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League of Legends Build Guide Author fuzzy logic

Fuzzy Hadouken!

fuzzy logic Last updated on March 31, 2010
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---Originally made this page just to test the building tool. MOBA Fire, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't allow you to delete builds so I guess I'll type up a little something.---

Summoner Spells:
Use whatever the strategy, composition or personal preference calls for. I usually use exhaust for early game kills and later I use it defensively in team fights. Ghost is general purpose utility.

Runes: I've included my all-purpose runes. I use these on every champion. Red is for armor pen; it was once found that the extra damage from armor pen reds was better for damage than magic pen reds even for casters (this may have changed, need to find out). Since magic resistance doesn't scale with level like armor does, I make up for this deficiency with my blue and quint MR/Level. Gives +44 MR at level 18, which is nothing to sneeze at. I use MP5/Level yellows as this negates a need for purchasing an early game mana regen item and instead immediately start progress towards my end game item build. This regen is sufficient, even for mana-hungry Veigar (just barely in early game).

Laning: I usually focus on building up my AP with Baleful Strike. Veigar is fragile and weak early game so I usually just harass with auto attacks and last hit with Baleful Strikes. Sometimes my auto attacks coupled with my lane partners harassing is enough to warrant harassing with Baleful Strikes, to lead up to a kill. Later on, use Dark Matter to take out the back line caster minions. Get Event Horizon at LvL 1 or 2 in case you get in trouble early or find an opportunity for a kill. Veigar's stun is amazing; use it to initiate, escape and nuke.

Ganking: Veigar's stun range is huge and amazing. If you practice a little, a lvl 1 Event Horizon is plenty to get off a Dark Matter and possibly a one-shot combo (EH,Bale,DM and PB). His stun is great for holding prey in place for your carries to eat.

Team Fights: If someone decides to attack Veigar, he will die. Thus, I suggest staying on the outskirts of team fights at all times. Throw out your nukes, then dance out of reach while they cooldown. Rinse, repeat. Save your ult for blowing up enemy casters like channeling Fiddlesticks and foolish mana-stacking Ryzes.

Items: The basic idea of the item build is a Catalyst for general survivability, then stacking magic pen items. Magic pen is awesome, because it counters MR items and completely melts the faces of anyone who gets no or few MR items. Get Catalyst, then Void Staff, then Abyssal Scepter. After that, get whatever you want, preferably some cool-down reduction because Veigar's are long! This is my safe build, you can throw in a Mejai's if you're feeling lucky, punk.

Defense: If the enemy team has heavy magic damage, build Abyssal Scepter earlier. If you find yourself missing Dark Matter hits and stun cage hits, get Frozen Heart sooner so you can attempt these more often! The stated item build will give you plenty of AP and tons of MR and Armor, making you much tougher than most will expect from a Veigar, exploit that if given a chance. If you're being chased aim the edge of your Event Horizon on top of them. A mistake I make is putting the enemy in the center of it, which gives them time to get another spell off on me before they hit the edge.

Well, maybe there was at least one thing useful in this "guide." Peace.