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Yorick Build Guide by jsharich

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jsharich

Give Them An Early Grave

jsharich Last updated on July 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I like most of the pusher in this game so when Yorik came out I had to give him try. The one thing I don't like about him is he is just too damn slow. But it makes sense on why he is so slow because he is also zombie, and no I am not talking about a 28 days later zombie, even though that would be nice. I also play him a little different then most people because I like his ultimate, I like to cast it on my self so then you got two really fast things, hitting on one dude and both of them are taking 4% of his health on each swing. You also can see I have more items then six main ones I put why that is in the Item section.

Also before this starts remember that his damage will be a little higher then seen because He does have the 4% damage to their max health and the more you cast spells with the item Manamune the more mana you will get, and this item turns so much of your max mana into damage.
Also his health will be a little higher due to Warmog's item bonus.

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I pick these runes to start because his basic swing as armour penetration, so you get to do more damage. His next is more health per level which is very nice when you level up and you laneing. His 3rd are cooldown runes which is very nice while your in a team fight or trying to chase or run away because this allows for you to cast Omen of Famine and Pestilence a lot more often. and the 4th is more speed because as I said before he is just too damn slow.

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Summoner Spells

The 3rd on on the list is summoner spells. I do like ghost on him but I am looking more for the kills then the run of chasing aspect. What is nice about having exhaust on him is that he can also use this on someone chasing him and then he can hobble away some more, or he can use this on someone who is running away from him. Yorik is a champion with alot of Crowd Controlling ability he has Pestilence to slow people down and he has War to speed himself and his attacks up. SO by just adding exhaust on him is another up his sleeve. Instead of ignite I would get ghost sometimes also is more of what you are looking for. If you do get ghost over ignite make sure to change your masteries around so instead of that 3.33% of revive its on ghost instead.
You can also get flash to run away or chase and it doesn't hurt too bad. A trick I will do is I will cast my ultimate on me so my clone comes out to fight and then I'll drop my Omen of Pestilence to slow them down and flash away while they fight my clone and my minion.

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the masteries are pretty straight forward. the one you might ? is why didn't I get brute force because 3 damage is very unneeded not worth a whole point. And the other is why spell pen because his omen of pestilence and famine get that boost to the magic penetration.

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You may thing why not get like boots 1st and some health pots or something like that I use to then I thought kinda unneeded when he has a range spell that he gets health back for. So you main problem with him is mana. That why you get the mana regeneration and the mana pots. Make sure to kinda sit back and get you last hits on your non skill shots health stealing spell aka OMEN of FAMINE. The reason I get Manamune 1st as my main item is because alot more mana and the more you spam your spells the more Attack Damage you get and the more mana you get. The next item is Boots of Swiftness because as I said before he is just too damn slow. Boots of Mobility aren't bad but they don't help if you need to run away or chase someone down. My next item is Madred's Razors because it gives a little bit of everything you need and I like to kinda start to jungle here and get the red buffs and blue buffs on him to help with more Crowd Control and mana. Since you should have Manamune by now you should be kinda going ape **** and spamming your moves. The next is Life steal because it helps. Then I get the Recurved Bow, people at this point think I might be getting the Madred's Blood Razor which sometimes I do sometimes I don't depending on how I am doing. But what I am really getting is Stark's Fervor because of the aura it lets off also effects your Omen you cast. Now its time to get some Blood razors and that when you start to kill people. Then get the Frozen Mallet for a little more health and damage and some more crowd control. Then last but not least is the Warmog's to get way more health and allows you to live longer and your Omens to also. Instead of Warmog's I have gotten Black Cleaver before to attack even faster and to do more armour penetration. The reason this ain't my main item is because its hard to get it because its worth so much and it also doesn't help with health if that is what you are having a problem with.

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Skill Sequence

The next is the spells I like Omen of Famine the most because it is a life stealing spell and its range and not a skill shot. Also it can be used on anything so it helps with farming. My next spell is Omen of Pestilence because it is a slow AOE spell which is very nice and it is a instance cast and the enemy doesn't know it is coming like Brand's fire pillar. The Omen of War is nice to kill and enemy or to clear out big waves of minions and that is about the only time I use it. Its not on my top to get spells. And then is his ultimate which is just a great spells to use all the way around. Nice tricks to do is last hit minions with Omen of Famine and kinda sit back in the beginning of laneing and try not to take damage and last hit minions and get that gold.

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Thats all I got try it out tell me what you think and leave a comment