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Katarina Build Guide by xlovingU

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xlovingU

Gg with Kat. (Read chapters... All of it!)

xlovingU Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Fed Kat


Not fed Kat

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Kat is an O.P. character, but if you don't get fed early game, you're probably going to lose. That's why you need to concentrate on killing creeps in you're lane, leveling, and cutting your opponent's exp line. Kat is a squishy character so you do need to care how you play her. Don't play too aggressive by chasing a lot, and don't play too safe and not get levels. If you do play aggressive, your opponent(if he kites or kills you) would probably get fed and you would probably lose. If you play too safe, they'll get fed over creep kills, b, get a whole bunch of items, and kill you because of more and better statistics.

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Edit Log

11/22/2011 - changed masteries.

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Pros and Cons

-OP! If she's fed, she's basically invinsible...
-Real good in team fights.
-Good in EVERY LANE.
-Easy to play if you concentrate!

-SQUISHY~ HAVE to build hp for her.
-If alone and ambushed, you'd be dead in like half a second.
-In team fights, the enemy would probably go for you first because your an easy kill without any skills or teammates.

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This is probably the most importanat thing in the early game.
When farming, you have to stay back and try to lose the least hp that you can. When playing Kat, concentrate on creep kills not getting fed. If you play aggressive like that you'll be...
-Feeding the opposing team
-Getting no creep kills
-And helping the other team get fed so they can gank your teammates.
You see, that's why it's good to not play aggressive.
Anyways, what you need to do to farm real well is to:
Always stay back and use your q on any minion that's lit. If you don't have any of your attacking skills and there's no one around, don't be afraid and stay back and let the minions kill the creep. GO UP THERE AND USE YOuR BASIC ATTACK! It's so simple! Like, if no one's around, why be afraid? Just go up there and run back!

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I really like the runes that I chose. It gives some health, some magic penetration, and A LOT OF AP. LOTS AND LOTS! Which means you get some strength to kill the enemy, some health so that you have a bigger chance of surviving in a team fight or in the early game. Runes don't do a whole lot, but they help so make sure you get the right runes for any character. This advice would probably help you a bit.

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For the Offense, I got full ap things except the Deadliness mastery, but everything else was ap. For the Utility, I got all ap and summoner skill abilitys. But, the meditation i got was for the other skills, so don't mind that. This does a whole lot to your game. If you get wrong masteries, it's probably an automatic lose. So when you're in your queue, click your character, don't lock in, do your masteries, and then lock in. Becareful for what you do with your masteries!

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These items are really good because it gives defense, ap, so these items are good for kat because her stats fit the items i got. I really suggest these items. they're really good for a Kat and her statistics!!! Honestly, this is a real big thing to care about in a game. Make sure you buy the right items that fit your character. For example, if you get a kat, dont' get full tank items even though there's no tank because kat is OP! She needs a whole bunch of ap items!

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Skill Sequence

I thought this was really good for a Kat's skill sequence.
There is a reason to every skill!
First 6 skills
Q is first so that you can harrass AND kill creeps when lit.
E is so that when you need to run away when somone ganks you OR so you can kill a champ that is lit and that is running away.
W It's almost ulti... I think you'll need it.
R Ulti, GG. Fed kat.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - Good to run away or catch someone that's lit.
Clairvoyance - I guess it's ok. it doesn't do much for Kat though...
Clarity - ............... Kat doesn't use mana.
Exhaust - If you're going to gank a lot, i guess it's fine.
Fortify - If you care about your towers a lot, i suggest you get this spell.
Cleanse - If you don't feel like going a defense Kat, and you're craving kills you could get this i guess...
Ghost - Another good runaway spell you can use this too.
Heal - the items that i chose are good defense so i don't think you need this...
Rally - Never used it before so i'm not sure you need it...
Smite - Kat doesn't really fit jungling... I think
Teleport - Good for ganking, but I don't use it a lot.

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First, get a whole lot of CS with q lvls 1-6.
Second, gank when you get ulti with your partner or if you;re mid, just gank when no one's mia.
Third, start getting involved in team fights and B when 300 hp or less.
Fourth, try to aim for an ace and push 1-3 towers every ace or go for it when no one is there, but there is a lot of minions.

I hope this guide helped A LOT~ :] Good luck with Kat!
Also, Team 1 is for a fed kat, Team 2 is for a not fed kat. so if you're not getting fed levels 1-6 use team 2. if you are getting fed, use team 1.

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Your Ganking Combo

Use Killer Instincts (w) when enemy is nearby and you're with your team, Use Shunpo (E) on closest enemy ( make sure team is nearby), use Bouncing Blades (Q) on enemy, and if running away, flash to them and ulti.
When there's a team fight use w, use shunpo on someone, and ulti. Use Q on littest enemy.

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Team Work

If you are trying to get in a team fight, make sure every team mate is there. So, Ping it and tell everyone to help with a team fight. I'm not saying 'try' to ks, but it's good when you kill a lot of people in a team fight. if you have a little hp, run so that you won't lose any stacks. Think about how you're going to kill the opposing team. Note: ALWAYS KILL SQUISHIES FIRST EVEN THIOUGH THEY'RE NOT FED. if you have a tank and you kill all the squishies first, the tank can't do anythingso keep that in mind.

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Ending Note

Thanks for reading this build. Please comment and tell me how did for my first build. That would help me improve a lot because if i get your opinions, bad or good, i can fix the build up and make a better one next time. So pleaseeeeeee comment and tell me your opinion about my first build. Hey guys ummmm and please try my build out before commenting.if you try it out i can figure out waht to fix and stuff so yeah! :D

Thankies for reading~
Good luck with Kat!
Hope you liked my build!