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League of Legends Build Guide Author BuilderMalacka


BuilderMalacka Last updated on November 12, 2015
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Spells are important for Ekko!

Ekko plays - Spells

You must select ignite/flash because you won't need barrier or teleport!

Barrier is only for VS Zed or Ziggs,etc..! (If u can't play vs them)
Teleport is useless for MID plays!

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Teach Me How To Dougie! - Combos


Normal Combo
The best combo for Ekko is [W]-E-Q-(R)

Why (R)? If you don't have flash, you use R if you under turret!
Why [W]? If you don't want to shield/stun don't use it!

Escape Combo
This combo is not easy if you are beginner with Ekko,
but you will learn it if you are clever!
Use this combo for escape but before you want to do the Escape Combo
you must check your mana! If you have enough mana, JUST DO IT!!
If u dont enough mana, JUST RUN AWAY!!

Escape Combo: The enemy is behind you! Start running, then activate your Parallel Convergence (W) where you are wait a little, then start running if you see the enemy is in your Parallel Convergence (W) you must activate your Chronobreak (R) instantly then use your other spells!
They will stunned if your Parallel Convergence (W) is in right area.
If the enemy is not stunned, you f*cked up!

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Runes for Ekko!

I probably use only AP/MR/MP runes for my AP runes Page.

Armor is useless when the enemy is AP.
If the enemy is AD, use AP/TANK masteries.

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Items for Ekko

The best items for Ekko is full AP with some MR, but
you will need some tank too if the enemy is fed!

Select one of these items if you need some tank:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter ||
Rod of Ages ||


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