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Fiora Build Guide by Paladin WarHawk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paladin WarHawk

Grand Champion Fiora

Paladin WarHawk Last updated on March 3, 2012
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Hello there Summoners!
Ive seen alot of people playing Fiora all wrong lately, which gives me headaches. (especially in matches where people autopick and lock in this amazing AD carry)

Please read the below section after the items (If its your first time playing fiora)
Otherwise, Enjoy! :)

Since this is my first build, Please feel free to comment, I love all the feedback!

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The core idea behind fiora is Attack Damage! What will make or break the enemy team is how much you can dish out, even with just QQ and ignite! When I first started playing fiora, I wanted to get as much Damage as possible. I tried going crit (runes, masteries, and Infinity edge) however being too squishy left me vulnerable in team fights and underfarmed by end game. That was another flaw of being a bad fiora player - bad farm!

However in my opinion,
If fiora is going to duke it out, what will finish off your enemies is swift QQ and R justice (possibly ignite)

The idea behind this guide is protecting your stacks! If it means not initiating every fight and being an oppurtunistic carry and KS thats fine, by the late game, you might even be tankier than their tank!

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Early Game

This build will make her a jungling machine eventually, blue buff for infinit E and rape minion waves. Primarily early game dont farm aggressively, even if your solo lane. Focus on last hitting. If you are solo top lane, lantern saves you gold on wards, or dragon ward if bot. Your priority is to get as much gold as possible. Don't let people steal kills from you! (even if it means saving the 2nd Q for KS). After merc treads and lantern are in place, you have a balance of damage, armor and mag resist (with runes and masteries of course) End game she will have 190 armor and 160 or so mag resist!

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Mid Game

You should farm consistently, only picking up easy kills if the enemy is out of position or you have an awesome ganking jungler. If you are laning with someone like nunu or maokai, someone with good CC, try to last hit or ignite kill even. Blue and red buff are good on her, don't let a crybaby Udyr complain if your lantern/bloodthirster combo lets you solo dragon even! Fiora is a high maintenance blade mistress and if you treat her right she will supply your team with lots of glorious kills.

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The Ultimate Move

With a full stacked Bloodthirster, full or even half-stacked sword of the occult, the extra AD from W, Lantern, and even any other AD items (Black Cleaver, Last Whisper, Frozen Mallet), you will feel like this in a team fight :

As a consequence, the sooner you get your stacks the better, people WILL focus you! This is why I recommend Guardian Angel, PROTECT YOUR STACKS! If this happens in the game too often too soon, I recommend Quicksilver sash for that MR and Cleanse! A well times Sash and Flash can be the ticket to either superior baiting or superior escaping!

The thing I love about her ult vs. Master Yi's Alpha Strike is that you can tell for the most part who yi is targeting (First and last hit) vs. a speeded up version of Fiora's that will cause your opponents to have seizures or headaches if they look at the screen too closely!

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Situational Items

The core to this build is being a good farmer, being able to escape death and protecting your stacks! I went 17-1 with fiora, the 1 death because idiot nunu charged in lv 2 and I had to pick up his slack. The core items for this build are: Merc treads, Bloodthirster, Sword of the Occult, Guardian Angel will help you keep all those glorious stacks. By the time you are revived, with all the massive lifesteal she has you can heal to full in a matter of seconds! Play smart, and work with your team always, just don't let them boss you around. You are a carry and they should know that. Tanks should tank, supports should support, junglers should gank, but as a carry you need 2 things to win: kills and gold.

Optional items after (Merc treads, Bloodthirster, Sword of the Occult, Guardian angel) would be :: trading out your lantern,(makes you less tanky but if you swap it for 2nd bloodthirster or frozen mallet you should be fine) Last whisper (for clearing out their tanks, if you make their whole team back away the better) Madred's bloodrazer (this item, in games where I am owning, comming back to base with 5k gold isn't as hard as you think to get, Black Cleaver (all the on-hit effects are applied to everyone you hit with ult, which is considerably ALOT of Effect)

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I'll tell you why. Fiora's main stat is DAMAGE. Just getting stacks will boost her ult, and her Q. She gets all the attack speed she needs from E, mostly i use for farming anyways, W is good anytime but it also gives AD. Look if you are not getting any kills that's not my problem or this build. Bloodthirster looses stacks just as much as the sword does, Guardian angel will make you tanky as hell with merc treads and Lantern (180 ARMOR 160 MAG RESIST)

I sound mad but Im not. Once you are a confident Fiora player, kills should be easy and the sooner you get more AD the more fun playing Fiora will be. I hope this guide helped a bit even if you don't follow it exactly. Please comment on my build and tell me what you think, thanks :)

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Fiora's deadliness comes from the effects of her items. Massing as much lifesteal and Attack damage as possible as well as survivability item(s) is key. However as she is still new, feel free to build her any way you want, as some people might find it more favorable to run a attack speed DPS fiora. However with less AD your skills have less effect, and because her Ult applies on hit effect, I don't see why people wouldn't get as many on hit effects as possible. The reason I don't prioritize attack speed is simple - she gets E, most of the time you spend auto attacking should be for finishing people off after you QQ and R them. Black Cleaver or Madreds should be the only viable attack speed items for Fiora. Again in my opinion, she is NOT a crit champion, so do not run any crit runes/masteries/items.