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League of Legends Build Guide Author Necrossis666

Galio the AP/ Survivability

Necrossis666 Last updated on August 12, 2010
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This built is to maximase Galios dmg and give him survivability. I find his passive a bit broken and cant think him as a tank although I know he is a good one but ImO his ulti that is his main tanking abiliti is soooo huge that its just doesnt worth it. with this built you can reach 700 ap anw lets start =)

Early Game:

Grab your mana saphire and 2 pots and go to a lane. Play defensevly and last hit the creeps. Don`t waste your mana cause you dont got any mana reg try to harras when possible but not too much. When you get the gold for tears and sorc boots go back to base.

Mid game :

Ok here you aim for the abyssal and rylaj.... you ask why relaj ? you need the survivability at this point and it gives you slow on your spells... Yes I know his Q is a slow but it makes you a greater chaser with it cause you slow with your E and move faster with it best chasing ability IMO also after channeling your ulti you slow all the enemies that TOOK damage from it

End Game :

Here you aim zhonyas and if possible aim for Void staff here you will be having 700 AP and with you Q+E you will be dropping some champs to half hp in a second some even will be left with 1 hit to die and happy that your chasing ability + slow from rylaj it will be an easy kill for you =)
Initiate with E and the slow as many champs as you can with the q if they got stunners or other disablers flash in the mid way of you e right into them to make them a surprise and ulti while you channeling ready your q and e to aim at the champs with the highest HP

Pls vote and comment why you voted posetively or negatively =) I will try to answer all your questions