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Ahri Build Guide by heatherjane

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League of Legends Build Guide Author heatherjane

Foxy Lady

heatherjane Last updated on September 5, 2012
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This is where I will let you know about all of the updates that I do to this build.

[5/9/12] Posted Ahri Build.

Future Updates

[6-7/9/12] I will get some screenshots of a game I play with and without this build to show you the difference it makes in my game.

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This is my second build - let's hope it's better than my first one.
This is the way that I play Ahri so don't judge me on that. I'm willing to look into better suggestions for items and such, but don't be rude about it. I don't claim to be one of the best with her - I have my good games and my bad games of course, like we all do.
This guide is for no specific lane. Heck it may even be easy to jungle with it (after a certain level of course). This hasn't been tested in rank due to me not being level 30 yet - so keep that in mind and maybe adjust if you try it.

Have a song by Plentakill about the lovely Foxy Lady.

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AP runes are where it's at for Ahri (This can probably be used for other AP champions too - I just haven't tried it). I mean have you ever seen an AD Ahri? No need for anything that relates to AD whatsoever.

    Greater Mark of Knowledge - This rune is great for mana gained per level. 21.06 extra mana by level 18 which is needed due to Ahri being mana hungry for the first several levels. Plus it helps when there's a team fight going on and the Orb of Deception has to come out many times along with Fox Fire.
    Greater Glyph of Potency - 1.2 Ability power. Very handy if you want to build an OP/AP Ahri to the point where the enemy team wants to surrender. This helps especially at the beginning of the game where you need the AP to lay down some damage.
    Greater Quint of Replenishment - +1.25 mana regen per 5 seconds can come in handy, especially early game again when Ahri wasnts to be mana hungry because you're blatantly trying to get the kill that someone else wants to gank on.
    Greater Seal of Force - +0.1 AP per level, which may not seem much but when you start off with no AP at the beginning of the game because of boots and potions, this can help you lay that damage.

If you're thinking about using any other runes for Ahri make sure that you choose runes which involves mana regen, some AP and/or possibly health/survivanility.

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    - Because I have taken ignite, I want to have Summoners Wrath since it increases AP and AD by 5 when ignite is on cooldown.
    - Brute Force allows you to last hit minions a lot easier than if you were to choose Mental Force.
    - Sorcery because cooldown reduction. Who doesn't need that?
    - Arcane Knowledge due to the magic penetration that it causes - and what does Ahri use? Magic.
    - Havoc because damage dealt increase can be useful.
    - Blast because of AP each level. The more you have, the more OP you can be.
    - Archmage because of yet more AP.
    - Executioner because it helps do more damage, by 6%, when an enemy champ is under 40% health.
    - Summoners Insight because it lowers the cooldown of Flash by 15 seconds which we may need when a gank comes along.
    - Expanded Mind because extra mana per level - and Ahri is mana hungry.
    - Swiftnees because you're playing a fox. She needs to be faster on her feet.
    - Meditation because again - mana.
    - Transmutation because of a 3% spell vamp.

    Again these can be changed due to personal preference and finding out which ones are better for you as a summoner.

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    - Boots of Speed; Well seeing as Ahri is a fox - she needs movement enhancment. Please get these first as it does make a huge difference.
    - Heather Potions; If you're solo mid then you don't want to have to keep going back if you get to half health do you? No. So buy three health potions (or 2 health and 1 mana potion if you get worried about your mana).
    - Will of the Ancients; 50AP to Ahri and 30AP as well as 20% Spell Vamp to all allies,s o this item can really help if you are mainly AP on your team.
    - Sorcerer's Shoes; 20 magic penetration and enhanced movement 2. What more do you need for a magic fox?
    - Rod of Ages; 60AP, 450 health and 525 mana. Plus when you level up with it, it restores 250/200 health/mana. Handy huh?
    - Rylai's Crystal Scepter; 80AP and 500 health and not to mention slows enemies.
    - Nashor's Tooth; 65AP, 50 attack speed, 10 mana regen and +25% cooldown reduction. What don't you need on this lovely item?
    - Trinity Force; I can hear you all saying "OMG WHY?" well my build, my rules. 30AP, 30AD (not needed so much but oh well), 30 Attack Speed, 15 Crit Chance, 250 mana and health, 12 movement speed multiplier. Plus 25% chance to get more slows on a champion.
You can switch some of these items out with some other ones. It's just down to personal preference on what you want to use.

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Skill Sequence

You mainly want to focus on your Orb of Deception and Fox Fire due to Charm being the main thing to lure them in. Your first to skills basically mean that you can lay damage on them whilst Charm is in action.
Try not to hit minions with your orb when you use your Q when attacking an enemy as you're trying to focus them and not the minions.
As for your ult, when you use it on an enemy also incorporate Fox Fire as they both target the enemy champs.

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Uno. Use Charm to check bushes rather than face-checking them and dying.
Dos. Charm can also help you to get away if you're being attacked by a melee champ. It slows them and stops them from attacking you all together so you have an extra second or two to get away.
Tres. If you need to, get the blue buff to help you with your mana issues.
Quatro. If you're solo mid, get two sight wards and place them one on each side of the river in the bushes. Easily forseen gank. Top or bot, place a ward in the bush at the end of the river. Again, easily forseen gank.

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If you have any screenshots of any good games that you have played using this build, send them to me and I'll post them here.