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Garen Build Guide by NecroWarrior87

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NecroWarrior87

Garen, The Freelo Of Demacia

NecroWarrior87 Last updated on August 27, 2016
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Cheat Sheet

Might Of The Freelo.

Garen Build

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Attack Damage: Reds
Armor: Yellows
Magic Resist: Blues
Attack Speed: Quintessences

Notes: Quintessences can be Armor Or Attack Damage instead of Attack Speed.

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Ferocity Tree: 12/18 Keystone: none
5/5 Points In Sorcery Or Fury, Your Choice.
1/1 Points In Double Edged Sword, Feast Is Except able When You Need Sustain
5/5 Points In Vampirism
1/1 Points in Oppressor
Cunning Tree: 0/18 Keystone: none

Resolve Tree: 18/18 Keystone: Grasp Of the Undying
5/5 Points In Recovery or Unyielding, Your Choice.
1/1 Points In Explorer Or Tough Skin, Your Choice.
5/5 Points In Runic Armor.
1/1 Points In Insight.
5/5 Swiftness Or Legendary Armor. Your Choice.
Keystone: Grasp Of The Undying

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Ok, Vs A heavy Ad Team?
Sunfire Cape, Ninja Tabi, Black Cleaver, Spirit Visage, Randuin's Omen And Gaurdians Angel
(You Can Take Steraks Gage Instead Of Randuin's Omen If You Need Damage.)

Ok, Vs A Heavy Ap Team?
Spirit Visage, Mercury's Treads, Black Cleaver, Warmog's Armor, Maw Of Mortalius And Guardians Angel.
(You Can Take Maw Of Mortalius Before Warmog's Armor If You Wish.)

Ok, Vs Mixed Damage Team? Team? Or You Want To Do More Damage?
Black Cleaver, Swiftness Boots, Steraks Gage, Spirit Visage, Warmogs Armor, Guardian Angel.
(You Can Take Maw Of Mortalius Before Warmog's Armor If You Wish.)

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Ranked Play

As The Title States, This Guy Is Pretty Freelo, Dont Pick Him Into Any Huge Counter Picks.
and at least build semi tanky

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People That Counter Garen.

Darius: He Will Make Your Life Hell. Never Go Aggressive On This Guy And Try To CS Under Turret, Beg For Ganks.

Teemo: Im A Teemo Main And A Garen Main So I Can Say This For Sure. You Have No Chance Against Teemo, Just Try To Get CS Under Turret, Churn Out Magic Resist or Armor if He's Going Ap Or AD.

Kled: This Guy Will Ruin Your Day if He Gets A Kill. Stack Armor And Play Safe Until he Doe's no damage to you.

Fiora: Try TO Keep The Cs In The Middle Part Of The Lane and Dont push Against Her. Stack Armor and Just Try Not To Trade Unless Her W is Down And Your Twice her Hp And You have Your Jg Incoming. This Match Up Is Mostly Skill But She Can Ruin You if You Two Are Equal Skill Level.

Quinn: Dear Lord. She Murders You So Hard. Just Dont Attack Her And Play Safe.

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People That Garen Counters.

Nasus: This Is Only Early Game But You Can make His Early game Hell. harass him If He Comes Up To Farm.

Fizz: Lol, You Can Make His Day Obsolete Once You Get Spirit Visage. And You Can Silence Him To Stop His W Channeling.

Wukong: Survive His Early game And Wreck His Engage With Your Tank Stats And Silence. its a okay match up.

Aatrox. He Cant Push Against You. And Pushing Is All he Can Do. Just E His Minions and He Cant Splitpush. just Build Tanky And Laugh At His Pain. You Can Try To Burst Him Down Just Don't Fight A Long 1v1.

Akali: Your Silence And Tankiness Just Murders Her. Don't Attack Early And Don't Pick fights.

Jax: Poor Jax. You just Murder Him Early Game and at level 6 Your True Damage Makes His Ulti Almost Obsolete. Just Please Win The Game Before He Gets Too Powerful And Enters His Late Game God Mode.

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Pros / Cons

Has Good Execution.
Can Actual Murder People.
True Damage.
Has A Ok Late Game.
Has A Great Mid Game.
Can Snowball.

Can Be Camped Easily By Assassin Junglers.
Is Useless If He Cant CS.
Can Get Murdered Early Game.
His Main Counter Is Insanely Popular Right Now.
Cant Carry Late Game.