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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author General Megiddus

Go SpeedKaiser Go! -Heavily Edited-

General Megiddus Last updated on April 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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What's New


I've fixed this up SO much from before. It now could legitimately work.


Okay, so the rating was fair before, I'll give it that. 4 phantom dancers, and whatever the hell else? Not much to look forward to other than a heavily clad man running at a hundred miles a hour, critting everything in sight. Funny as ****? Yes. Practical? Not so much.

Returned from a break, thought up new stuff, re-played Kaiser. Building entirely on speed isn't the brightest, and we're here to help people and not hinder them.
So, this will get fixed.

Just a note before anyone takes this entirely serious, that it is still in the testing stages, and could entirely be ineffective in the long run.

I've re-worked the item build to be actually somewhat effective, and not entirely dependent on stupid enemies.

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SpeedKaiser in a nutshell

Whereas the original idea for the build was attack speed, the new premise is Attack Speed/Regen/Vamp.

You want to use your Abilities as much as possible. Chasing foes, smashing minions into dust, you name it.
You're Kaiser though, and spamming abilities as fast as you can is only going to get you killed. You'll end up at half health with no way to defend yourself except maybe running away.

That's why I've thought of a new way to work around this build. Lifesteal and Health Regen.
Your Bloodthirster and insane attack speed will net you health to fuel your abilities, and your Force of Nature/Spirit Visage/Warmogs(should you get that far) will net you health Regen to keep you from dying fairly easy.

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Pros of SpeedKaiser

Way better off than last time, we'll pull out the REAL advantages to making this monster an attacking , speedy nightmare. You'll be able to jump in and out of teamfights easy, and help your buddies fend off annoying threats while being one yourself. The idea is that without your friends, you're a force to be reckoned with. With your friends, you're a monstrosity.

Helps IMMENSELY (Well, moreso than usual) against Silence champs, due to melee attacks regenerating health thanks to Bloodthirster. See a Malz, and he's thinking, "Ho boy, I'll have some fun.", and then promptly kick his ***.

There are two options for this build. The idea behind both is to be half regen fiend, half vamp Kaiser. Pull out your Force of Nature, Bloodthirster and Spirit Visage, and you've got a great way of being able to keep yourself alive.

Since you need HP to do anything, your vamp makes it so you can smack around a few minions and suddenly have everything back.

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What I mean by SpeedJungling is this.

SpeedKaiser is good at Jungling. If you run low on cash, jump in and kill a few wolves or wraiths or something. Golems work, too.

The only reason you want to get any buffs is for the possible chance you need that extra oomph.

Red buff for slow, to punish those chasers, and Blue buff for cooldowns. You reeeally don't need Blue buff, but if nobody has it and the opposing team needs it, it's worth grabbing.
If you're wondering why I didn't say for Mana Regen, you need to go find another guide.

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Masteries? Throw down some Armor Pen, do some damage, make your ghost better, and grab greed. You want to make them hurt. It's got some defense, too. Not too much, but if you're suddenly out of your league you could take some hits and not die instantaneously.

Vigor and Desolation. I think it speaks for itself.

Good old Ignite and Ghost. Any Kaiser goes with these two, and they've never let me down.

If anyone thinks any other spells should go here, speak up.

All in all, the beginning of the game is solid Kaiser.

You get health Regen, and whack around opponents with Mace of Spades and Siphon until you get your ult, proceeding to beat everyone to the ground with their best friend, yadda yadda yadda.

Siphon becomes becomes a different role after you start getting speed items. It's there to grab chasers before they can get away and do quick bursts from a good distance.

What I find works is to throw on Creeping Death, Run in with a Mace, proceed to smackdown with everything you've got. If you have it, throw your Ignite and Ulti, and Siphon any chasers if they start running away.

For items, grab your two Regrowth Pendants first. This will help you build into Force of Nature, and allow you to use abilities more often than if you went for shoes first. Then, swap over to movement speed and grab boots. You'll be making Kaiser's favorite pair of shoes, the Sorcerer's shoes.
When you're finished, throw on the last items necessary to build that Force of Nature, and prepare for the next part.
Here's where if you're getting pressured, throw down a spirit Visage. If not, you can save it for later.

Getting the Bloodthirster is a pain, what with it's pieces including the incredibly expensive BF Sword. Its a nice addition, though. You may have to jungle around if you don't have enough money, and if happened to have grabbed the Vampiric Scepter, it will make it all the more easy.

This part becomes a lot easier to do now. Purchasing the Bloodthirster allows you to jungle for pretty much anything, and tackle on Silencing champs easier, albeit with some difficulty. You may want to have a phantom dancer before attempting Dragon.

When you get a Phantom Dancer, you must always be moving. Never stop. when you walk across the map, destroy every nonchamp, nonBaron enemy in your sights. You will be able to purchase whatever you need. When you get zeal for the second one (assuming the match is going this long), get rid of the boots. They aren't necessary for movement speed. If you like them, go ahead, but you'll have to reduce movement speed later and you kind of need it to be a true SpeedKaiser.

Now here's where you can split your mind. You can go Warmogs, for massive Health boost and Regen, or you can go Nashor's tooth, to make your abilities start biting just as much as you want them to. Really, the sky's the limit after the first Phantom dancer, but grabbing two makes you able to zoom across the field and able to help teammates.

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Dear god, you can't win a game on your own.

SpeedKaiser is built on an ideal of teamwork. Your friend is hitting someone, you hit them harder. They need help, you provide a dangerous, strange distraction. A Kaiser? Chasing me? A Fast Kaiser? It's messed up. And that's what yo use to your advantage.

Set up ganks with buddies. You can't really be the initiator anymore, since you aren't pure tank any more. You can be the oddity, though. Be the dangerous enemy that the opponent can't quite grasp why he/she keeps dying to this... thing. Hit as fast as you can, from nowhere, and everywhere.

Once you get Phantom Dancer, and you are supposed to get a Phantom Dancer, start running all over the place. Yi needs help? Help Yi. Malphite quite not getting anyone dead? Fix it. Be the handyman. If you have a jungler, be his best friend.

Nothing makes SpeedKaiser a more powerful ally than the teammates that help him out as well.

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This build isn't as absurd as it used to be, and I'd like to have some real input on it.
I would appreciate it, again, if you tried it out before complaining.

I will gladly fix this with user input if constructive criticism surfaces.
If you're just going to bash it though, go away. If you want to give it a shot, have fun. That's what SpeedKaiser is for.

I'd love to see if people can use this build to have a good time.

Post successes, losses, whatever. Tell me how this does, and I will do the best I can.

That's all I have, so go, Speedkaiser, go!!