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Pantheon Build Guide by fitzcracker

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fitzcracker


fitzcracker Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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pantheon is the boss of lol hes look is just as good as his POWER.pantheon was my 3rd champ to be ever used and first bought i was level ten since i got him now over 500 win as him as my main i hope you can find his power well worth.

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the reson i choose atk speed runs over crit or atk pen. is the defencive bonuses that come early game with them they mix insanly well with his passive instead of pen or crit. this give u an extra gaurd every 3 secons with he dorans blade making no needto hold back.

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i choose the average atk masteries and the utility because it always good to have a level advantage without wasting ur precious early game for exp runes truly. also i chose the utility mastery for those pushes. giving u a little extra time wih red buff on pant can cause some MAGER DAMAGE, with that slow efect there no chance of runing making it a reliable thing to have even if there pushing you can slow them will there trying to run from ur turnt after the stun. making the kill almost garentee and hew cant foget that extra damage from it aswell.

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my build is an off set of the recomended bu tit still works

i always start with dorans blade giving u the hp and damage already having enough atk speed from runes at lvl one realy it give u the extra edge.

i usualy get beserkers greaves the atk speed boots by now u should have either got first blood or farmed or atleast an ***it so if u got large amount of kills early you can go ahead and get ghost blade then boots either way it works it always good to hunt them down =)

my third item is the ghost blade it gives u the active of atkspeed and movement is an awsome early game bonus. this on pant is as much as a defencive item as damage because of it large atk speed bonus during it active activates his passive even faster meaning less damage from those early atk damage hoarders like tryn garen or master yi there high atk damage wont mater because only half there atks would acctuly do damage.

for my forth item i get infinity's edge for that extra crit chance plus it crit bonus. by now it should be atleast 15 mons to 25 when you get it if u get it earlyer the game wont last much longer.

5th you can get blood razor or bloodthirster if your having trouble staying alive get the bloodthirster but if they have a heavy dudy tank like a;i shen or mal. it smart to get the razor this is a situational item you could skip it and go on. but if u do choose to skip it it give you even more d with atkspeed plus damage and passive for the champs of you dont get it for your 5th item i recommend it as your 6th

by now the game is ver i hardly get to my last item but if you do get the bloodthirster fully stacked and you would almost ensta kill at first contact having ghost blade to chasee if needed.

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skill sequence

my skill sequence is based of of 1v1 or 2v2 taking a singe enemy at once with huge burst from the shield and spear but if you choose you can switch spear for heart seeker still doing about or more damage but takes longer for the kill. the way i use my skills are at level 18 where heart seeker is usless i slam chase and get the famous last second spear or you can get them with it after the stun were's off.

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summoner spells

i get the basic chasing summoner spells because early game kill are critical to pant one miss kill could wound your early or late game so i always tak exsaute and ghost seizing the moment for the kill.

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NORMALS: this build should work suprizing well considering the enemy just try to stay of the lane with most large tanks or as i like to call them SUPER SOLDIERS can be ary hard to coat with in early game with this build may this be a warning this works on anything starting with 595 hp or lower and armor of 15-25 i armor or hp to high he migh strugle a little for his early game kills unlike how i was describing.ranged carector are pretty easy to kill because of your shiled jump after you get in there face it should be about over.

RANKED: most ranked games have more skilled players being able to change there build to cop with your build. if so try to rush the blood razor could be risky but it work in some places. in oather games in ranked this build might have to be changed to the enemy game play if there going ranged you could choose to use the phantom dancer for it speed boost but this might take out a crucial item.

Morgana ryze or most mages yi olaf high ad or ***ian champs do not
go well with pant he need the maximum
amount of kills pausable to be success-

most people consider pant op but if you dont use him corretly he sucks

most of all tanks can counter pant like oather ***ians anyone squishy to
medioum hp and armor will have no issue

FARMING: most people thing he's spear is a good last hiting tool.... well it is but it drains his mana to fast what i like to do is the only reson i get heart seeker under lvl 6 is it ability to last hit nd it active the large arnge of it can cause massive damge to low hp minons just get like 2 or 3 low and blast it saving up to 100 mana on the spear and take less time than killing one at a time. always go for caster's first so you can get them wit no minon ks as i call them were there not atking also they have less armor making getin them low easyer.

one of the deadlest thing about pant is high dps stun combo thrasing out damage without a retreat making kill relativly easy but you always if possible get the double stun combo going on or tf and pant with there large range transpertation ulti's it a dominating part of the game passes by.