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Graves Build Guide by Dingess

Graves- Bilgewater Bandit

Graves- Bilgewater Bandit

Updated on April 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dingess Build Guide By Dingess 2,438 Views 0 Comments
2,438 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dingess Graves Build Guide By Dingess Updated on April 26, 2012
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The guide up top should be fairly straightforward. This is mostly a tip guide, so if you are a pro Graves, leave comments on other tips I may have missed. I love feedback but hate trolling and flaming.
Max Q, Then W, Then E.
-Most guides will tell you that graves W is really super stupid and should not be leveled up. In my opinion the W is a very good damage dealer and will be more beneficial for nuking your opponent. Graves is a very bursty champion and should be able to take out enemy carries in an easy combo.
Grab a Good Support.
-Your best support is Soraka. No matter what, you want Soraka. Soraka allows Graves to constantly harass enemies. Use E on minions, but try to line up the E's to hit the enemy as well. Then auto-attack the minions. If you cant get Soraka, I would choose Alistar and Taric for the hard CC and sustain.
Let It Go.
-Although Graves is a fairly strong burst champ, if you fail to kill an enemy with 1 combo, let it go. Graves may be a tanky AD Carry, but he will not be a match for the turrets until around level 9. DO NOT CHASE. Chasing will only get you caught out and baited. Again, DO NOT CHASE.
Know Your Enemy.
-It is important to know the strengths of your opponent as well as their weaknesses. Caitlyn has range. But you can easily dash in to do enough damage, or dash out to escape.If you are targeted by the Cait ult. Dodge behind an enemy champion. Sivir, Ezreal, and Teemo is just an easy lane for Graves. Ashe has incredible late game and CC, but you should be able to burst her down until she is afraid to come out from turret. No Farm = No Win.
Do Not Push.
-Focus on last-hitting minions. Try to keep your lane right out of turret range or in the middle. Any attacks on you can be ignored with a good support, and a Graves with 300 creep score at 30 minutes will defeat even the most fed champions.
-Nothing is written in stone. This build is the generic Graves build. Feel free to experiment within his parameters (No AP items....). Situational items like the Banshee's Veil, Madred's, and the Frozen Mallet are always good choices too.
Don't Be a Derp.
-DO NOT TROLL. DO NOT AFK. DO NOT IGNORE. DO NOT ARGUE. DO NOT FEED. DO NOT CRY. DO NOT RAGE. It is never in anyone's best interest to go against the team. God Forbid you ever have to change your play style to synergize with the team. A happy team beats an angry team 90% of the time.
Have Fun.
-Thanks for reading this guide and I wish you all the best in your matches. Good luck summoners!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dingess
Dingess Graves Guide
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