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League of Legends Build Guide Author OhmShrecker

Freelo howto win most games, with the acception of encounter

OhmShrecker Last updated on September 23, 2014
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Basic Runthrough

This guide is going to be guiding you through the ranks, be you bronze or chalinjer, this in depth guide will ensure the flawless victory of you or your enemy should you suggest this guide to them and if you do, The gods will reward you and you will be seen as a much higher rank player and respected greatly throughout the leguf community!

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Firstly we want to build a nice Health Crystal! this will then develop into an ohmwrecker then you buy an ohmwrecker after that for the VERY big early AP build and tower disabling which means that you can do some early dives and rack up the kills, now the first item is not enough so you should buy an ohmwrecker, then ohmwrecker then ohmwrecker, followed by finally another ohmwrecker but only in this order or you may ruin your economy, now this intense build should provide a strong advantage through early main and mid game due to the health bonus and ap bonus but most of all THE PASSIVE! ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS THE TURRET'S EGO AND IT JUST STOPS ATTACKING LIKE, WHY IS THIS NOT ALWAYS BUILT?!

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Ranked Play

Now, in ranked play you should definately rush an ohmwrecker because this will ensure early late and mid defeat to give the game perfect liquidity which means you can plough the enemy through to their surrender! this item should be used effectively so when you dive, you actiavte all 16 ohmwrecker to disable that tower for 30 seconds and it's ego will be so low that it will instantaniously destroy itself in the process.

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FiNaLeS fUnKeLn

Thank you for spending the time to read and upvote this guide, use it effectively and you will be greatly rewarded with all the elo s , THANKS AND GOODLUCK SUMMONER!

Ohmshrecker. <3


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