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Graves Build Guide by Haast

Graves - Better start running, buckwheat!

Graves - Better start running, buckwheat!

Updated on January 11, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haast Build Guide By Haast 3,461 Views 0 Comments
3,461 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Haast Graves Build Guide By Haast Updated on January 11, 2012
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Intro - Short & Sweet

As always, ad range + support bot just dominates.. if you know how to last hit and trade shots, graves is an amazing champ that can really carry your team's damage. He could also easily fend off a horde of zombies with his trusty shotgun so if you're ever in a situation where cardio isn't going to save you from a zombie apocalypse, just give good ole graves a call!
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9x greater mark of strength (+8.5 attack damage)
9x greater seal of alacrity (+6.9% attack speed)
9x greater glyph of warding (+13 magic resist)
3x quint of desolation (+10 armor pen)

I can't pass up the extra damage and those attack speed seals are delicious so that's why I didn't go for extra armor. Magic resist helps a lot and combined with the +6 magic resist mastery point plus his passive stacked, mages won't be able to instagib you as easy as most ranged ad carry.
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I take all the +damage masteries and summoner's wrath improves both my ghost/exhaust so it's a very worthwhile point. 6 points in defense for the flat defense, so amazing for early game which is great because graves really becomes OP in mid/late game once you've gotten some farm on.
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Summoner Spells

Exhaust - I pretty much use exhaust on all my ranged ad carries
Ghost* - My favorite with graves.. already with your E you can get away from most things. This is just painful for the other team when you can use it in conjunction with E to chase people down. Basically if they are trying to get away you can pop ghost and keep up to hit them on every auto attack which in turn lowers cooldown on your dash!
Flash* - Also solid.
Cleanse* - Get for teams heavy on stuns.
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Start with doran's blade. When you go back try and get your basic boots and some hp pots if you need. I usually try to go bloodthirster as fast as possible but if you are doing well in lane then it can be better to just get another blade and a zeal. After BT go for your phantom dancer, you should really be putting out some damage at this point. Finish off with infinity edge, last whisper, and I really like triforce for that last slot. However, if you need the lifesteal.. another BT can always get the job done.
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I'm not gonna go in-depth on how to play a champ exactly, but this is how to build him. You can learn the feel for a champ on your own time! I might upload a video eventually if I can figure out how to record video without ****ping on my framerate like fraps does. Thanks for reading guys, I'll be around to answer any specific questions people have about my build, playstyle, or the like..
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haast
Haast Graves Guide
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Graves - Better start running, buckwheat!

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