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Vladimir Build Guide by S4tisfaction

Gimme Your Blood!!!

Gimme Your Blood!!!

Updated on April 7, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author S4tisfaction Build Guide By S4tisfaction 1,441 Views 0 Comments
1,441 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author S4tisfaction Vladimir Build Guide By S4tisfaction Updated on April 7, 2012
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In this Guide I introduce you how to play Vladimir on Top and Mid Lane.
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Top Lane

On Top Lane I Focus on beeing tanky when the Game hits the Mid Game.
This Means: We need way more Farm than on Mid Lane and we have to stay on the lane as long as possible (Easy with Vladimir)
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Mid Lane

Dont be afraid of harass, you have your q to heal yourself up all the time.
NEVER waste our W, mostly when you fight, the AP carry wants you to use your W while you fight with him, right at this moment the enemy jungler runs out of the Brush and they kill you.
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I usually Run with flat Magic Penetration Marks, Health per level Seals, Ability power per level Glyphs and Flat Ability power Quintessences.
Thats what I recommend against a Bruiser.

If you play against another AP Char you should run:
Magic resist Glyphs
Movement Speed Quintessences
Magic Penetration Marks
And Health Seals
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Always Run 21/9/0
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VS Bruiser Top:

Cloth and 5 Heal Pots

VS AP Top:

Boots and 3 Heal Pots

Next Items:
Boots of Speed
If your Enemy is very tanky get Haunting Guise, otherwise rush Will of the Ancients

Now Choose your Boots:

Ninja Tabi: against Fiora, or trynd or something like this

Mercury Treads: against Fed AP carry mid or just against a heavy CC Team

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: I rarely choose this item with Vladimir, but if you get ganked very often you can grab them

Sorcerer´s shoes: Get them when you just rape your lane or if you are even with your opponent

Maybe your opponent has noticed that you make nice Damage and he grabs more Magic resist, at this point get your haunting guise

Now grab Zhonyas Hourglass


Abyssals is situational if you are even with the Enemies or if you are worst than the enemies, take it.

Now Decide between Warmogs or Rylias, get Rylias if you your team is worst than the other team at the moment. If your Team dominates take Warmogs.
(Sell Haunting Guise for it if you got Abyssals)

If you haven´t taken your Abyssals sell Haunting Guise and buy Void Staff instead.
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Skill Sequence

Always Max your Q.
Max E second.
Then W.
R whenever you can.


If they have an annoying Jungler Max W second, so you can escape more often.
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Summoner Spells

I Usually Take Ghost Heal.

I take Ghost because you can escape from an hard Gank or if you get caught, just activate ghost, then W and they will ignore and just let you go.

I take Heal because U CANT DIE WITH HEAL.
still use it at your last chance to survive, because if you use it to early your other Spells wont heal you that much because of the effect from Heal.

Other viable Summoner Spells:

Clarity (Lol no)
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Lane Opponents

Every Opponent from a to z and if you win or not:

    Ahri: you survive
    Akali: Win
    Alistar: Win
    Amumu: Win
    Anivia: you survive
    Annie: Hard to win ask your Jungler for many Ganks.
    Ashe: Win
    Blitzcrank: Win
    Brand: Hard to win, just dodge his W and harass him to death.
    Caitlyn: Win chances are high
    Cassiopeia: Win
    Chogath: Very Even
    Corki: Win
    Dr Mundo: Win
    Evelynn: Get oracles and Win
    Ezreal: Win
    Fiddlesticks: You wont believe me but its hard.
    Fiora: Win
    Fizz: VERY HARD ask for Ganks or you lose
    Galio: Dodge his Spells and Win
    Gangplank: Win
    Garen: Win max W second.
    Gragas: Win
    Graves: Win
    Heimerdinger: Hard to Win ask for many Ganks
    Irelia: Lol you Win easy
    Janna: Win
    Jarvan: Don´t play to aggressive and Win
    Jax: Win
    Karma: You will get fed
    Karthus: Very Even
    Kassadin: Annoying, ask for an early Gank and Win
    Katarina: Win
    Kayle: Win
    Kennen: Dont Play to aggressive and Win.
    Kog´Maw: Win
    LeBlanc: You can Survive, ask for many Ganks tho
    Lee Sin: Dodge his Q and Win
    Leona: Win
    Lulu: Win
    Lux: Win
    Malphite: Win
    Malzahar: Hard to Win
    Maokai: Win
    Master Yi: Win
    Miss Fortune: Hard to Win
    Mordekaiser: Win
    Morgana: Hard to Win ask for many Ganks
    Nasus: Win
    Nautilus: Win
    Nidalee: Win
    Nocturne: Win
    Nunu: Win
    Olaf: Vladimir´s hardest Opponent, buy a Heart of Gold and try to survive, ask for many Ganks.
    Orianna: Win
    Pantheon: Even
    Poppy: Win
    Rammus: Win
    Renekton: Easy Win
    Riven: Very Even
    Rumble: Dodge his Q and Win
    Ryze: Very Hard to Win ask for many Ganks
    Sejuani: LOL Win
    Shaco: Win
    Shen: Win
    Shyvanna: Win
    Singed: Dont get Flinged and Win
    Sion: Get Haunting Guise and Win
    Sivir: Win
    Skarner: Win
    Sona: Win
    Soraka: You lose when she gets hextech Revolver.(No Joke)
    Swain: Lose
    Talon: Lose
    Taric: Win
    Teemo: You get fed
    Tristana: Lose
    Trundle: Win
    Tryndamere: Win
    Twisted Fate: Win
    Twitch: Get Oracle and Win
    Udyr: Win
    Urgot: Hard to Win ask for many Ganks
    Vayne: Win
    Veigar: Win
    Viktor: Very hard to Win
    Volibear: Win
    Warwick: Kill him early or you lose
    Wukong: Lose
    Xerath: Even, you both will probably farm the whole day
    Xin: Lose
    Yorick: Win
    Ziggs: Win
    Zilean: Win

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Thank you for Reading my Guide pls rate and comment with Improvement suggestions.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author S4tisfaction
S4tisfaction Vladimir Guide
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Gimme Your Blood!!!

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