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Miss Fortune Build Guide by DanielLaneDC

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DanielLaneDC

Fortune Fast as a Speeding Bullet

DanielLaneDC Last updated on September 8, 2011
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To Sum It Up

Well, I'm a level 13 know nothing who's kinda using this item guide thing simply so I can quickly alt-tab and check that I'm following my own build properly. Anyway, here's my two cents. You should and probably will come up with your own build as you progress and should modify it to suit the situation eventually but, y'know, use this as a guide at your own digression (I mean, it kinda is a guide after all).

Early-game you want to harass with Double Up (Q). Fire it at a creep when, from your perspective, your opponent is directly behind it. If you do it right (and it takes practice) you will hit your opponent for 120% of the damage. This means you can harass for some hefty damage and you can hit opponents who are hiding behind minions or while they're running away.

Note: When you're in a group battle in pursuit (and you will find yourself in pursuit with this build), fire a Double Up (Q) at your nearest enemy and you can hit the enemy in front of them for 120% of the damage. Very handy.

Use Make It Rain (E) for harassing early game. All throughout the game you can also use it to seal off exits and slow down enemies whilst pursuing you, teammates or whilst you're in pursuit. It can kill a lot of creeps relatively quickly, so be sure to use it to quickly push and you'll be able to carry multiple lanes.

Impure Shots (W) is your best friend. It increases your attack speed, enough said. Whether you're killing a creep wave, shooting down an enemy with your regular attack or pulverizing a tower with a barrage of bullets, use Impure Shots (W). In pursuit, use it to keep up with the enemy. Just don't waste your mana on it too much early game because it's not worth it until you can at least get a good shot on an enemy or deal some decent damage. I'm talking really early game though, this is your best friend after all.

I don't find Bullet Time (R) too particularly useful, but it can be deadly. This is probably where my inexperience comes in, but I think it may have also been nerfed since some of the other guides I've read have been added, I'm not sure. Use this late-game when trying to speed push a ton of creeps, or if you need to get out of there quickly but want to get rid of a creep wave. Also use it to destroy an enemy's health bar when you've got the opportunity. Remember to aim it so that they'll run into it, or atleast will be hit a lot. Being silenced or stunned will interrupt it. In fact, pretty much anything will interrupt it, so be prepared to stop clicking when you use it or you'll waste it. In group battles, use it. It can make a difference. You can also use it in pursuit because it has a fairly decent range. You will want to be right next to them though. You can also use it to block off an exist, because it looks fairly intimidating. I think there's something about each bullet dealing crits or something, but, well.. yeah. I don't really have a clue about that stuff.

Well, I guess Bullet Time (E) is actually pretty good. Damnit.

Basically, you will be attacking so fast you'll deal massive DPS. Your crits will help you kill any champions (you may also want to invest in some penetration - of the armor or magic varieties - if enemies invest heavily in armor or resistance) and your attack speed and abilities will help you carry the lanes and push like a boss. Basically, your weakness is your health, so you want to learn how to run and duke it out in the bushes. Your movement speed is absolutely dominant with this build and you should be able to get every last hit, every pursuit kill and escape every near-death experience with a little practice.

Exchange the second Trinity Force for something else if you want and it's necessary, but stacking Trinity Forces is absolute boss.

I'm a noob so I use Heal and Revive usually. I also kind of like watching Miss Fortune sprint across the map with insane movement speed after being killed and then absolutely dominating the champions who killed me.