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League of Legends Build Guide Author Intoccabil3


Intoccabil3 Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hi all, this is my Garen build, with a bit of tankiness but mainly attack damage build, so start with cons and pros of Garen:
-long cooldowns
-doesn't use mana
-nice skill damage
-useful in teamfights

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Chapter 2

My first skill is e, but then i max q, then e then w.
My summoner spells are flash, for an eschape mechanism, and ignite that due to my ulti is a sure kill, and help those luckers that run away with 100 hp, but u can even change ignite, see which spells are good and which are bad
-teleport, when u think I am late here
-ghost, even if u already have a mov speed buff from your q
-cleanse, cuz now removes ignite and exhaust
-heal, not so important to use a slot
-clarity u need explanations guy?
-clairvoyance, leave it to support
-smite no jungle=no smite
-surge u don't need attack speed nor ability power
-promote, leave it to ones that can't farm well

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Chapter 3

For runes i take armor penetration marks, flat armor seals, flat magic resist glyphs and flat health quintessences, but u can even take armor penetration quintessences.
my masteries are 21/0/9 improving offensive spells or what u take, improving recall, and going 4 less time death and movement speed buff in utility, ending with improved buff duration.

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Chapter 4

Let's start with items: i start with boots + 3 health pots, with a fighter is good, them take ninja tabi or mercury threads or ionian boots of lucidity seeing if u are against an ad team, an ap team/ disabler team or nothing of that. i open with a force of nature, cuz the passive + your passive = lot of hp regen, then i take a wriggle lantern, spirit visage 4 survavibility and cooldown red and the passive, why not? then end with an infinity edge to pure damage. this is a cheap build, with nice dmg, crazy health regen and nice resistances, this is a build very effective but with low dmg early game, so u shouldn't be that aggressive, which means no turret dive if they have more than 300 hp and if u have less than 80per100 life and ur w is on cooldown.

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Chapter 5

This is a build 4 people that is not used to Garen, but is a nice alternative to those build with a lot of hp and an atma's impaler if u are against some1 that builds a madred bloodrazor like Warwick, please leave a comment below and enjoy playing League of legends =)