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Blitzcrank Build Guide by KimboSplice

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KimboSplice

Grab en Dash

KimboSplice Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my first guide on mobafire. I wanted to make a Blitz guide to show everyone my way of playing Blitz. I build him pretty classic but I play him a little different then most. So I hope you enjoy my blitzcrank guide.

PS By no means am I a pro or anywhere close but I love Blitz and this funny way to play him

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Item build

Items and why I like them
Manamune- Its a great AD item and cause were building all mana it scales threwout the hole game

Frozen Heart- Mana so more shield more ad, got CDR so more grips and Ultys so with out its passive Great item with it, Its built for blitz.

Banshees Vail- More mana , MR and and great shield for catching CCs making you that much harder to catch and kill.

For an all AP team swap the Frozen heart for a Hexdrinker, Yes theres no mana but the AD and passive make up for lost goods from mana. If it is a strong AD team swap the Banshees vail for an Atma's Impaler, No mana but good armor and Ad . Plus every one loves Crit.

Trinity Force this is your hit hard super Item, Mana= More shield more Ad plus. Sheen? Great on Blitz super Charges your E. To top off this cake we got movement speed and slow procs to. Sense I play blitz as a baiter movement speed is great slow procs are great for locken people in after a Q-E .

To finish it off we got a wild card. If your dieing alot get Gaurdian Angel if you wanna dish out more damage try a Stacks Favor its and item your AD carry will love you for.

Side note. If any one knows if Archangels 3%ap still works if you have manamune. I know the stacking mana does not. Please someone let me know cause for this build it make a great last item.

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Im short on time so Ill need to update this later

Just some main things.
Movement speed- Is a must always. Blitz is a runner remember it love it.

Strength of spirit- Your stacking mana so 1% is alot of health Regen for free!

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Play style

So this guide is not really for ranked more for solo ques.

Bot lane support is where your going Chillin in bushes tear people off your carry and there getting sausy near the turret show them your pimp hand and grip slap them. Ill get further into laning phase when I Update time is of the essence right now

mid-late game. Your a super Swift mana havin gripster . Your job? Grip them bait them trick them chase them. your not tanking nor supporting . Your job is to Troll. make them make mistakes get angry , overextended and rage. With this build your strongest at 21% health. Its easy. Piss off there team by "over extended" or gripping a buff out someones reach and let the chase being. Its great you run them into your team. If the lose interest and stop chasing gripa B*tch they'll chase. (remember your stacking mana so as soon as you hit 19% your getting a HUGE shield) by doing this you can distract people outta fights keep them away from pushing allies and be a ****crank. Honestly it may seem like this strategy is trolling and that im better off with every one else being a walking grip but after loring a mad Tryan into a push with 2 people waiting wile u got 1/4 health and he thinks he gotta free kill. Its worth the /all F*** you blitz.