allowing Evelynn to specialize on taking down Ap carries in the mid game. The AS also allows great sustain, due to the already existent life steal provided by Hextech Gunblade.

Rylai's is a great endgame item on Evelynn. It provide needed health, and adds additional Ability power to her arsenal of powerful items. It also provides an additional slow, allowing her lack of a formidable gap closer to work as an advantage.

Bloodthrister is a wonderful item on Evelynn. She, despite having nearly 3k health and strong resistance, is a highly focused target in a team fight environment. With Life Steal alone, Evelynn can sustain the damage of most carries, and void her as a targetable champ.

Need I say anything? Just kidding. As moscow 5 has recently demonstrated, Building GA on your damage dealers is the equivalent of team fighting twice. Games don't usually last this long, but, some do.

This is a must on Evelynn, once you notice the presence of pink wards, or green wards on the map, as a stealth unit, you serve as the optimal target to destroy them. Carry one as often as possible.
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Skills and their Sequence

- Evelynn's passive grants her the ability to be in stealth whilst out of combat. In game, a ring will surround her, noting the closest she can get without being seen by the enemy unit, or tower. A yellow eye will appear over the head of the enemy unit that is within a few yards of vision range. A red exclamation point over Evelynn's head means you are visible, in other words, engage, or RUN! It is also important to notice that one percent of her mana is regenerated every second while in stealth.

Most refer to abilities that you can spam like this as "bread and butter' abilities. With a minuscule cooldown, Most of Evelynn's damage comes from this ability. As a jungler it is important to be economical with this ability. Often, Evelynn's will neglect to line up their creeps, forcing the hate spike to randomly select one, perhaps two targets at most. Line up your creeps in a fashion that one single hate spike can hit them all. Save your mana.

Evelynn's w is incredibly underestimated. it is important to note that this ability has to effects. First Evelynn's movement speed it increased greatly. Second, it removes all slows that are currently on her (this includes exhaust). Try to bait enemy slows prior to using the ability to close gaps, for if you use it prior to the enemy using a slow, you are screwed.

This ability increases Evelynn's attack speed greatly, in addition to doing a great deal of bonus damage. Use it when engaging on a target, and follow up with hate spike.

Her ult is incredible. Whether it is used to snipe a target that got away, or whether it is used on all five enemy team members, this allows Evelynn to be tanky for an extensive period of time, prolonging her vitality. Ideally, use this on the entire team in a team fight. The shield scales with enemy units hit, hit as many as possible.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and Smite. Evelynn runs better without flash, Exhaust should be used on the first gank. It is almost a guaranteed kill.
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Creeping / Jungling

Evelynn has a very specific route. She clears Wolves, Blue Buff, then straight to Red buff. try not to smite blue. Ask politely for a hard hard hard leash. Not smite blue and smiting red allows for a quick level 3, putting you 1 level over any lane. It's worth it, try it!
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Evelynn is a great jungler and I expect to see her in the competitive seen sooner than most people anticipate. I hope my guide was on par with the guide on solomid and lolpro. Please enjoy, and pwn some faces!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jigglehorse
Jigglehorse Evelynn Guide
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Force your enemies into debt, the Evelynn Story

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