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Humor Guide by Neros

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neros

Global Team - In yer' Face!

Neros Last updated on May 8, 2012
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Global Team

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This IS NOT an extensive guide. As a result, I am not providing information on specific builds for the suggested champs. There are plenty of good builds out there that will tell you how to play the respective champs. The actual items and spells should not have a huge impact, other than possibly considering having multiple teleports on your team, for added mobility around the map.

I am just putting this guide down as an idea, semi-sarcastically, for you to try out in a non-ranked match. If you can round up a full 5 player combo that will jump on board with this setup, this could be a fun team.

Consider the benefits of running this team around and ganking people left and right. Being able to pop up (or drop in on battles) can really change the dynamic of the skirmish (ie 1v1 becomes a 2 or 3v1). Well places wards can really be key to sneaking up on someone, whether that be by teleporting onto the ward, or using a well timed ult (synchronized with other team players) to jump on top of a lonely enemy in the jungle or lane. The possibilities are humorously endless.

Champion placement and roles could vary, but one idea is to have Pantheon in top lane, Karthus in mid, Twisted Fate and Shen bot, and Nocturne in the jungle. These are all pretty versatile champs, which means you could mix and match them into different roles and map positions. It also means that this team setup won't wear out its unique/fun-factor too quickly.

Give it a try and post here after you have some results. I would love to hear from someone who has/will actually played this team comp. Let us know how it goes. A video clip of an epic gank would be great too!

Best of luck ~ Thanks!


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