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League of Legends Build Guide Author giantofbabil

GiantofBabil's New Player Tips

giantofbabil Last updated on November 27, 2014
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I've decided to make a little guide detailing some things that new players should know that aren't covered in most other newbie guides I've seen. You might think of this as a kind of "intermediate" guide, for players who already know the new player stuff, but want to improve a little more. I'm not a hardcore veteran or anything, I played on EU servers to about lvl 15 and now I'm level 23 on US. These are things I learned with time that if I'd known all along would have helped me a lot.

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I've mentioned sustain in games with people around the same level as me, and it's surprising how many people have no idea what this is. Sustain is simple, it's how long you can stay in your lane or in the jungle without having to go back to base. Some champions have higher sustain by default, like Garen for instance, because of his regen.

You might be thinking "Okay so that's sustain, but why should I care about it? Don't I need to get back to the shop quick?" Here's the deal:

The longer you spend in lane the more gold you will have and the more experience you will gain. If you are in lane more than your opposition, you will have more gold and experience than them. If you have more gold, you get better items. If you are higher level, you have higher stats and better abilities.

If you have trouble with sustain or have to go back to base a lot, get Teleport. I have completely stopped using Ignite most of the time and now usually use Flash and Teleport. Teleport is also great for assisting other lanes or getting ganks.

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Wanted to throw in a couple Teleport tips while we're talking about it. Teleport is among one of the most useful Summoner Spells because it gives you great mobility and can help you get back in lane fast. So most everyone knows you can use Teleport to transport yourself to a friendly turret or minion, right? Well if not you do now. What a lot of new players don't know is you can also use Teleport to travel to...

-Sight or Vision Wards
-Jarvan's Demacian Standard
-Thresh's Dark Passage
-Traps like Shaco's Jack in the Box, and Teemo's Noxious Trap(mushrooms)
-Champion pets like Annie's Tibbers, Heimer's turrets, Malzahars voidlings, or Yorick's omens
-Zyra's plants(and seeds!)
-Zac's bloblets that appear when he dies(the blobs will also be invulnerable while you are teleporting so you can save him)

So if you decide you like Teleport, you now know those fun facts about it!

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Thought about making this two separate parts, but really these two go together. There is a lot of frustration between new players who don't understand how to be a Support and other players who do know. So I'm going to break it down in simple terms.

As a Support, any Support, it is your job to... SUPPORT THE ADC.

Now to explain why this is needed I have to go a little bit into what a Carry is. A lot of people will argue about the exact definition of a Carry, but there is something that I think most people agree on. For the most part a Carry is a Champion that is weak in the early game and requires a lot of farm(minions/Creep Score/CS) to get gold, and then completely owns in the mid-late game.

So as a Support you must let your ADC farm. You should never be taking minion last hits from your ADC. This means that you need a gold item. There are a few different options for these, I won't get into that since you can just go to the search tab of the shop and check the "gold income" box to see them. You may attack minions to help push the lane, but do not last hit them!

Some Supports are beasts(Morgana, Kayle) that can put a lot of pressure on enemy Champions doing a lot of damage and racking up impressive kill streaks. Some are more suited to staying back and landing stuns or using shields and/or heals(Lux, Janna) on friendly Champions. That's just most of the time though, a lot of this depends on how you play them as many Supports are vary versatile and have varying item builds that work well for them.

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I'll try to keep this part real short. You need to try to push your lane when you can, however it's not always the best time. If you push at a bad time your opponents will end up fed, and people will yell at you. It happens to everyone sometimes, but obviously you want to try and avoid this.

So it's simple, try to push the lane to the enemy turret when you are on equal ground or surpassing your opponent. If you are getting owned in your lane start hugging your turret(staying under it) and farm minions from there. If you aren't very good at farming minions under a turret, I also suggest you practice that. Try to figure out how many hits it takes a turret to take out a minion, and try to last hit them.

Do not try to push the lane if you are feeding already, or you can see a Jungler or other Champion nearby waiting to jump the bones of your lane. Please don't. If you get some help from your team that's okay, but don't try to go all Rambo if you're not doing well.

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I learned a lot more about jungling from reading jungling guides, and I suggest you look some of those up too. However there are a few things I can tell you to help you jungling, and also to help you understand what your team's Jungler is doing out there.

First off don't expect your Jungler to jump to your rescue pre-lvl 6. Junglers can be weak sometimes without their ultimate and they are just wasting time and ruining their early game gold and experience. If they see a good opportunity they may jump on it but don't expect it. If you have trouble jungling pay attention to this lvl 6 thing, I found waiting has made me much more effective in jungle mid-late game.

Also realize your Jungler is trying to assist everyone, but he can only help where it's possible and/or convenient. Also he may decide that your lane is lost and he needs to help others more, especially mid.

Last, do not ever take camps from your Jungler without permission. Before Patch 4.20 this may have been okay sometimes, but now camps take much longer between respawns and Smiting certain camps give buffs. If I'm jungling and I see someone kill the Gromp I am not happy.

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So for now that's everything! Like I said I'm no veteran, if you see me in a game you may see me make stupid mistakes that break some of these rules. I try my best but everyone makes mistakes. I may update this guide as time goes on to add more information if I forgot something or if I just think of something else that can help people. I decided to make this guide because a lot of the time I think about how much better I could be now if I had known this stuff day one, so I hope you find it useful.

If you disagree with anything I've put in here, and are more experienced than me or just think I'm an idiot please let me know. However please discuss it with me in a civilized manner because as with in game, I will just ignore jerks. This goes for adding to the guide as well.


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