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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linlight

General Adc Types

Linlight Last updated on April 4, 2015
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Hi, this guide will be about adc types and what is the general adventages of each type.
This is a basic guide for new players who want to choose which adc type will be the best for them. I will advice to use "netural reader".

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Mid Ranged adc.

Mid range adc's, are adc's that shine in the 20-30 minute mark.
thier ability set have alot of quick burst damage.
they also have a mid range of auto attacks, around 516.
Mid range adc's also dosnt have any auto attack steroids, that's the main reason thier weak late game, atless not good as late game adc's.
exampeles: Corki, Sivir and lucian.

Here is a video that show a mid ranged adc gameplay:

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Late Game adc's.

Now Late game adc's, Thier usually adc's that have a huge power spike in the 30+ minute into the game.
They have r.n.g burst late game.
Thier auto attack range can go from 500 - 700.
Late game adc's have a huge aa steroid. That make them amazing late game, because it make the I.E P.D combo to proc more.
Exampeles: Vayne, Jinx and Kogmaw.

Here is a video that show a late game adc gameplay:

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Utility adc's.

K so we got to utility adc's, now just a warning they have a weird play style, because unlike the other types they dont care about damage, they only care about controling the team fight.
They dont have a weakpoint in the game or a powerspike.
thier AA range is around 575.
They control the teamfight by spaming soft c.c and hard c.c.
Exampeles: Ashe, Ezreal and Urgot.

Here is a video that show a utility adc gameplay:


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