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Nasus Build Guide by Furber

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Furber

Furber's Nasus Dominion Guide

Furber Last updated on November 19, 2011
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As you saw in the announcement on my 3 builds, I have stopped playing LoL. This also means I have stopped making mobafire builds ( sorry :/ ), so I do not wish to continue making this guide. I'll try to give a brief guide.

Basically, to sum it up, Nasus is good for dominion, great for bottom against a non ranged enemy that can just harass him easily. Farm when you can, any extra damage you can get on Q only helps. Whither is very important, it shuts down those autoattackers that every one likes to play in dominion. Pretty much all that I have to say that I've not already written in my main Nasus guide. Once again sorry this is so brief but, like I said, I'm through with writing guides. Hope you guys enjoy, Nasus is a boss

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Welcome! (Explaination of why this is Archived)

Hello, this is my build/guide for Nasus in Dominion mode. Since I already have a big Nasus guide, I figured it would be pointless trying to recreate the whole thing just for dominion, so instead I have a side guide for Dominion.

Note: Dominion really hasnt been out for that long, so this stuff is still kinda experimental. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Forward comments/votes to this guide

Also, the guide for the champion is located on that guide, so if you need to learn more about how to play Nasus, use that guide.

Always remember, builds are never set in stone. There will often be times where you need to build a specific item, or make changes to the build order.

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Item Choice

My dominion build for Nasus is pretty similar to SR. However, because you cannot farm Q near as much as you can in SR, I build DPS a little earlier.

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Dominion Tactics

You should try to solo bot. This will allow you to take some time to farm your Q, and since Nasus can be a good pusher and defender, you should handle the bottom lane pretty well. One thing that will provide trouble for you though, is ranged enemies. This is not news though, ranged enemies can screw over Nasus in SR in a solo lane too.