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League of Legends Build Guide Author glizdka

General guide how to build morale, and how to lead.

glizdka Last updated on May 9, 2012
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6/05/2012 - added 2 new types of players to "kinds of players" section.
6/05/2012 - added another one type!
9/05/2012 - and another one!

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Many poeple don't know how to threat other players, but it's very important.
It's EXTREMLY important!
It helps creating good game atmosphere, and that helps with players' morale.
You need to have high team's morale.
High morale wins games.

So let me show you how to do it:

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Why is it so important.

Alexander the Great was probably first military commander that realised very important thing.


If warriors do not respect each other, they won't help each other.
If warriors do not trust each other, they will be frightened and won't believe in others' support.
If warriors do not believe in victory, they will never achieve it.
If warriors can not cooperate, they are just group of random fighters, not an army.

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How morale of a team builds?

Building morale takes a long time, players need to know each other, like each other, respect each other.
They need to know what can they expect from others, what behaviour, what attitude, what style.
Good team almost never uses voicechat, because they know each other so much they do not have to.
Ping is enough, or sometimes even ping is not needed. They just read in others' minds.
It takes time for leader to make people trust him, his decisions, obey his commands.

From my experience I can say, that building good cooperating team with high morale takes around 1 year.

That's a long period of time, isn't it?
But how to build morale of the team where everyone is random player,
game lasts like 30-40 minutes, you just don't have time.
And you can't always play with your premades, or sometimes just don't want to.
So how to create good atmosphere of that short game?
How to create strong morale, trust, respect, in such a short period of time?

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Building morale is hard, destroying is easy-peasy

Yup. That's true. Building morale takes time, but decrasing morale can be fast,
and what's worse, a lot stronger than building it.

1 lost teamfight with 5:0 result. Lost baron. Inhibitor burned to the ground. Feeder. Flame.
All these factors can wipe out entire morale built.
But usually you can't avoid it. Altought there are some things I can teach you.
Some things that can make you a positive person in team. Someone that builds morale.

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Natural Leader - kinds of players, how to react?

Natural leader is a person, that's commands are obeyed, that's respected, that builds morale.
To be such a person you don't only need to have knowledge, but also need to be "friend".

To become a "friend" you need to react to several person. Each needs other threatment.
If you won't become a leader, you at least will greately increase team's morale.


Description: This person plays well, it's probably his main character.
He usually doesn't speak much, sometimes maybe mocks enemies, sometimes calls for goals.

How to react: He needs his ego to be fed, he requires your admiration.
"gj", "you are so good", "wp panth". If you feed his ego, he will get his morale increased.
Maybe he will become your "friend", start to trust you, obey your commands.

Remember: Don't teach him. He knows how to play. You can give hints or tips ONLY.


Description: This is person that came with low level premades to "rape noobs".
He doesn't really care about anything, as he is one of the most skilled players here,
he knows it. He doesn't pay attention to others.

How to react: Show your skill. For him you are "just another noob".
He won't obey your commands, he won't trust you nor believe in you.
It's all because "he knows best".
The only thing you can do is show your skill. Show you are good.
Maybe he will stop looking at you like at a noob, and start looking like at a player on equal skill level to his own. But only maybe. Don't try too much.

Remember: Matchmaking system probably did put thatlike player in emey team too.
The game will be pretty much a duel between them, as they are most skilled in this game.


Description: He believes he's best, others are noobs.
But unlike "too good" type of player, this one only believes in it, but it's not truth.
He will blame others for own fails. "thx for help ******s -_-'", "omg you idiot fed him so much I didn't have a chance", "If you gave me blue i'd kill him, noob jungler".
He is very likely to become a leaver, intentional feeder or surrender spammer.

How to react: Firstly tell him he can't blame someone for his own fails.
Show him that he's not the best here.
Ignore him if he starts flaming too much and decreases YOUR morale.

Remember: You can't be delicate to him, he needs hard words from tough man.
And I didn't mean "curse that b**ch out".


Description: This is probably worst kind of player.
He doesn't play for win, not even for play itself. He can be high-on-weed, drunk, anything.
He won't pay attention to anything.
"I play my own way", "You are not my morther", "Whatever, I don't care", "I have real life", "nerd".

How to react: You can't, get over it. Just ask him "why do you play then?".
But usually there is no way.


Description: He leads your team, his commands are obeyed, people tend to like him,
admire him, trust him. He's all the way natural leader.

How to react: Tell him he does good job leading the team. Be led by him.

Remember: Team doesn't need 2 leaders, don't try to be another one.


Description: He wants to be a leader, but he does it wrong.
Usually he's disrespectful, has overgrown ego, believes he's a god.
"do what I say idiot", "I told you go back, now you died moron", "omg f**king dragon, don't chase idiots".

How to react: Tell him he does it wrong, that people won't listen if he does it that way.
Become a better leader.

Remember: If you become a natural leader, Despote will either shut up and obey you,
or try to be your rival.


Description: "no chance to win this", "20 min sur", "how can we win with so bad Vayne?".
He will whine about everything, everywhere, despite situation.
He's very likely to become a surrender spammer.

How to react: Cheer him up, he needs it. His morale is already broken.
He needs your support, tell him what to do, lead him, do it good. Tell him that whinning don't help.

Remember: You need to listen to him carefully, what is his problem.
"that damage, no chance" after lost teamfight?
Tell him that after killing Caitlyn they will have no damage, and you win easily.
React quickly, whinners usually decrease morale a lot.


Description: He came here to troll, he doesn't care about the game.

How to react: You can't do anything, don't bother, waste of efford.

Remember: He decrases morale of the team much. Tell others to ignore him.


Description: He is like a whinner. He says it's "waste of time" to play this.
He will spam surrender each time it's possible. Even if odds are very even,
sometimes even when you are winning.

How to react: Like with whinner, you need to cheer him up, tell you can win.
Tell what you need to do to win. Be convincing because he may achieve his goal and surrender game.
Tell him to stop spamming surrender vote, because you will NOT surrender the game.

Remember: Surrender votes usually decrease morale much.
Also the players himself will try to convince others to surrender, as it's "waste of time".
React quickly.


Description: He can't see what happens in game. He's got tunnelvision.
Only what is near him. He can't see what happens on other lanes. He can't see enemies coming.
He is likely to blame others for "not calling miss" even if they actually did.
(because he don't even see chat). He can also tell jungler he's noob because he doesn't gank.
Regardless the fact jungler ganked mid 5 times and top 12 times, as these lanes needed ganks more.
But he's blind.

How to react: Tell him he's blind. Demand from him map awarness.
Tell him to check out minimap for ganks coming and chat history for misses.
Justify absence of ganks with fact that other lanes have more problems than his.
And use pings (but don't overuse) to get his attentiont at things, he probably don't see

Remember: He appreciates everyone that helps him with his blindness.
Call misses frequently, use pings, tell about things, he will appreciate it.


Description: He feeds - that's obvious. Be aware he can become a leaver,
whinner or surrender spammer, he needs your HELP.

How to react: Gank his lane. Warn him about everything. Give tips and advices:
"don't push to much", "play passivly". Do NOT just simply say "stop feeding" - it not only won't work,
but it will decrease his morale too, and in fact he will start feeding even more.
Give proposal of swapping lanes if he needs it.

Remember: He decrases morale of the team much, he has his own morale very low too.
Help him much, he will appreciate it.


Description: Pretty much how it says, he can't speak it.
He will keep on speaking own language, counting on that anybody understand him.

How to react: You can't do anything, he won't understand, leave it.


Description: He can't use situational items. He just has one build.
He will keep on buying items regardless situation. Then he will be shocked how can it not work.

How to react: Tell him that his build is good. Don't forget to say it's good.
It's very important to say his build is good. But tell him that against certain enemies setup,
he needs something else.
"It's good to build trinity on leesin, but they have too much burst,
build some HP or they will 1 shot you down

Remember: He usually needs exact item. Don't just say "you need armor".
He needs exact item that gives it. Tell him also why it will be so good to build that.


Description: After he got fed earlygame, he starts believing he's immortal.
There is "bloodlust" mode turned on for him. He starts going alone, 1v3, totally carelessly.
"lol np, this game is already won, let's jsut have fun".
Underestimates enemies. Other people easily feel indestructive too, and follow him... to death.

How to react: Tell him to stop that, edge can be easily lost.
Help him realise, that each mistake makes enemies more likely to go back on the road.

Remember: Such a player is natural morale increaser,
but his behaviour can lead to loose. Don't let others become like him.


Description: He does his job good. He knows how to play, how to cooperate.
The only thing is that he's too shy to lead others, but he's so respected and so admired,
that he becomes somewhat a natural leader whether he wants/likes it or not.

How to react: Encourage him to be a leader, ask him what does he think we should do.
He's a good player, he knows what to do, just is too shy to share his big knowledge with others.

Remember: Such players are natural morale increasers.
There are no disadvantages of having them in your team,
but you can always increase advantages of their presence


Description: He does what he can. Actually plays very well.
But nobody can see his efforts, nobody appreciates his role in the team. He's sometimes even flamed.
Let's say it's a tank, that saved teammates many times, killed nobody and died couple times.
One or two idiots will even say "stop feeding malphite" because od 0/4/21 score.
Or when support destroys their wards, puts a lot of them at the same time, saves teammates.
And one idiot mocks his items, because:
"how on earth you have only philosopher and heat of gold in 40 minute? f**king ******ed noob".

How to react: Help others see his efforts, let him be appreciated.
He needs it. It's always bad when you do a good job, and it's not even noticed,
or sometimes you're even blamed for several things.
"good job taric with that stun", "omg thx so much malphite! saved my *** third time",
"wow, right in time, seriously".

Remember: This kind of player is usually support or other that-like champion,
whose role isn't very noticeable.
Be careful, the are underrated much, and can have morale reduced easily.
And nobody wants support/tank demotivated to save you, right?


Description: When team's morale is broken, most people looks for someone to put a fault on.
This is that guy, every team's fail is "his fault" regardless if it's true or not.
"gg noob Yorick", "omg why didn't you ult me", "wtf, sh*t items Yorick".

How to react: Tell others to stop blaming him (if it's not true).
It doesn't help much to blame someone, always better to say what he did wrong, and to not repeat it.
Everyone can make mistakes, we all are humans, think if he really deserves that threatment.

Remember: If you don't respect someone, don't expect to be respected back.
Whe worst to do it to blame support/tank/other important player, that can save lifes.
They will just stop caring about team, that blames them witout a strong reason.

Tell in comment if I forgot about some kind of player,
that needs to be mentioned and I didn't do it.

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How to lead?

So you managed to become a leader in normal game with 4 randoms?
Good job! That's very hard to be achieved.

Now you need to know how to use it:

GIVE ORDERS: Call for destroying turrets, for killing dragon, baron, for ambushes.
For ganks, for almost every important team-action.

MANAGE TEAMFIGHTS: Use pings to set targets, when to retreat, when to chase.
Tell what is the job and who needs to do it.
"Ok Kataina, prepare ulti for Galio's ulti. Nocturne, take down their Caitlyn.
Taric, hold stun for Nunu. After that we go for baron

GIVE ADVICES: Tell others what to do, help them, think about what we need.
"Skarner, please build Randuin. Look that Blitzcrank already has Frozen Heart.
With that their Vayne will be useless

SHOW THEM THE WAY: If you see someone building totally wrong,
or it would just be better to buy something else in your situation, don't be afraid.
You are the leader, they are likely to follow your orders.
"don't build so squishy, Riven. We have enough damage in our team, now we need soemoen to tank them".

TELL THEM THEY DO GOOD JOB: That's rather obvious, but still, very important.
If you don't say such things, they are likely to stop following you.

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I hope now you know how to "babysit" the game's atmosphere and morale.
If you can lead the team, it works WAY better. This is because you actually cooperate.

If you find my guide helpful, please don't forget to rate it.
That's all, hope I helped =D.


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