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Kayle Build Guide by Eternis Requiem

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eternis Requiem

Fun (Ionic Spark) Kayle!

Eternis Requiem Last updated on April 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Testing a build, looking for advice

New Ionic spark, was thinking about these items, I want input on order and things, along with runes/masteries. First guide, BTW, I just really wanted to have something out for ideas!

I love having flash/ignite up a LOT and I like the extra AP/etc I get. Been running a few games as Kayle with this setup, her CS is (even more) ridiculous with Ionic Spark, and is really OP. People really stay away from you when you're farming after you get it, so if you can buy it the first time back, it's amazing, especially 2v1 top.

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9-0-21, Focusing on CDR so you don't have such a heavy reliance on NT early game to build up your Attack Speed early. If you really need RF up without any delay (It will be 1-2 seconds depending on which CDR runes you take, whether your have blue buff/tonic, etc). Frankly it's enough for me in the laning phase.

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Once you get Ionic Spark, you literally can right click to free-farm. If a champion is near a minion and it's still laning phase, W yourself, run to the minion and hit it to make the lightning jump to it. Hopefully they'll have a buff/tooltip letting you know how many charges until the lightning hop.

In early laning phase, Kayle is weak. Don't try to FB unless you have a squishy champ that overextends and you have a hard stun + exhaust + ignite, or are by themselves. You'll most likely die. Don't worry, you'll pick up speed around level 6.

**Note on early laning phase**
Try to last hit, especially before you have wards and don't know where their jungler is. You will get ganked if you farm too hard with E. Still maintain last hits. I've many a-time turned on E just to hit 1 or 2 minions to last hit. With the mana regen you'll have, it won't be too bad. DON'T OVEREXTEND. USE MAP AWARENESS. Don't auto-attack blindly unless you know you can push to their tower. I'm still guilty of these two things! Work on it!

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Alternate Items (build 2):

Swap out Frozen Mallet for either Wit's End or for Malady. I personally like the passive synergy with Malady more, but if they are all Magic damage champs, swap it out for Wit's End. Do this if they have an obnoxiously bursty team, LeBlanc, Trynd AND Gangplank? Sounds like a little survivability is in order.

Boots of Swiftness can let you catch up to a lot of fast champions to hit with W so you can follow up with E, at the cost of some attack speed, your call.

Also, if you're facerolling and want to stay ahead, get a Rageblade early, it'll keep your AP/AD up and will scale with the subsequent AS you'll be getting.

Madred's Bloodrazor: This is an expensive item, but if they have 2-3 tankydps, or a Cho'Gath or Shyvana that is owning, buy this. AS + a lot of magic damage based on % health is a winner if they're stacking health.

WotA: Why not? I feel it's a better pick than Gunblade if nobody else picked it up.

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Frankly, I'm not too sure here. I'd love to hear feedback in comments.

I particularly like getting mana regen seals over AS seals so I can lane almost infinitely.

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Skill Sequence

Early game: Poke. You're a poker. Hit with Q, hit with E, run away. Heal if necessary. If a jungler comes in for the kill and they focus him, Ult, Heal, and slow so they don't get away. You'll be hard pressed between your slow and a stun to see someone survive a gank if they're near your turret.

Q: Use it before you start whacking away with E: Since you're not going pure AP, the extra damage is nice. In lane try to use this and follow up with 1-2 attacks before retreating, you'll usually end up doing more damage.

W: You're not going support/AP, this is more for movement speed. If you have a champ at the turret you can self-W, hit with Q, and run away before the turret hits you if they're not zoning properly. I tend to save this for myself since I'm a carry, but if you see someone almost getting away in a team fight, just use it. OR use it on anybody who has a killing spree bonus, especially if you have none. It's not worth their death.

E: Bread and butter! With this and Ionic Spark, you do AMAZING AoE damage. If they group up in a team fight, it's literally lights out. You'll pretty much want this up at all times, and with mana regen (and golem buff) you'll be casting it ad infinitum.

R: One of the best support ultimates in the game. You become invincible, including any CC that would normally hit you (CC like slows that are already on you will not go away). You win games with this single skill. I tend to save it for the initiator, especially if my teammates are near hiding in brush. When that maokai dives in or Leona jumps into the fray and you see them unloading their skills on them, Ult. If you can do it *before*, even better, but you run the risk of them ignoring your tanky dps/tanks and wasting your ult. Usually when an enemy sees a low health bar, they'll discharge everything they have on them, so use this to your advantage and BAIT. The only other move that even can compare is Morgana's Shield, IMO.

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The End?

Give me tips! First guide, I want to know more, I want people's opinions on the build. I've been doing great so far, and I've carried a handful of my games better than our other ranged DPS carries. Let me know how this works for you!