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Udyr Build Guide by cocotefluflu1

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cocotefluflu1


cocotefluflu1 Last updated on January 12, 2016
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how to play him in general in all part of the game

you need to buy the hunter's talisman and 3 pots ( cookies is highly recomended ) and start at gromp or invade the red (if you decide to invade the red, you can do a early gank lvl 2) but if you dont invade you early gank lvl 3. at your first recall you need to have minimally the gold to buy the red smite. at lvl 6, you need to have the gold to build devourer ( not absolutely but its preferable for this technic) because you will need to do the drag or rift herald for the stack bonus that can help you for the mid game. after your devourer you decide how you do your jg or your gank there is no impact. at the moment you build iceborn, you can split push or fight your mate without taking kills, GIVE IT, why? because you dont need kill to be feed with this build, you jsut need assist or farm to help you get devourer or buy items. in late game, you need to block the big tank (mundo,amumu,poppy,malph or others) or you focus the carry like (yasuo,zed,jax or others) all this because your mobility and your iceborn will dont let your enemy touch your carry.

at the moment you have your r(lvl 14) you use it only to depush the lane or for pushing.

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spells order

tiger: lvl: 1-12-13-15-16
turtle: lvl: 4-6-9-10-11
bear: lvl: 2-3-5-7-8
phoenix: lvl: 14-17-18