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League of Legends Build Guide Author LCS Larks

General understanding of The Game

LCS Larks Last updated on January 5, 2015
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Lanes - Introduction

Generic idea

in League of Legends for new players and veterans alike is that there is an ideal place or lane for certain champions to perform at their best possible. Now, while it is true that some champions "belong" to a certain lane, these lanes can be swapped respectively.

In "Lanes" part of this guide, I'll help YOU understand the general place for each champion, their role(s), how laneswapping works, the current (Patch 4.21 Pre-season to S5) junglers and the RULES related to champion select in blind and draft pick, in-game situations and team communication.
(Should you feel the need to confirm any of the rule-related content, I shall add links afterwards)

I will also add some helpful links for new and advanced players alike and explain in a few words: their use, what you'll benefit and what they're based on. These links include, videos (ideally from Riot Inc.), helpful websites and statistics.
(Please note that none of the linked content is of my creation and the interpretation of that content is solely the responsibility of the creator and you only).

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Lanes - Roles

A marksman attacks from range, and primarily use their abilities to maintain safe positioning and provide additional firepower.

* Glass cannon - high damage but very low defense
* Consistent damage throughout a fight
* Adept at maintaining distance from opponents
Assassins are able to eliminate an enemy champion in an instant by pulling off a powerful combination of attacks and abilities.

* High movement speed
* Abilities that allow them to reposition and/or maneuver quickly
* High burst damage (AD/AP)
Fighters dish out and absorb high amounts of damage. They're not as healthy as tanks and don't deal quite as much damage as carries.

* Engages in close range with a balance of offense and defense
* Abilities help mitigate damage taken or amplify damage dealt in key situations
* Varied item build paths
Mages rely primarily on using skill combos to maximize damage. While they're capable of dealing massive damage, they're squishy and usually lack an escape route.

* Often reliant on chaining spells together to maximize damage
* Skills range from high single-target burst damage to devastating area of effect attacks
* Fairly vulnerable while their skills are on cooldown
Tanks have the strongest defensive capabilities in the game. Their abilities usually focus on increasing these capabilities, as well as dealing damage which increases the longer they stay in the fight. They're often the first champion to engage the enemy team in combat.

* Very large health pool, armor and magic resistance
* Damage-dealing capabilities that start low but increase as a battle rages
* Able to initiate fights with the enemy team and stay alive until their team can safely engage
A champion that manipulates the battlefield through more subtle means than sheer damage output. Often in control of providing vision through wards and dictating map control.

* Very high combat utility, incapacitating or weakening enemies and strengthening allies
* Item build paths often include items with abilities, further increasing utility
* Significantly stronger when fighting near their team

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Lanes - Formation

Summoner's Rift

The current meta is as following:

Top lane = Fighter/Tank
Mid lane = Assassin/Mage
Bot lane = Marksman AND Support
Jungler = Assassin/Tank/Fighter

The top laner is usually a tankier champion. Usually someone who is left alone to top lane to farm for late game. This player must be tanky enough to sustain damage taken from his opponent in order to protect the lane as long as he can.

Marksman and support (Marksman aid) will travel bottom lane. This is explainable by the location of Dragon. A very powerful objective for the team. The more players near it to protect/attack the better.
The mid laner, usually an assassin or a mage has the shortest lane. This means the creeps will travel and meet in the middle lane faster than the other lanes, allowing this lane to gain experience and gold the fastest. The location of the lane also allows roaming to both bottom and top lane to help teammates.
The jungler, a man and a champion of many definitions. He roams the river and the forests between the lanes. He gains his experience and gold by slaying monsters of all sizes. Sometimes he will pop out of the jungle and snap some necks of the opposing players only to leave peacefully back to the shadows.

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To-Do List

- Introduction
+ For whom
+ Who am I
+ Whats it about

- Lanes
+ Roles
+ Jungle
+ Laneswapping

- How to lane?
+ last hitting
+ goals
+ opponents

- Itemization
+ first items
+ when to back?
+ who should back
+ counter-items

- different gamemodes
+ role changes
+ goals
+ exceptions: ARAM!!!!!

- what's "worth it" ?
+ calculating
+ knowing your opponent
+ towerdiving


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